Red Heart Survey Chapter 1397

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At dawn, the sound of wheels awakened the city.

The carriage responsible for purchasing, left the Jiang Family back door in the morning light.

Today's Jiang Mansion has a steward, a groom, a cook, and a maid, and there are more than 20 people in the total number of zero and zero. People eat horses and chew, and they spend money everywhere.

Every day grocery shopping is calculated on the basket.

Yaoguangfang has its own vegetable market, but it is probably because the people who live here are either rich or expensive, and the vegetable market is much more expensive than other places.

Thanks to steward for careful calculation, of course He refused to let his family suffer this loss.

Jiang’s Mansion is not without carriage. Take a few more steps. It is Huyangfang, which is the largest vegetable market in Linzi. The dishes are fresh and cheap, especially the fresh fish...

Anyway, I come here to buy it every day.

But as soon as I entered Huyangfang, a silhouette came down from the carriage.

Juejue Jiang has some beards sticking to his face, Ruyi Immortal Cloth changed into a strong suit, and calmly mixed into the crowd.



It's not about Chongxuansheng's fart, and Chongxuansheng's help is needed for cover.

For this reason, Young Master started to practice in the yard early in the morning, and at the same time he called the servants in the house round and round, asking for this for a while, and that for a while.

How many pairs of eyes are staring at the current Jiang Mansion, it is not clear.

Some have found out, some haven’t.

Victory Young Master scolds someone as stupid and stubborn, and there is nothing he should do.

When the green brick hurried over, Sheng Young Master just squeezed the iron ball in his hand into a small person, and carved the word Jiang Man.

"Young Master." He knelt on the ground, bringing information.

Chongxuansheng showed Shisi his masterpiece: "Does it look like? Does it look like?"

While busy, he asked: "What's wrong?"

"For the latest news about complying with Young Master, Ding Yuanhou will let me pass it on to you." Qingzhuhui reported: "This will be the old Marquis who should also receive a letter,"

"Scared me, I thought there was a situation with Jiang Wang. It's not a good thing to move so quickly..." Chong Xuan Sheng muttered, a little casually said: "My good big brother, again What's amazing? Come, stand and talk, one by one, next wine with me!"

He put the iron man he just squeezed aside and lifted the wine jug on the small stove. I poured myself a cup of hot wine, and looked towards the fourteenth with the jug.

Fourteen shook the head, and he drank it himself.

"Zun Young Master was hunting in the maze and encountered the son of the Dark King, kill him! This son of the Dark King is said to be the Ranked 1st in the Dark King descendant." Green Brick Road.

Fourteen took out a few steaming dishes from the food box, and let Chongxuan win the drink.

Chong Xuansheng picked a few chopsticks and said: "merely this! Didn't Jiang Wang also kill the son of the blood king?"

as it should be by rights ignored The Yuwangu killed by Jiang Wang is ranked very low, but the mid-level commander. The one that Chongxuan Zun killed was already the commander of the top-tier Sea Clan.

The Blood King is indeed not inferior to the Dark King. The two bloodline descendants with different ranks are as different as heaven and earth.

Of course, Jiang Wang was not as good as it is now.

"King Chongyi personally took action to chase and kill Zun Young Master......" Qingzhu said: "Zun Young Master successfully escaped."

Chong Xuansheng gave Qing Brick a look: " After talking so much, I thought my brother was dead! I didn’t even think about whether to cry or laugh."

The King of Sea Clan is also called a false king, which is almost analogous to the God of Human Race. Immersive cultivator.

Chong Xuan Zun can get rid of the chase of a Sea Clan lord, and it is not dazzling.

And the blue brick continued to report: "Later, the Dark King personally came to the fascinating world, and Qi Daoist stopped him."

Chong Xuan wins coldly snorted: "It's enough to save face. "

The tone of the blue brick became solemn: "Sea Clan seems to have a killer heart for Zun Young Master. Soldiers and horses are being mobilized everywhere, and the entire puzzle world is in chaos, almost starting a war. ...It is said that the arrangement was made by the Wantong himself."

Chong Xuan Sheng drank a mouthful of wine with chopsticks.

The blue brick continued: "Accordingly, Shendu Zhenjun Wei Xun found the real body of Wantong, gathered the three true gentlemen and Martial Dao powerhouse Wang Yu, went deep into the sea, and attacked Wantong... I returned with a dragon horn. It didn’t work well, but it also ruined the cultivation for at least a hundred years!"

This is really a major event that hasn’t been seen in a hundred years offshore!

Wei Xun has accomplished such a feat, and his reputation overseas must be like the sun at high noon. This move can be said to stabilize the situation of the offshore islands all at once. The prestige that the Zhenhai League should have gathered long ago has also been erected.

The beating of Qi State during this period of time has almost completely abandoned all previous efforts...

Wan Tong is still able to face the evolution of Sea Clan while sitting in the dark vortex alone. Add a Martial Dao powerhouse Wang Yu to the four true monarchs in a raid and siege to survive.

Its strength is obviously going to surpass the extraordinary!

