Red Heart Survey Chapter 1394

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The last thing Jiang Wuqi did during his lifetime was to be a bait to wipe out all the agents of the equal country in Qi State.

Guilty in God's Realm, Yan Tu in Hole-True Realm...All were cleared.

With such wisdom and courage, what kind of enemy can't be solved?

The vengeance of killing his mother, why is he silent, why not report it?

Hate of cold and poison, why not snow?

Even, why did Gongsunyu leave on New Year's Eve last year?

The contradiction lies in...

Jiang Wuyi refused to mention it, Gongsun Yu broke his tongue and said nothing.

In the end, why did Feng Gu use death to force the truth of the year?

Jiang Wang is thinking hard, he vaguely feels that he is very close to the clue. But looking at flowers like a mist, there is always a layer of something.

What is it?

Jiang Wuqi, Feng Gu, Gongsunyu, Yang Jing...

Gongsunyu...broken his tongue!

You can’t speak, you say "dumb".

The door that had been stuck in my mind for a long time suddenly opened.

Among those chaotic clues, one of them suddenly became clear and came to light.

Jiang Wang turned around and went out, immediately let Steward prepare his car and rushed directly to the Changsheng Palace.

He wanted to fly over by himself, but in a place like Linzi, at such a delicate time, he had to speak some rules.

My heart is as swift as a galloping horse, and Jiang Wang's expression is still calm in the smooth carriage.

The more urgent, the more quiet.

Quiet and self-preserving, without losing the heart.

He even abandoned clutter and started cultivation.

During the exercise of the dao technique, time has always passed by calmly.

The Palace of Longevity is not far away, and it didn't take much time to arrive.

Jiang Wang realized that he had calmed down and got out of the car.

Go straight to the Changsheng Palace.

"My lord. According to the rules, someone must accompany you before you can enter." The leading Qingpai arrester stopped.

The green cards guarding outside the Palace of Longevity have changed a lot. Of course, no one does not know Jiang Wang for Linzi's green card. Even if you haven't seen him in person, you should have seen his portrait. Although it is the duty, but also respectful.

"Then you accompany me in." Jiang Wang said directly.

The lead shook the head: "None of us have the qualifications to enter the Palace of Longevity."

Jiang Wang, whose mind was in the clues, suddenly remembered that as During the period of blockade at the Changsheng Palace at the scene of the crime, only he, Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming, who were specifically responsible for the case, could enter.

Can't enter alone yet, at least two people must supervise each other.

Of course, he is also fully capable of sneaking into the Palace of Longevity quietly. But in such turmoil, there is no need to do bad things.

Sometimes the "shortcut" in front of you is an extremely tortuous "long road".

If you sneak into the Palace of Longevity, no matter what evidence you get at the end, you will not be credible anymore.

"Go and invite Zheng Shangming." Jiang Wang directly instructed: "Just say I asked him to accompany me to search for evidence. If Zheng Shangming is not there, Lin Youxie, deputy envoy, will be fine. Anyway, whoever you see first, Just invite someone. I'll wait here."

With his weight nowadays, in the green card system, there are very few people who don't buy it. Not to mention there are faint rumors that he will take over as Captain Beiya.

Almost tone barely fell, and immediately there was a green card catcher hurried away and went to Beiya to invite people.

Jiang Wang stood outside the palace gate, and Divine Soul Shen Hai soon began to cultivation.

Although there is little time, it is wasteful to wait, and there is always a little profit for cultivation.

Accumulated steps and even thousands of miles, small streams form rivers and seas, extraordinary peaks, and also climb from the foot of the mountain to the next step.

When Zheng Shangming hurried over, Jiang Wang just opened his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Zheng Shangming asked.

Jiang Wang only said: "Go in and say."

Two of the three people in charge of this case were present at the same time, and the gate of the Changsheng Palace was opened.

The palace is getting colder and colder, and the popularity is clear.

Jiang Wang has a clear goal and walks directly to the wall where Painting of All Living Things is painted.

"Do you have any new discoveries?" Zheng Shangming asked again.

Jiang Wang stood in front of the wall and looked carefully at the mural left by Jiang Wuqi, without saying a word.

So Zheng Shangming was also silent.

In this Painting of All Living Things, there are too many characters and the scene is too complicated. It almost includes all Jiang Wuqi's observations of "people".

Anyone can perceive it as good by watching it carefully.

But if there are clues hidden in it, there are many clues, and there must be a "key".

Jiang Wang has been wondering whether he missed any clues. He has studied this mural repeatedly before. But it wasn't until today that I thought of Gongsun Yu's broken tongue, and suddenly connected.

