Red Heart Survey Chapter 1392

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"Has Feng Gu left nothing else?" Jiang Wang asked Lin Youxie.

"Of course there are some other clues, but they are all doubts. In order to confuse the person who handles the case, it is to confuse the person behind the scene. His clues are shown to me, and he knows that I can see through Misty." Lin Youxie said: "Because my father is the forest condition."

"forgive me to speak bluntly." Jiang Wang calmly said: "If there is no iron proof, no matter what you do Nothing is meaningless. Our analysis here can only be analysis."

Lin Youxie said: "I cannot prove who the murderer of Lei Guifei’s assassination was, but I only need to prove. My father’s death is related to the current queen. The reason why Feng Gu wants me to participate in this case is that."

Lin Kuang died as a result of investigating the assassination of Concubine Lei, if he can prove his Death is not a suicide, but is related to the queen. Indeed, it can be regarded as an important piece of evidence that can link the death of the current queen and Concubine Lei.

"How do you plan to prove?" Jiang Wang asked.

"This is my business." Lin Youxie said.

Jiang Wang originally thought that Lin Youxie was here for help today, and even prepared to help. She didn't expect that she was not. It seems that she jumped into the carriage halfway, just to tell Jiang Wang the truth she believed.

"Why tell me this?" Jiang Wang asked.

Lin Youxie paused and said: "My father is the best since the establishment of the Qingpai. He has solved countless cases in his life and has been devoted to his duties. He will not commit suicide, nor should he commit suicide... I hope if What accident happened to me, some people will remember these things."

"I hope you don't have accidents." Jiang Wang said slowly: "Because no one will remember him for so long except you."

Lin Youxie’s eyes, which seemed to be able to perceive everything, hung down slightly, and his gaze fell on the corner of his clothes: "When you were in the offshore archipelago, you told me that you are going to the sea. Save a person at the ceremony.

I think you must be lying to me, and you are lying to me for such ridiculous and unrealistic reasons.

But what is strange is...I I still believe it.

Later I thought, how would you do it?

I can’t figure it out.

But I saw it.

I saw you on the Tianya Platform and suspended the sea sacrifice ceremony. I heard that you went to the Mystery Realm and completed the almost impossible task of washing sins.

You went to the Tianya Platform for the second time. , To kill Ji Shaoqing, the sword to fight against the sea building, no one dares to fight in the same environment.

At that time, the entire offshore archipelago was preaching your name.

You are a hero The face returns...

Maybe you don’t believe it, but you inspired me.

I am not as strong as you, but my heart is as determined as you."

Jiang Wang said: "The reason you believed me at that time was because you were also chasing impossible things. You are also such a firm person. I have been involved in this case for only a few days, and I have already felt breathless pressure. But you have worked hard for so many years under this pressure...Do you have any impulsive plans now?"

"You have thought about it." Lin Youxie said: "It's just that you are me The most talented person I know. I believe that one day, you can stand on top. I mean if... if something happens to me. I want to solemnly ask you to restart me when I have enough power. Father’s case.”

After that, she faced Jiang Wang and bowed down in the carriage.

Jiang Wang stretched his hand on her shoulder and pressed her back to the seat: "Lin Constable, how can it be so easy to be in a perfect position? If you want something done well, do it yourself."

He thought for a while, and finally asked: "There is a man named Du Fang, who is born with a green card, do you know him?"

Lin Youxie startedled first and was silent. After a while, he said, "The person who threw my father's body in front of me... was called Du Fang. He is my father's subordinate, and it is also my father's half disciple. His explanation at the time was,' Because of emotional excitement, she couldn't accept it for a while."

She said in a voice without any fluctuations: "Li Yougui investigated Du Fang, and the conclusion of the investigation later was-because of the green brand Aristocratic Family My father was not willing to teach Du Fang a lot of secret techniques, so Du Fang gradually became hated. After my father died, he wanted to ruin me. Not long afterwards, Du Fang died unexpectedly while handling the case. It's nothing."

Li Guigui...

"Who did Du Fang's death?" Jiang Wang asked.

