Red Heart Survey Chapter 1393

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Zheng Shangming stepped away.

He still didn't say a word in his heart-but even you Jiang Wang, the legend you create now is only at the inner government level.

Behind the outer building is Shenren, after Shenren is Dongzhen, and after Dongzhen, he evolves. This world is too vast! The great power is too great! Some things, can you really change?

Zheng Shangming, who once resolutely refused to rely on his father’s aura, went incognito to the army, and stubbornly struggled alone, was smashed by Wang Yiwu’s fist in front of the Marshall Mansion in Wen Lianmu’s game. All pride.

After that, he decided to join the green card system and adapted to Beiya as quickly as possible.

Today he and Jiang Wang have different choices, but he is not a choice made today.

It is difficult to say whether this is growth and transformation, or compromise and fall.

Everyone lives in their own moral system.

All the struggles, beliefs, excuses... for the rest of my life, just to justify my own words after a choice.

Sometimes people change only overnight.

But there are always people who will never change.


The Buddhism said that when the flowers bloom and fall, a world is born and passed away.

Who can be sure that he is not the one in the flower?

Jiang Wang sits quietly in front of the stone table in the courtyard, and puts a finger up, in the wind, watching the flames bloom and appreciate the profound mystery technique.

Xu Shi is not suitable for cultivation today. It didn't take long for Xie Steward to report again, saying that there are guests coming.

One famous post, beautifully made.

Visitor, Biwu County Yang Jing.

Jiang Wang shook out the flames and frowned slightly.

Zheng Shangming's entrance was expected, but Yang Jing was unexpected.

Unexpected things, there is always a lack of security.

Nevertheless, he got up and walked out to welcome the guests himself.

Anyway, the last time he went there uninvited was really abrupt. It was the other party who gave face and didn't care about him. It didn't make sense that the other party came to visit, and he began to show off.

He still can't make that kind of score.

His Lord Jiang's arrogance is usually only among friends. It can also occasionally hurt friends like Xuansheng and Xu Xiangqian.

Yang Jing wore a black clothed suit today and looked depressed. He didn't bring any entourage, and stood alone outside the door. The bow and sword were put away, and the spirit of his body remained undiminished.

Jiang Wang took a few steps to greet him: "I don’t know the guests are coming, this Jiang excuse me for not going out to meet you!"

"You’re welcome, Sir Alex." Yang Jing looked at it. I looked at him: "How do you speak inside?"

Jiang Wang immediately turned sideways: "Come to my courtyard!"

Fortunately, Chongxuansheng is not there today, otherwise he might come. Mix one or two. The Shadow Guard under his command was beaten in Biwu County, but it made him uncomfortable.

The two walked into the courtyard with their back and forth feet.

Yang Jing didn’t have a word of greeting, so he said directly: "Gongsunyu is dead."

Jiang Wang immediately startled: "How did you die?"

" I don't know." Yang Jing said: "So I came to Linzi."

Linzi is so big!

How many dignitaries are!

Yang Jing’s plain tone is a kind of magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

It seems that he and Gongsun Yu are really good friends.

Jiang Wang said seriously: "It absolutely has nothing to do with me. I promise I don't know about his death."

Yang Jing said: "Otherwise I won't be alone. Come to your house."

It seems that he has checked it in private...

Jiang Wang thought for a while and asked, "When did he die?"

Yang Jing said: "After you left, I went to accompany him for a while. Then he was in good condition and was still reading. I will arrange a new retreat in the morning of 2nd day and pick him up. At that time, the person was gone. There was no trauma, Heavenspan Palace and Wufu were all broken to death."

"What did Brother Ling say?" Jiang Wang asked.

Yang Luo, the guardian of Biwu County, is undoubtedly a figure of great political importance. If you can take advantage of it...

Yang Jing lightly said: "Gongsunyu is my friend, not my brother's friend."

"It's me who made a mistake." Jiang Wang Acknowledge if you are wrong.

But in fact, the murderer of Gongsunyu's death is not difficult to guess.

The one who will kill Gongsun Yu during this time period is nothing more than just a few groups of people-those who want to find out the truth, and those who want to cover up the truth.

Since Jiang Wang didn't do it himself. Then only those from Lin Youxie, Zheng Shangming, and the real culprit in the assassination of Concubine Lei were left.