In this Painting of All Living Things, the able-bodied people don’t talk about it, there are blind people talking to the deaf, there are deaf people pointing to the blind, and there are people fishing by the river...

It can be said to portray sentient beings.

But the so-called "deaf-blind carbuncle and dumb, four lacks also" (yong), Jiang Wuqi painted Painting of All Living Things, already has deaf-blind carbuncle, how can one miss a "dumb"?

The answer is actually very simple. The place where the dumb person should be is Jiang Wuqi's "dumb", his unspoken words!

And the position where the dumb should be is also easy to find, Jiang Wuqi did not deliberately hide too much.

Divide this picture of sentient beings into nine houses.

The deaf and blind are in the lower left corner of this painting in the Gen Palace.

The carbuncle is in the Dui Palace in the middle on the right. A small river runs from Dui Palace to the Dry Palace. Outside the screen, the farmers on the river bank carry manure and walk away, while the carbuncles are fishing with rods.

Based on the position of the deaf and the blind on the whole picture, the position of the carbuncle should be the position of the ligu, which is the middle position of the upper level of the picture.

In this place, the painting is a barren mountain, stretching the mountain range all the way out of the picture.

Specifically refer to the location of the carbuncle, and the precise corresponding location is on the barren mountain...

A lone grave!

This is an unremarkable solitary grave. Of course Jiang Wang had seen it before, but it just passed by in a hurry.

At this time, I locked this position and inspected it carefully, only to notice the tombstone in front of the grave. Only four characters were engraved on it.

The format is different from any epitaph.

These four words are what Jiang Wuqi wants to say.

The engraving is--

"The deceased is dead."

Jiang Wang was stunned for a while.

In his analysis, he wanted to come to Gongsun Yu to cut his tongue, not only to cut off the truth of the year, but also to imply the answer left by Jiang Wuqi on the wall.

The dumb person is a key in itself.

So Jiang Wang as it should be by rights thought that Jiang Wuqi hid the truth of that important case here.

But Jiang Wuqi just left his choice here...

This is the tomb of Concubine Lei...

And the "death" on the tombstone "The person has been over" is Jiang Wuqi's choice, and he also dissuades the people who are pursuing the truth up to this point.

The dumb man who is not drawn is Jiang Wuqi himself.

He portrayed sentient beings in one painting and told too many stories. It was my turn, and there was only a "nothing"...

Jiang Wang didn't know what to say.

The assassination that year led to the death of Concubine Lei Gui, and Jiang Wuqi was born with cold and poison. Of course, it also led to the death of the famous catcher Lin Kuang and Lin Youxie's panic disorder.

The huge vortex it manufactured was still involved in human lives until seventeen years later.

He gave up his handy position as the captain of Beiya and chose the word "truth". He also thanked Jiang Wuqi for his heroic gratitude, and he wanted to find the truth for him.

But Jiang Wuqi has already found out the truth of the case.

The Eleventh His Royal Highness chose to be silent.

This can also explain why Gongsunyu left the Palace of Longevity, and why he said to Yang Jing, "It's hard to pretend".

Want to come to Gongsun Yu was one of the important members who investigated the truth at the time. After learning the truth, Jiang Wuqi chose to remain silent and asked everyone to keep it secret.

Gongsun Yu was worried that he could not keep the secret, so he took the initiative to cut his tongue and retired to Biwu County at a young age.

What truth needs to be so?

The truth...

What the hell is it?

In addition, Jiang Wang also clarified another key issue.

Feng Gu used suicide to trace the old case, and it was not Jiang Wuqi's decision.

It is more of Feng Gu's own opinion.

Feng Gu is indeed loyal to Jiang Wuqi, but as a living person, he also has his own independent will.

He said that Jiang Wuqi had already got what he wanted. This is not false. He said that he hadn't got what he wanted, and he was sincere.

Jiang Wuqi chose to remain silent.

And he wants Zhang Ming.

Why did he make a different choice from Jiang Wuqi?

The answer to this question may no longer be known with his death.

Maybe it is because of the sorrow of Lei Guifei's death, maybe after Jiang Wuqi's death, he is also dead, and he doesn't want to think about the political situation anymore...


And what Jiang Wang needs to consider is——

Do we still need to explore the truth now?

The biggest sufferer of the assassination of Concubine Lei, and the person most qualified to be held accountable, have already made a choice!

"This painting is very complicated and vivid." Zheng Shangming asked at this time: "Is there a clue you want in it?"

"You have also seen it, Isn't it?" Jiang Wang asked rhetorically.

Zheng Shangming shook the head: "I didn't understand it."

He might be saying that he didn't understand the painting. Perhaps it means that he didn't understand Jiang Wuqi's choice.

In short, the truth about the assassination of Concubine Lei, after Jiang Wang rejected the position of Captain Beiya, he would not share it with Jiang Wang.

