Red Heart Survey Chapter 1395

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Today's capital inspection office is extremely quiet.

Even if there are many people in front of the gate.

All kinds of people stood silently at the gate of the inspection house.

There are blue cards hanging around the waist.

Jiang Wang hung up his Grade 4 blue card when he went out today, right next to the white jade from his younger sister.

The blue card is slightly larger, and the white jade is slightly smaller.

Stacked together, the colors of blue and white are distinct.

Jiang Wang saw Lin Youxie wearing an azure square scarf at a glance.

She still wears men's clothing, standing alone in the corner of the crowd.

Someone tried to comfort her, but her face was expressionless and her eyes didn't move.

More people kept their distance from her silently.

The Aristocratic Family, the four major green brands, is certainly an indelible history of the green brand system, and certainly has an indelible contribution to the establishment and development of the green brand system.

But it disappeared after all.

Zoomed into the history of the green brand, the contribution of the four green brand Aristocratic Family deserves the respect of all green brand Constable. But when it comes to the inside of the green card system, of course, struggle is indispensable in the distribution of vital interests.

Why can Lin Youxie easily sit in the position of deputy inspector? Of course, it is the shadow of the four major Aristocratic Family. Even if he didn't grasp too much real power, he was already at the same level as Yang Wei in his rank.

The disintegration of the green brand Aristocratic Family objectively releases more positions and gives others more opportunities.

So from the past few days I was guilty of being punished, and to today's death of Ulay, for many people, it is hard to say good or bad.

Lin Youxie is standing there, motionless.

She didn't see Jiang Wang, or she didn't see anyone.

Ulay is dead. For the people in the blue card system, there is no sign-like existence. It is a curtain call for Legendary in the green card system.

For Lin Youxie alone, she lost her last relative.

Jiang Wang and Zheng Shangming walked into the crowd.

This is the crowd welcoming the coffin.

Of course, Zheng Shi, the captain of the Beiya, is standing in the forefront, without anger and prestige, leading the entire Beiya.

As soon as Jiang Wang walked past, the crowd moved silently, giving way to the position next to Zheng Shi-this is the place where Jiang Wang should be by default in the Beiyali today.

Zheng Shangming, the son of Captain Beiya, could only stand behind them.

Jiang Wang walked to that position, but did not stop, but continued to move forward.

Mouth said: "Deputy Envoy Lin, why don't you stand up?"

The crowd separated by a road. The starting point of this road is Jiang Wang and the ending point is Lin Youxie.

The woody Lin Youxie only realized something in a daze and turned his head.

I only saw Jiang Wang who strode in, and the hand that came over.

She subconsciously gave way, and naturally she couldn't pass it.

Jiang Wang has grabbed her forearm and just pulled her to the front of the crowd.

Wherever you go, there is a way.

When she reacted, she was already at the forefront with Jiang Wang.

Zheng Shi did not make any comments on this, and the crowd was silent.

Jiang Wang's hand has been released, but Lin Youxie still seems to be able to feel the force of the clamp on his arm.

The scene of her walking towards her through the crowd is printed in her trance.

Although her first reaction at the time was to avoid, her eyes clearly remembered...this was in the cold, collapsed world, and only one hand extended to her.

Ulie’s body was immediately returned to Linzi when it was discovered.

The cause of his death is still inconclusive until now.

Ulay has resigned since his youth, has no job, and died overseas...

In what name can the Metropolitan Inspection Office start a case? What qualifications do you use to check?

Even...Who wants to check?

Ulay released the blue card, and while gaining freedom, he also lost the asylum.

To put it awkwardly, he privately investigated the Qi State famous Great Lake Tian family, which was the way to die.

Tian really tried to kill him, who can say anything?

Earlier, Tian Huanwen made a list of moves against Uzbekistan overseas, but Ulay could only avoid the edge and escape back to Qi. I didn't see anyone in the Capital Inspection House who was going to beat him up.

Of course, if you say a thousand words and ten thousand, Ulay is after all a famous catch in the history of the green brand.

Just look at how many people welcome the coffin today to see its weight.

If the murderer is the Great Lake Tian family, it will inevitably arouse the hostility of the entire blue card system. Maybe we can't directly do something about Ulay's death, the days to come will still be long, and there will be some targeting.

The reason why I wanted to come to Ulay to investigate the Great Lake Tians alone for so many years, but was always safe and sound, in addition to his own caution, Great Lake Tian’s refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

In short, for the Great Lake Tian, ​​killing Ulay without permission is something that will not have serious consequences immediately, but it must have far-reaching negative effects. It is not in line with Great Lake Tian's low-key approach in recent years. (Tian Anping aside, in recent years, the Great Lake Tian clan is indeed very low-key.)