"In the past, I would tell you very firmly that it was either a real accident or an extinction. It absolutely has nothing to do with the four major Aristocratic Family. Because the teaching we have received since childhood is to behave according to the rules. He acted inside and followed the law in everything. Moreover, Du Fang’s death just sounded weird, but the actual case was normal. The suspect he pursued was indeed only in the Dragon Realm, but it was the father of the suspect who really killed him..."

Lin Youxie said: "But now I am not sure."

Since Li Youguin secretly joined the Equal Nation, the ancestral training of the four major Aristocratic Family, naturally cannot interfere with it. people. Even Lin Youxie herself can't rule out the possibility of revenge and murder by the four major Aristocratic Family...

So Lin Youxie said, she could not determine the cause of Du Fang's death.

Jiang Wang did not speak for a while.

Lin Youxie continued: "When Li Yougui was tortured, I was in the field. I shouldn’t go, but I can’t help but."

"Li Yougui followed My father’s relationship is actually very bad. Wu grandfather said that he has to fight with my father for everything, but he can’t compete with anything... But after my father died, Wu grandfather resigned and disappeared for a long time, so he felt guilty. I have been taking care of me."

"I saw him in the field, and someone cut his flesh and fell one by one. I saw his expression, I knew he wanted to curse, Swear words such as Imperial Court’s unfair treatment of the four major Aristocratic Family..."

"He wanted to scold but didn’t."

"Because the four major Aristocratic brands Family still has a living, because I'm still alive, he doesn't want to make trouble for me."

"Wu grandfather does not plan to accept disciples anymore. The four major Aristocratic Family, I am the only one left. "

Speaking of this, Lin Youxie seemed to have finally stopped her emotions. She looked towards Jiang Wang with that insightful look again: "Why did you mention this person suddenly?"

Qi State developed too fast and became strong too fast. In this process, too many people were ignored...

Li Yougui does not belong to the equal country at first. He and Yan Tu's situation is completely different.

He is in the glorious history and dilapidated status quo of the green brand Aristocratic Family, unable to find an exit. As a green card, facing Lin Kuang's death, he can do nothing. Forest conditions much better than him, all died so weightlessly. What can he do?

Where is the future of the four major Aristocratic Family? Obviously he was confused.

He made different choices with Ulie and Lin Youxie, but his concern for Lin Youxie is not false.

People are so complicated.

The more Jiang Wang sees, the less he dared to judge someone lightly.

He just said: "Du Fang has a familiar fellow named Gu Xing. He used to be a general of the wind-seeking army. He was relieved of his military position and went to sea in Yuanfeng in 38 years. Now he is Bajiao Island. Lord.

Lin Youxie eyelids twitched.

Bajiao Island belongs to the Great Lake Tian family!

And she originally suspected the Tian family!

Ulie has resigned from office for so many years and has been investigating the Tian family secretly. He has grasped a lot of clues, but he has never obtained the core evidence.

If the Island Lord of Bajiao Island, Gu Xing and What Du Fang did that year is undoubtedly important evidence that tied the assassination of Great Lake Tian and Concubine Lei!

"I see. She gave Jiang Wang a deep look, "Thank you." "

She just got up after she said that.

Looking at her swift and decisive look, Jiang Wang couldn't help but said: "In fact, life is very long. I have waited for so many years. There is no need to rush for a while. "

Lin Youxie stretched out his hand to hold the car door, lightly said: "But the Eleventh His Royal Highness can only die this time. "

Jiang Wuqi only died this time, and Qi Tianzi was sad for this time.

The time to thoroughly investigate the old case will probably never again.


Because the child who was cut out from the belly of Concubine Lei was already not in...

The curtains of the car were hanging down, and the person was nowhere to be seen.

Only vague The smell of medicinal herb is still describing her.

Jiang Wang has been speechless for a long time.


If the current queen is indeed the assassination of Concubine Lei The master behind the scenes, the Tian family was the knife she used back then.

If what Du Fang did was really related to Gu Xing, it was under the control of the Tian family and implemented the will of the queen today.