The reason Jiang Wang came to Changsheng Palace today did not hide Zheng Shangming, and even actively invited Zheng Shangming to accompany him, because he knew that he could not hide it. When he comes to the Palace of Longevity, Zheng Shangming will definitely follow him.

"Do you want someone to take over as Captain Beiya?" Jiang Wang asked.

Zheng Shangming smiled bitterly: "How much power do you think my father has? Can we decide this matter after we close the door and discuss it? We are looking for you because you can sit here. Position, because you are Jiang Qingyang. Don’t you think I can call someone by name?"

Jiang Wang doesn’t believe that Zheng Shihui has no alternatives, so that he can play the blue card system perfectly. How can a person who like a fish back in water in Linzi bet all the treasures on one person?

After all, he rejected the position of Captain Beiya, and the friendship with Zheng Shangming stopped at ordinary friends.


Jiang Wang turned and walked out.

"Don't look at other places anymore?" Zheng Shangming asked as he walked behind.

"No need." Jiang Wang said: "The key to the truth is only the last one."

"I think only Chong Xuansheng likes to play dumb riddles. How are you? Don't learn?"

Zheng Shangming's tone is relaxed. Maybe he is sure that Jiang Wang will not get the last key, maybe he is closer to the truth.

In short, what he is more worried about now is who will bridge the power vacuum between him and his father.

Those who are not good can not sit on Captain Beiya, but those who are too good generally have too much ambition. When someone takes the position, he turns around and kicks him away, and it is not impossible not to give him a chance to take over.

The two people only stayed in the Palace of Longevity for a short period of time. As short as the team outside the palace was catching up quickly, the second topic was not over yet.

This period of time is also very long, long enough for the other green card arrester to rush to the Changsheng Palace.

"Master Zheng, the latest news!"

Zheng Shangming stepped forward quickly, took the urgent letter in the hands of the green card catcher, and took a look at it.

After a short pause, he forwarded the letter to Jiang Wang.

Jiang Wang is very curious. Don’t evade yourself about what urgent news is. Take it and take a look--

"The resignation god arrested Ulay and confirmed the death. The body is on Sea Sect Island. The nearby Sea Territory was found, and it has been rushed back to Linzi."

Ulie is dead...

Ulie is so dead?

So far, the "Southern Wubei Forest" that was once so shining and famous in the Eastern Region has all become empty.

For the news of Ulay’s death, Jiang Wang is not surprisingly surprised.

As early as knowing that Ulay was investigating the Great Lake Tian family alone, and Tian Huanwen had already attacked Ulay, Jiang Wang had a vague sense of this day.

Ulay left, it was originally a Road of No Return.

As he said, life and death have long been ignored.

It's just that Jiang Wang didn't expect it to come so suddenly.

So many years have passed.

How many winds and waves have passed, but when the truth is just about to surface.

"Who picked up the corpse?" Zheng Shangming asked.

The catcher replied quickly: "Yang Wei and Deputy Envoy Yang went to pick them up in person, and Master Duwei welcomed the coffin at the Beiya."

Ulie has devoted most of his life to Qing. In the card system, after Lin Kuang died, he left the green card. His contribution to the green card system and Beiya's contribution can never be erased.

Yang Wei and the deputy inspectors with real power went to greet the remains, and Captain Beiya personally guarded the welcoming coffin at the inspection mansion, which was justified.

Even if it is strictly speaking, Ulay has been resigned for many years and has no green card at his waist, but who can deny that he is the general existence of Totem in the green card system?

The so-called catching god Yue Leng, in front of him, is nothing but a late-student.

Today, there are too many rules in the handling of cases of the Qingpai, which are all set by the people of Ulie's generation. There are too many methods of handling cases, following the old times. Among them, Ulay and Lin Kuang have the greatest influence.

Ulie has the same name as the forest. Ulie is much older than the forest. The two sides are friends of the year. It can be said that both teacher and friend.

Relatively speaking, Ulay also has a higher position in the green card system.

The Inspectorate must express enough attitude towards Ulay’s death. All those who have the green card on their waists must pay enough respect to Ulay himself.

This is not even about personal emotions, but a kind of inheritance of past history.

Zheng Shangming looked towards Jiang Wang with a complicated tone: "Let's go, let's go to Beiya and wait."

"It is time to wait." Jiang Wang said.

But he knows.

The clue to Gu Xing on Bajiao Island...should be broken.

In other words, he and Lin Youxie have lost the last key to the truth.




Carbuncle: Yong, carbuncle is called carbuncle if you don’t know the smell or smell of your nose. ——Han·Wang Chong "Lun Heng·Bie Tong"

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