Therefore, it is not yet known who the murderer is, and it is not necessarily the Tian family.

Then the problem has come back...who will check?

Jiang Wang stood in front of people silently, and suddenly remembered something, sound transmission asked Zheng Shangming: "How long before Tian Anping broke the seal?"

Zheng Shangming hesitated and said: "He killed Liu divine The ability is in the forty-sixth year of Yuanfeng... Counting, it will be ten years later."

Apparently this Zheng Young Master also had similar thinking. Ulie was suddenly killed, and a generation of famous people arrested floating corpses. Yu Hai, this reckless style is too much like that lunatic...

Jiang Wang sighed in relief.

He was not sure whether Tian Anping saw himself last time in Seven Star Valley. But such a dangerous person is always disturbing.

However, this uneasiness was only lightly passed, and then the cultivation started again.

When I really need to face it...

He will face it.

A group of people with names and surnames in the blue card system waited silently in front of the gate of the inspection house.

This scene made the streets near Beiya very nervous. For a long period of time, even the salesman’s cries did not sound.

Beijing Chief Wei Zheng Shi couldn't help but glance at Jiang Wang next to him.

So many people present to welcome the coffin, waiting with different moods.

There is anxiety, sadness, anger.

It is always suppressed.

Only the most dazzling young Heaven's Chosen at the moment is actually cultivation.

What others see is diligence, what he sees is soberness.

Keep yourself awake in the crowd.

Jiang Wang is obviously a person who has a clear goal and knows exactly what he wants.

Prior to this, Zheng Shi was still a little puzzled, why this youngster would reject the position of Captain Beiya, this will be able to understand a little...

Finally, the road is different.

When Yang Weitong personally arrived with a carriage, it was already late at night.

"I received Lao Wu at sea and asked for a thin coffin in Tianfu City to be temporarily engulfed. He kept on going all the way..." The courtier Yi Xingchen's doorman, with a servant, Fengchen, like this Explained.

Zheng Shi just walked to the coffin in silence, gently pushed the lid of the coffin away, and looked down at the people in the coffin.

"Old Wu..." He sighed, "Go home."

The front of the inspection mansion was crowded with people.

Almost all the green brand Constable are sad.

I really want to speak of which, who has not been instructed by Uriel for those who have struggled for some years in the green card system?

Some people even couldn't help crying, others wept silently.

Of course there are people who are happy to see the collapse of a building.

There are many people who secretly vowed to find out the truth and avenge Wu Lao one day.

But in the sorrowful atmosphere of everyone, a calm voice sounded--

"I want an autopsy."

Among the crowd, only Lonely Lin Youxie has no expression on his face.

Yang Weitong looked at her and said: "Of course the post-mortem is necessary. There must be a saying about Wu Lao's death. We do this, but..."

According to the established rules, people close to the deceased are generally not allowed to be responsible for the autopsy. Because mood swings are too large, it is easy to cause deviations in the least not the first test, lest the results are not objective and some clues are destroyed.

Of course Lin Youxie knows the rules. But she just repeated: "I want an autopsy."

Her eyes are too firm and stubborn.

There were many people present, and it can be said that they grew up watching her. Seeing how the little girl grew up to what she is today.

The entire Beiya, she doesn't believe anyone now.

But who can't understand?

Yang Weitong was silent.

Zheng Shi sighed: "Let her examine it."

So Lin Youxie walked closer, looked down at the corpse for a moment, and reached out to close the coffin lid.

There is still no expression on his face.

No sorrow, no tears.

Jiang Wang silently walked forward, lifted the coffin, turned and walked towards Beiya: "I will help you."

Lin Youxie did not speak, Just silently followed behind him.

The crowd makes way for them.

The two set a coffin and headed for the morgue.

To go to the morgue, you have to pass the Beiya prison. This is not the first time Jiang Wang has come here.

He held the coffin and walked through the bare iron house.

Not long after, Zheng Shangming followed.

It is right for someone to be on the sidelines during the autopsy.

In the case where Jiang Wang and Lin Youxie are in the same position, a third person is definitely needed to supervise them.

Zheng Shangming, who is in charge of the Feng Gu case with them, is obviously the best choice.

The measure in this is not a character like Zheng Shi, so he cannot be precise.

Although the three of them are the backbone of the blue card system, Constable, who is on duty in the morgue, carefully recorded the state of Uriel’s corpse and asked their three people to sign and detain them before serving them. A separate morgue was opened.

Coincidentally, this morgue is just opposite the morgue where Jiang Wang visited last time.