Then smashing Lin Kuang’s body in front of Lin Youxie, in addition to deterrence, also has a strong sense of venting anger.

No matter what Lin Kuang did, how "fail to appreciate somebody's" kindness", people are dead, and venting their anger at a three-year-old girl is really narrow-minded.

If the queen of a country is so narrow...Is it the blessing of the world?

If the person behind the scenes is a queen, he can indeed make a lot of sense and can connect all the existing clues.

But why did the queen kill Lei Guifei?

Ten forward In seven years, Jiang Wuqi has not even been born, and the Lei Family power is also flat. What threat can Lei Guifei have?

Jiang Wang couldn't figure it out for a while.

But he Already understand his inner choice——

He is also looking for the answer.



Time is before the hard OK, Jiang Wang is cultivating assiduously while waiting for news.

Shadow Guard's investigation of Gongsun Yu's tongue breaking, Lin Youxie's investigation of Bajiao Island Lord Gu Xing... …

Jiang Wang doesn’t have to do everything by himself. Professional things are handed over to professional people. Extraordinary power is his foundation.

So wait , So cultivation.

But Zheng Shangming was the first to visit.

It was winter and the frost and wind were cold.

Jiang Mansion went up and down. From the steward to the door, they are all put on brand-new cotton clothes.

The mental outlook has been completely renewed.

At any rate, it has the appearance of a high-ranking family.

Zheng Shangming stepped on the new wind, armed with martial arts, very neat, and the majesty in his temperament became more and more obvious. After operating in Beiya for so long, he is gradually taking over Zheng Shi’s Authoritarian.

Any new captain of the Beiya who is not recognized by their father and son can hardly get rid of their influence in the Beiya.

But at the same time, Jiang Wang has no doubt that if he takes over Captain Beiya, he will be very happy to cooperate with him.

Because the current Zheng Shangming is already a qualified successor, a sufficiently sober person.

I know what to do and what not to do.

Zheng Shi is an excellent figure who knows every inch, he can definitely make all parties comfortable.

It's just a pity that sometimes I feel unfathomable mystery, but the original Zheng Shangming was never seen anymore.

Recalling the past, like a new wind blowing in the South Tower.

Jiang Wang azure clothes is attacked, and in the independent courtyard, a flame flower is born and died at the fingertips.

The detailed text of Yanhua Burning City flows slowly in the heart.

In terms of "flame flower", this Zuo Guanglie's original dao technique, Jiang Wang has not seen a few of them in the same level of Fire Element dao technique.

It serves as the foundation of the city of flames and flowers, and it can almost be said to construct Zuo Guanglie's Fire Element dao technique system.

In this technique, Jiang Wang has already bloomed his own flowers, focusing on his unique life force. Therefore, his flames and burning city must be changed from Zuo Guanglie's.

Zheng Shangming stepped into the courtyard and saw this blooming flame flower. The most intuitive feeling was "beauty", and then he was impressed by its life force.

"Your firework should have surpassed Zuo Guanglie, right?" He couldn't help asking.

The flames of the fingertips return to one point fire star, and fall to the fingertips again, never wasting the slightest dao essence.

"Only at this level, there is a limit. They are all in that position. It is not super or surpassed. When it comes to higher level applications, it is still far away." Jiang Wang looked towards Zheng Shangming: "It seems that you already have complete assurance regarding this case."

"It's only 80%." Zheng Shangming said: "There is still a little critical evidence."

"That I want to congratulate you." Jiang Wang said.

Zheng Shangming asked, "Isn’t it supposed to be me congratulations?"

Jiang Wang was in the courtyard, and he reached out and asked him to sit down: "I always thought that maybe it was Lin Youxie. Find out the truth."

"We could have rejected Lin Youxie from the case. It's just..." Zheng Shangming sat down and said quietly, "Although the four major Aristocratic families have disappeared, they are after all. The cornerstone of the earliest establishment of the green brand system, the remaining influence should not be underestimated. Even the emperor feels that we should give them an explanation, especially our Beiya."

"What you call an account is Let her participate in a case that she should have been involved in?" Jiang Wang sat across from him and asked softly.

