Red Heart Survey Chapter 1396

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For those skilled in the business.

Dissection of a corpse cannot be simpler.

It is not much different from cutting pork.

But if this corpse is a loved one...

It is inevitable that the knife will tremble.

Who can be ruthless?

For Jiang Wang's question.

Lin Youxie was silent for a while, then closed the wooden box and retracted it into the storage box.

"Forgot to drink." She said calmly.

Zheng Shangming didn't know that Lin Youxie had panic disorder, so he couldn't understand the emotion of this conversation.

He just asked: "Deputy Envoy Lin, have you finished the experience?"

"Well, okay." Lin Youxie said.

"Any clues?" Zheng Shangming asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Lin Youxie asked.

"Of course." Zheng Shangming said: "Why, isn't it convenient to say?"

"There are seven wounds on the deceased, and only one can be called fatal. That is. The piercing injury of the skull should be caused by the wind, index finger.

The remaining six wounds were obviously caused only after death. The wounds are very irregular, which should be a name near Sea Sect Island. It was caused by the carrion fish of "Chong Rhinoceros".

I think his real cause of death should be the collapse of Divine Soul. After death, the golden body and chalcedony collapsed. The skull was only repaired later and used for Confusing.

I have every reason to suspect that the person who killed him was not someone from the sea, and Sea Sect Island was not his first death scene..."

Lin Youxie Speaking of this in one breath, looked towards Zheng Shangming: "I have said so much, will Bei Ya investigate the Great Lake Tian's family?"

Zheng Shangming was taken aback for a moment and reluctantly said: "This, it depends on the above. Meaning."

Lin Youxie didn't say anything, just turned and walked out.

Jiang Wang followed her in silence.

Neither of them spoke, so they walked out of Beiya in silence.

The people who welcomed the coffin before have dispersed, as if the sorrow that enveloped the entire Beiya, only happened at the moment when they saw Ulie's body.

"Why are you following me?" Lin Youxie asked suddenly.

"People tend to make stupid choices when they are irrational." Jiang Wang said, "I don't want you to die in the name of a fool."

"Everything is over." Lin Youxie said.

A generation of famous arresters, Ulie, is dead, and the clues from Gu Xing on Bajiao Island will only be hidden deeper.

Even if it was there before, it must be erased now.

In the absence of definitive evidence, no matter how suspicion and analysis are, no matter how reasonable and reasonable the analysis is... it is all in vain.

There is nothing more cruel than this.

It has been 17 years since Lei Guifei was assassinated.

Ulie and Lin Youxie have also pursued for 17 years. In these seventeen years, of course there have been some gains, but there is no way to get close to the core truth.

They fought alone and made difficult progress.

Until Feng Gu died suddenly at this time, leaving clues and pointing the finger at the current queen.

The dusty truth faintly appeared in the water.

Only one step away...

Obviously, there is only one last step away from the truth, but this step can’t go out.

When Ulay’s body was floating quietly on the sea, what was his mood?

It must be a pity too?

But as Lin Youxie said, everything is over.

Any rational person should understand that this farce is over.

Feng Gu is dead.

Gongsunyu is dead.

Ulay is dead.

If the endless investigation continues, more people will die.

The truth will not be revealed.

More people will just die meaninglessly.

Of course, more people can include Yang Jing, but also Lin Youxie and even Jiang Wang.

Lin Youxie is still alive now, only because of her official status.

As a deputy inspector, she has been wearing a green card for many years. Killing her is tantamount to provoking the country's majesty.

But if it's time to kill, the person behind the scenes will not be soft.

After all, Concubine Lei is dead, a trifling deputy inspector, what can't be killed?

"Yes, it seems that everything is over." Jiang Wang said: "But you won't give up."

Lin Youxie continued to move forward without speaking.

Jiang Wang followed and continued: "You said you have the same determination as me. So I know you won't give up."

"What can you do if you don't give up? How?" Lin Youxiedao.

Jiang Wang said: "Life is very long, and there are many possibilities in the future..."

"Don't worry, I won't do stupid things." Lin Youxie raised his hand to stop it, and said Waved his hand.

"Please go back, Mrs. Jiang." She said, "I want to be quiet."

Jiang Wang stopped and watched her walk away quietly.

Linzi is very big and there are many people, this slightly thin back, just walked into the street where people coming, people going, and soon disappeared.

The more prosperous Linzi is, the lonelier the people ignored by this city.

Look at this turbulent crowd, so ordinary.