"I asked someone to check it. The case you are currently overseeing is the death of Court Eunuch Feng Guzhi, the director of the Changsheng Palace." Yang Jing asked directly, "I want to ask you. Does this case have anything to do with Gongsun Yu? Why did you work so hard to find him in Biwu County?"

Without knowing the specifics of the case, his question came to the point. Because the murderer was likely to find Biwu County for the same reason as Jiang Wang.

"Gongsunyu was the confidant of His Highness Eleven and a frequent visitor in the Changsheng Palace. I went to Biwu County specifically to ask him some questions about the Changsheng Palace." Jiang Wang said seriously:" It’s not convenient for me to tell you the specific details of the case. But if you can help provide some clues, maybe I can find out the real culprit more quickly."

Yang Jing asked the indifferent expression and asked: " With your current status, position and responsibility, you went to Biwu County to investigate the case, why did you go sneakily? This case is probably not just the death of Feng Guzhi. Who are you enemy? Is anyone spying on you secretly? Murderer Is it possible that Gongsun Yu was found by following you?"

Jiang Wang was fortunate that Chongxuansheng was not there, so I hope that the fatty is there again.

Yang Jingzhen is not a simple character!

Many people have rumored that he is just a baby bird sheltering under the wings of his brother Yang Luo, but after personal contact with Jiang Wang, he discovered that this person has a clear basis for advancing and retreating, courageous and courageous.

Not only can he consider the righteousness of his friend and Gongsunyu’s friend, but also try to put aside his responsibilities, without affecting him as the elder brother of the county guard, but also keenly close to the core of the problem...

speaking of which He deliberately put aside his brother, did he also smell the danger of this?

After carefully considered for a while, Jiang Wang said: "I really can't tell the details of the case. This is the rule of the green card. As for the possibility you said...I really can't rule it out. Brother Yang, please Don’t worry, I will give you an account of Gongsunyu’s death."

"Gongsunyu is my friend and died in my manor." Yang Jing lightly said: "I came to Linzi for I'll explain to myself."

"Then you should cooperate with me more." Jiang Wang said sincerely: "The murderer will kill Gongsun Yu, probably because he knows something. I will be responsible for supervising the whole process. The case of the Changsheng Palace was handled in the Beiya and the Imperial court. There were people everywhere. Chong Xuansheng lived in my house. The stone gate Li and I were good friends. Yan Fu was my best friend. Zheng Shangming and Zheng Shangming I have a deep friendship...No matter who the murderer is or what forces are involved, I can definitely check it out and find out the truth."

Jiang Wang keeps talking about tiger skins here, and I don’t know which words touched it. Yang Jing.

After being silent for a while, he finally said: "But Gongsunyu didn't tell me anything."

"Just say what you know." Jiang Wang said quickly.

"Where do you want to hear?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while and asked: "When did his tongue break?"

"On New Year's Eve last year, Gongsunyu came to me..." Yang Jing said slowly: "At that time, his tongue had already been broken."

Dao Li 3918 On New Year’s Eve, it was the period of Zhuang Yong’s national war...

He tried his best and walked over without stopping. Today, I suddenly realized that so many things have happened this year.

Jiang Wang certainly cannot forget that rainy night, never. But obviously, the same story that changed Gongsun Yu's life on that New Year's Eve had already happened.

On the New Year's Eve of 3918, what happened to the Changsheng Palace?

"How did it break?" Jiang Wang asked.

"That's what I asked him at the time..."

Yang Jing looked at the texture of the stone table top and fell into memory: "It was snowing that night, a lot of snow. I He drank too much and went back to the room alone. He waited for me in my yard. I was very happy. What could be more fun than my friend Xueye coming to see you? I asked him if he wanted to drink, I said I hunted very well. Fat deer, I said a few days ago, there was a guy with a good reputation, sharp-tongued, who just happened to call him bloody... but he just opened his mouth and let me see his broken tongue."

"What's the matter? I asked him what's the matter. He didn't respond at all."

"I was anxious and angry. I said I wanted to kill, I must kill A few talents can do it. My heart is burning like fire!"

"The yard was covered with snow, he squatted down and wrote a line on the snow-I am sensitive to my tongue all my life, I am afraid of difficulties Precept, so cut your tongue to clarify your aspirations, and you will not speak again in this life."

"The line of words was soon covered by snow, and he really never communicated with me again."

Yang Jing said sadly: "I have asked him many times, and he just looks at me every time. I don't know what happened to him, I don't think he wants to let me know."