There is a small stove standing on the stone table, and a pot of tea is brewing on the stove, and the heat is surging.

"It's hard not to admit that if Beiya is not nodded, she won't even have a chance to find the truth." Zheng Shangming said this coldly, but it is indeed a heavy truth.

"You are so sure, will you be able to find the truth before her?" Jiang Wang said: "Lin Youxie already has the will to die. How dare you to underestimate someone who acts with the will to die? "

"That's her choice." Zheng Shangming said quietly, looking towards Jiang Wang: "Brother Jiang, I just want to know your choice."

It should be said After Zheng Shangming took the initiative to release his goodwill at the inspection house in the capital city, he and Jiang Wang have been happily getting along, and can even be called the word "friend".

On the contrary, before Jiang Wang and Lin Youxie, there was a lot of disagreement.

Lin Youxie clutched Jiang Wang from the very beginning. Because there is no way of doubt in hell, he can't wait to find evidence to nail Jiang Wang in the Heavenly Prison.

For a long time, Jiang Wang respected Lin Youxie and stayed away.

But at this moment.

Jiang Wang can only say: "Brother Zheng, I can’t take the position of Captain Beiya."

Zheng Shangming doesn’t seem to be surprised. After all, Jiang Wang is on this issue. I have hesitated for too long.

But he still asked: "Why?"

Jiang Wang looked up at the clouds in the sky, and asked with some emotion: "Brother Shang Ming, you said The chief inspector and inspector, what does this position represent? Is it power or responsibility?"

Zheng Shangming didn't think much about it, and replied directly: "It represents the mastery of the blue card system. As for the power and responsibility...the power and responsibility are in one body. If you have the green card, you have to bear the responsibility of the green card."

Jiang Wang asked again: "So what is the responsibility of the green card? The four words'inspection Duwei', is the important thing about'inspection' or'duwei'?"

"I think I understand what you mean." Zheng Shangming said slowly: "You have to choose the so-called truth. But Brother Jiang, have you ever thought about,'Lu Shi to the emperor, the loyalty to the emperor'? The capital inspection house is directly under the emperor, not your Fiefdom in Qingyang Town. Inspect the position of the captain. ... The important thing is not'inspection' or'duwei', but the unwritten words."

Jiang Wang relieved, calmly said: "So I can't sit in this position. "

Zheng Shangming looked at him: "Brother Jiang, I have always admired you, and I know you are a firm-willed person. But today I want to sincerely advise you-the emperor has a strong trust in you , The world knows. Have you ever thought about how disappointing the emperor will be if you refuse this position? What you reject is not only the capital of Beiya, but also the opportunity to express loyalty to the emperor. Do you know your future career , It’s probably because of your choice today that it’s difficult to get promoted?"

Of course Jiang Wang knows.

Even if he didn't know, Chongxuan Sheng had already told him about it.

But he just said calmly: "Qi State is very big, there should be soil for all kinds of people. If not, I don't think it is my loss."

Zheng Shangming After a moment of silence, he said: "Although I don't approve of it, I respect your choice."

He sighed: "Brother Jiang, I sometimes feel that you are really enviable People."

"What do I envy?" Jiang Wang chuckled: "I'm alone, just arrogant. Speaking of which is Grade 3, how many people listen to it?"

"People always envy those who he can't be." Zheng Shangming pursed his lips: "Then Brother Jiang, I will leave first."

He got up and walked out.

When I was about to walk to the entrance of the courtyard, I heard Jiang Wang’s voice behind me——

"Brother Zheng. Speaking of which, when you were fiddled with by Wen Lian Mu’s bureau. At the time... if I missed you and killed you in Chama Mountain, it would arouse the anger of Captain Father Beiya. Have you ever thought that you need the truth?"

Zheng Shangming stopped pace.

"I thought about it, I thought about it very seriously."

He said: "What I think is that I need power."

Then stand at the gate of the courtyard with your back to Jiang Wang.

With a calm tone, he said: "Brother Jiang, not everyone can be like you, with a genius for breaking legends and a bravery for breaking the rules. I'm just... doing a mediocre effort."

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