However, every drop of water in the crowd is a long journey in life. Everyone has their own story, their own choices, and their own difficulties.

Who is not suffering in the world?

So the Buddha said, this is Sea of ​​Bitterness.

Jiang Wang picked up his mood and was about to turn back to his house. Suddenly a sound transmission blew up in his ears—

"The forest conditions in those days were indeed suicidal. . I can only say so much."

This voice is obviously covered up, it is very neutral, it is indistinguishable from male and female, and it is completely impossible to find the original voice.

The immortal state of the sound was turned on instantly, Jiang Wang almost immediately traced back to the source of the sound, turned his head and looked over, only to see a figure disappearing from the street corner.

There is a street across the gate of the Metropolitan Inspection House, and across the street is a high wall. Behind the high wall is a community of houses specially built for green card hunters. Many hunters live in it, and the environment is very good.

The long street extends to both sides, and at the ends of both sides there is a long street that cuts through it vertically, which is roughly an inverted, "I"-shaped layout. Bei Ya is just to the north of this inverted "工" character.

Except for the street in front of the Metropolitan Inspection House, which is a bit deserted, the streets on both sides are very lively.

Lin Youxie walked on the west side of the street, and the mysterious sound transmitter walked on the east side.

While capturing the source of the sound, Jiang Wang pointed his toes, the blue clouds shattered, and he strode unhurriedly. He had already rushed to the east street at the fastest speed, but he saw pedestrians on both sides of the street. The heads of people squeezed to and fro, everyone was busy with their lives.

Where can I find the mysterious person?

Who is it?

Why did you come here to say this?

Is it out of the so-called simple sense of justice, or pity for Lin Youxie, or which force refused to let the case fall into a deadlock and gave deliberate reminders?

Jiang Wang now understands Lin Youxie's state very well over the years, and understands the sentence in Feng Gu's suicide note--

"Looking around, no one doubts."

Du Fang can be regarded as Lin Kuang’s half disciple, but he threw Lin Kuang’s body in front of Lin Youxie.

I dignified Grade 3 gold warrior, Grade 4 green brand Constable, strictly follow the rules, go to the autopsy room for an autopsy, and someone will accompany with a hidden identity.

Get out of the task and take a carriage of Beiya, and the coachmen are all subordinates of others.

Gongsun Yu didn't say a word, didn't leak any information, but he turned his head and died.

Ulie’s generation of famous arrests, the gods came to the cultivation base, and finally the floating corpse was on the sea...

Anyone involved in the assassination of Concubine Lei that year, everyone, everything, has become It's complicated.

So even if this sentence of sound transmission carries a strong reminder, Jiang Wang is still very vigilant.

But then again.

If what this mysterious person said is true, Lin Kuang did commit suicide back then...

So, why?

People like Lin Kuang, the best green brand Constable ever, the kind of people who take the green brand as a lifetime honor...How can they commit suicide? How could you choose such an indecent result?

The answer is actually quite obvious......



When he returned to the mansion, Chongxuan Sheng was also there .

This fatty is holding an unopened sword, and he is discussing with Shisiyou back and forth.

It’s nothing, the only problem is...

The place where they discussed is the courtyard where Jiang Wang lives.

"Can't you play in another place?" As soon as I entered the door, I heard ping-pong-pong. Jiang Wang couldn't help frowning: "I spend money on the layout of this courtyard."

Chongxuan Sheng didn't look back and left a sentence: "If you break it, I will pay you twice."

Jiang Wang stopped talking immediately.

Everyone is a friend, there is nothing to worry about.

Anyway, he can cultivation once the bedroom is closed and the sound is interrupted, and he is not afraid to disturb.

A truly diligent cultivator should have the determination to cultivation in the downtown area!

"This is for you." In the dazzling blade light, Chong Xuansheng threw a booklet over: "Gongsunyu's investigation result."

Probably he was here. Waiting for Jiang Wang, practicing knife is just incidental.

Jiang Wang stretched out his hand to catch it, and mumbled: "You work so hard as you are."

Chong Xuan Sheng angered in his busy schedule: "You are in front of me every day. Cultivation like a hurried fate, am I embarrassed to be lazy?!"

"Well, don’t get excited, you go on."

Jiang Wang and don’t touch his anger, you are Standing by the courtyard gate, among the blade light and sword shadows of the courtyard, quietly flipping through the information.

This information investigated by Shadow Guard almost completely outlines Gongsunyu's trajectory after leaving the Palace of Longevity.