In other words...Gongsunyu's tongue was cut off by himself, and the reason was "precept".

Why does he want to give up?

Did he know something he shouldn't know, and this is the reason why he left the Palace of Longevity? Could it be related to the truth about the assassination of Concubine Lei?

"Did he contact the Changsheng Palace later?" Jiang Wang asked.

"As far as I know, no." Yang Jing said: "He has not left the manor one step."

Jiang Wang said seriously: "I think Gongsunyu has not followed anything. You said. Maybe it’s to protect you."

"Maybe. But protecting him is what I want to do most as a friend." Yang Jing said that, she got up and said: "Since It’s inconvenient for you to tell me anything, then don’t pass it."

Jiang Wang subconsciously asked: "Where are you going?"

"I know I already I've told you all." Yang Jing looked at him: "Next, I will find the answer in my own way."

You will die.

Jiang Wang has this idea almost immediately.

He said very seriously: "We are naturally responsible for handling cases. The information you have and the information we have are not on the same level. It won’t help if you rush into it. I will go back to Biwu County and wait for the news first. I will notify you immediately when the results are available."

The true culprit of the assassination of Concubine Lei, even if it does not belong to the current queen, is bound to be of the same level as the current queen.

For the murderer who killed Gongsun Yu, Yang Jing couldn't track it. It's okay. If he finds it... I'm afraid the end will be ugly.

Don’t say anything else, just because of Yang Jing’s loyalty to his friends, Jiang Wang didn’t want to watch him go to death.

"It seems that I guessed right. The murderer belongs to a very powerful force, and I, Yang Family cannot afford to offend." Yang Jing sneered at the corner of his mouth, like ridicule: "Yes, how dare you otherwise? Killing my friend so casually?"

"Please trust me." Jiang Wang can't say much after all, he can only emphasize: "I will not give up this case, and I have already touched the truth. ."

"I know you are very creditable. But sorry, I can't pin the death of my friend on someone who I don’t know."

Yang Jing Turned and left without hesitation.

He came suddenly and walked decisively.

This is a smart and sober person.

He came to Zi alone, perhaps he was already prepared.

In the courtyard where the cold wind is falling, once again only Jiang Wang is left alone.

He sits on the stone chair alone, silently thinking about the case.

This case cannot be delayed any longer.

Where is the key evidence?

Will Lin Youxie have any gains over there?

Jiang Wuqi, Feng Gu, Gongsunyu... died one after another.

If Yang Jing ran into the forces behind the scenes, it would be extremely dangerous.

Who is next? Is Lin Youxie absolutely safe?

Or even yourself?

The important case seventeen years ago, like an infinitely deep pitch black vortex, is continuously expanding and trying to involve more and more people...

From all aspects In other words, it is necessary to produce a result as soon as possible.

Either tear up the curtain covering it, let the sun shine in and illuminate every corner in between.

Or, bury it completely and never mention it again.

Obviously, Gongsun Yu chose the latter.


Thinking about Gongsun Yu at this moment, Jiang Wang faintly felt that he seemed to touch something.

He until now, seems to have overlooked a very important thing.

What is it?

Jiang Wang frowned, stood up and paced back and forth in the courtyard.

What did you ignore?

The cold wind was blowing noisily, and he simply walked into the room and closed the door. I cut off all the sounds, so I can think quietly.

What did you ignore?

He walked up and down in the bedroom alone, and suddenly he stopped and saw a picture hanging on the wall——

He specially asked the craftsman to mount it. The last character written by Jiang Wuqi during his lifetime.

"Heaven will not abandon Great Qi, I will give birth to Jiang Wuqi!"

Jiang Wang's mind exploded.

Yes... Jiang Wuqi!

He wants to understand what the problem he has been ignoring is!

Since Feng Gu used death to set off an investigation into the big case that year, and clearly left clues pointing towards Queen Great Qi.

And now it seems that Gongsunyu obviously also knows something.

In other words, Feng Gu and Gongsun Yu both have some information about the truth about the assassination of Concubine Lei.

Then Jiang Wuqi, who is the Lord of the Palace of Longevity, would not know it at all?

Is it possible for such a superb character to be completely kept in the dark by his subordinates?

This is unreasonable!

But since Jiang Wuqi also knew the truth, why didn't he deal with it himself?

With his wisdom, identity, and influence, what he does is more useful than Feng Gu.

But he didn't mention it till his death.

Why? !

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