If it hasn't been locked, the doors on both sides are wide open, and Feng Gu's coffin should be visible from here.

Jiang Wang looked at Constable a few times before putting down the coffin he was holding in his hand.

Speaking of which, the two bodies in the morgue died because of the same case. They are all struggling from that year to the present, and they can be regarded as dead in the same period.

Feng Gu’s coffin and Ulie’s coffin are opposite, as if there is a tacit understanding in the dark.

After Constable in the morgue left, Zheng Shangming casually explained: "The rules are, it is normal to be stricter. It is not for whom, Brother Jiang, don't mind."

"What do you mind about this?" Jiang Wang twitched his mouth: "I'm just curious. It's so strict here. How did that person get in last time?"

Zheng Shangming was silent for a moment, but had no choice but to Said: "The person who came in last time is called Qi Song. He has an Uncle called Qi Huaichang."

Speaking of this matter before, he only vaguely brought it under the name Yangxin Palace. , Did not say who it was.

Didn't expect Jiang Wang to hold such a grudge, he would ask if he finds an opportunity.

Although he and Jiang Wang are on different roads and are destined to not be close friends, they do not want to destroy the existing friendship. In contrast, throwing out Qi Song’s news is nothing at worst.

Qi Huaichang is also one of the deputy inspectors in charge of real power, and his position in Beiya is no lower than Yang Weitong. It is very simple to arrange for people to enter the morgue.

"Oh, Deputy Envoy Qi!" Jiang Wang nodded said that he understood and stopped talking.

At this time, Lin Youxie had already opened the lid of the coffin again, leaving Ulie's body completely exposed to the air.

This is a face she is very familiar with.

Because it is too familiar, it seems unfamiliar at the moment.

From her memory, Wu grandfather is just like an old man. This shows that when he achieved God's presence, he was not young anymore.

But the old "old" and spirited spirit of the past cannot conceal the majestic power and the persistence that breaks everything.

Now it is dry, like a circle of bark, wrapped around a piece of rotten wood.

God is dying and dying.

There are special tools for autopsy in the morgue, which are placed next to the stone platform.

But Lin Youxie just silently took out his pitch black small wooden box from the storage box.

Draw out the First Layer drawer, choose a pair of gloves, and put them on slowly.

Then drew out the Third Layer. Among myriad's knives, I chose a two-inch long pointed knife.

Close the wooden box again.

The whole process was very calm.

Now, her knife is in the right hand, and her left hand slowly unwraps the old man's clothes and gently presses it on the left shoulder socket.

The skinny corpse in front of me, and the coldness that I can still feel through the gloves, is silently describing the facts to her--

The one who said "I follow my method" ', I walk my way. People who ignore everything, people and ghosts can't avoid", no longer exist.

Your "fa" is in the green card, and your "Dao" is in the third penalty palace.

If you really are "ignoring everything", why should you give up everything you have in Beiya because of the death of your friend and pursue it alone for so many years?

If you are "people and ghosts can't avoid", how can you treat me as your own through childhood and take care of me for so many years?

There are so many questions that can only be kept in my heart, and there will never be an answer again.

Lin Youxie is silent.

So where is the meaning of chasing the truth?

What is the purpose of pursuing the truth?

For the grievance of one relative, do you lose another relative?

Faced with the corpse in front of her, for the first time she doubted the path she had traveled over the years.

Jiang Wang and Zheng Shangming were also silent, just waiting for her actions.

Lin Youxie silently dropped the Number One Blade. She skillfully drew down diagonally and drew an arc and a half.

Pick the knife lightly, and the edge of the knife is opened. The texture of the muscles and muscles is distinct.

She looked at it carefully, remembered in her heart, and put the cut back away.

After a simple cleaning, I put away the knife and took a thin translucent cone, only slightly thicker than an iron nail, but five inches long.

The middle finger of the left index finger walked a few steps on the side waist of the corpse, then pressed it, and naturally tapped it in...

Jiang Wang and Zheng Shangming silently looked at Lin You Xie, completed all the autopsy work.

From the scalp to the toes, from the outer skin to the internal organs, there are no possible clues.

She is so peaceful.

The movements are clean and precise, without procrastination.

Even with the most critical eye, there is no mistake.

Zheng Shangming, who silently memorized all aspects of the body's data, had to marvel at this superb skill. Compared with Jiang Wang, who has a family history, he can see "ability" better.

While he looked towards Lin Youxie, who was already collecting the wooden box, he was actually even more surprised at her calm in the process.

"Have you taken the medicine today?" Jiang Wang sniffed gently and suddenly asked.

Lin Youxie was stunned, and the knife's hand stopped there.

It turns out that she forgot the fear.

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