There are many sources of information that can verify that the Changsheng Palace has indeed been secretly investigating the Lei Guifei case, but it suddenly stopped last year.

This information is completely consistent with Jiang Wang's own inference-Jiang Wuqi did find out the truth, and then chose to remain silent. Gongsunyu also chose to cut his tongue in order to keep this secret.

He put away this information, backhanded out Sauvignon Blanc.

As soon as the sword cry got up, Chong Xuan Sheng seemed to have received some signal. He jumped out of the battle group abruptly, closed his sword and looked at Jiang Wang warily: "What are you doing?"


"Swords are not used in this way." Jiang Wang's expression is very sincere: "Good brother, I found some problems with your Blade Technique."

Chong Xuansheng took the knife directly Putting it in the storage box, sat down on the stone chair, and rolled the eyes by the way: "mind your own business?"

I was shaking all over with fat, "I am unarmed now. If you don’t have a moral bottom line, come and chop me.

Jiang Wang has some regrets, but he can only take his sword regretfully. He smashed his mouth and said: "You are too humble, you are making slow progress like this." Objectively speaking, Chongxuansheng's Blade Technique is definitely not bad, and it can even be said to be quite good. Of accomplishments.

But he is indeed far from the top level of this realm.

It's not just Blade Technique. The various dao techniques, secret techniques, fist and movement methods of Chong Xuan Sheng... all have high attainments, but none of them have reached the top.

He is too smart, so smart that he can touch a very high level without any effort.

But to reach the top step, it’s not just cleverness. More consistent efforts are needed, wholeheartedly invested in it, and fleeting inspirations must be captured in the exercise of day after day...

In general, there are still too many distractions.

Chong Xuan Sheng knew this too.

However, although an opponent of Jiang Wang's level can help him a little, the effect is also very limited when it is impossible to see life and death, so he will not give Jiang Wang a rightful chance to beat him.

He knows very well where his path is. Only the official way can unify all his innate talents.

Of course, this road should start with the title of Marquis of Bowang... It can save decades of hard work.

Chong Xuan Sheng was paralyzed on the stone chair, curl one's lip: "You don't want the position of Captain Beiya, your progress will be slower like this!"

"I don't care about you. "Jiang Wang snorted, walked past him and walked into the room.

"Look at it, you don't like to listen to it when you say this, right?"

Jiang Wang turned his head and said, "Then you said something I love to listen to?"


Chong Xuan Sheng said: "Our Desheng Chamber of Commerce has a very good business this year, and there will be a lot of dividends at the end of the year."

A smile appeared on Jiang Wang's stretched face.

"But regardless of the difference between us, we have to invest in expanding our business." Chongxuan Shengdao.

"If you want me to say, Fourteen shouldn't be used to you." Jiang Wang said angrily: "Do you know that Fourteen’s sword technique is much stronger than you? She is just suppressing strength. In order to discuss with you in a good manner. You still feel that you don’t need to give pointers every day! No humility, no self-consciousness!"

Compared with Chong Xuan Sheng, it is the 14th sword. The technique touched the extreme position of this realm, and I don't know how much hard work this girl who has been hiding under the iron armor used all the time.

However, since the fourteenth has failed to take off the divine ability, this is another point of Innate's shortcomings.

"Really?" Chong Xuansheng turned his head to look at Fourteen.

Fourteen finally said softly: "Only a little better than you."

"You are very good, why are you so good?" Chongxuan Sheng smiled without eyes "I don’t need to fight at all!"

Jiang Wang wrinkled his old face into a ball: "The information is also sent, and the discussions are also discussed. If I say, I will return if there is nothing to do. Go to your own courtyard, okay? Don't affect Great Qi's first Heaven's Chosen cultivation!"

He deliberately pointed out the 14th sword technique to enter, just to humiliate this fatty.

But how can the fatty be insulted?

I almost chewed on the iron bumps!

I had to rush.

Fourteen has taken a step back like no silver here...

"Cough!" Chong Xuan wins lightly coughed, without any embarrassment, said resolutely: "Don't mix up Right? Uncle Jiang?"

Jiang Wang didn't speak.

Chong Xuan Sheng said again: "You are only responsible for supervising the advancement of the case, and you can withdraw at any time. This is the step that the emperor gave you. If you are not going down now, when will you go down?

You have a chance, you don’t want it. Give you steps, you can’t get down. What do you want to do?

To what extent do you think the emperor can tolerate you?"

Jiang Wang retreated into the bedroom and scolded Said: "mind your own business?"

Bring the door to the room.

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