Of course, for Chong Xuan Sheng, what may be more important is what Chong Xuan Zun has shown that makes Wan Tong come to an end in person and arrange for hunting?

"Has the evolution of Sea Clan been interrupted?" Chongxuan Sheng asked.

Qingzhuan shook his head: "It shouldn't be, otherwise it would have spread to the ground, and the prestige of Shendu Zhenjun can bring it up a level."

"So, Where is Chongxuan Zun?"

"Young Master Zun was severely injured, but in the melee, he killed the two top-ranked descendants of the Dark King... and killed the blood that went to the sea with Shendu Zhenjun. He Zhenjun said on the spot that he wanted to accept him as a disciple, but he refused."

Chongxuansheng shook his glass: "Is it another way?"


"Why do these people rush to hold him and give him fame?" Chongxuan Sheng asked with a wrinkled face.

Blue Brick obviously cannot answer this question.

Chong Xuansheng toasted and drank the wine, and said with emotion: "This is really the protagonist in the storyteller's script! He is born with a dao vein, perfect and flawless. You must be optimistic about it at a young age. In just a few years, there was a great reputation as a master of Linzi. On the Guanhe Platform, he was called a peerless. As soon as I went to the maze, there was a storm. It disturbed Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and the sea was born!"

He turned his head and looked at Fourteen, said with a smile: "It makes me look like the useless villains in the book who only engage in crafty plots and machinations. Isn't it?"

Helped him pull his hair out, and whispered softly: "I see you, you have always been the protagonist."

Chong Xuansheng looked at her, through the thick iron helmet, as if he had also seen her. Appearance.

But due to the presence of Blue Brick, he just shook her hand.

Then he said: "But it’s good news!"

Fourteen tilted his head, obviously not understanding, Chong Xuan Zun is in the mysterious world, why is this? Good news.

Chong Xuan Sheng sighed: "Heaven's Chosen's weight is heavier, and Jiang Qingyang can gain more tolerance because of this!"

"Where is my uncle?" Chong Xuan Sheng Asked again.

He has two uncles, one uncle and one cousin.

But Blue Brick obviously knew who he was asking, and only bowed his head and said: "Marquis has gone to sea to pick up the Young Master."

Chongxuan wins nodded: "This is the answer. It makes sense."

With his keen sense of smell, it is not difficult to judge that Chong Xuan Zun was in the maze at this time, and he was obviously used as bait by them. As for Chong Xuan Family, except Chong Xuan Chu Liang, no one can support Chong Xuan Zun...

He waved his hand, and the blue brick stepped back.

Fourteen looked at him quietly, without speaking.

He looked towards the exquisite wine and dishes on the table, suddenly losing interest. sighed, casually shook the pot and said: "I complain about surname Jiang's ignorance and don't accompany me to drink! This wine is tasteless and tasteless!"


He turned his head, only to see the shy girl take off the iron helmet, whispered: "I will drink a little with you."



After turning east and west for a long time, Jiang Wang randomly turned into an old alley.

No one is left or right.

Under the combination of the red makeup mirror and the fairy state, there are not many people who can hide his perception. Of course, this scope was limited to those who would be sent to monitor Lin Youxie.

Perfectly walked into the blind spots of several secret whistles, stepped out without smoke, and fell into the yard.

The red makeup mirror still opens the way, reflecting the pattern of the entire courtyard in the heart. Going to a bedroom with closed doors and windows, he knocked gently on the door.

The sound is well controlled and only the people in the room can hear it.

"Who?" Lin Youxie's vigilant voice sounded inside.

She should have also used a certain secret technique, and the direction of the sound is different from where she is.

Of course, this can't hide the immortal state.

"I." Jiang Wang said solemnly.

With a creak, the door opened.

Lin Youxie looked at Jiang Wang in the room with complicated eyes.

Jiang Wang stepped into the threshold and closed the door easily.

"Why are you here?" Lin Youxie asked.

Jiang Wang said: "I think there were so many people yesterday, it might not be convenient for you to tell me..."

Lin Youxie was silent for a while and said:" Find a place to sit."

She turned and walked to the table against the wall: "I'm still getting medicine."

Jiang Wang looked around and said:" It's okay, I'll just stand."

This really doesn't look like a girl's room.

Of course... How many girls' boudoirs did his surname Jiang enter? This is not qualified to evaluate.

However, this is not quite like a place for normal people to rest...

He really found it just now, but apart from that bed, there seems to be no place to sit-- How can you sit on someone's girl's bed when you meet?

"Are there many people outside?" Lin Youxie asked casually.

"I found seven of them. I can't find them. I don't know if there are any." Jiang Wang said truthfully.

Lin Youxie slowly smashed the medicine and said, "In most cases, I should be safe. My official status can be regarded as useful. Even more how has so much. People watch."

Jiang Wang thought for a while and said: "In the system, the recipient system is restricted and protected by the system. Because the people in the protection system are the protection system, and the protection system is the protection Your own power."

"The viewpoints in Chapter Seven of the Theory of the State." Lin Youxie didn't look back: "You summarized it well."

Jiang Wang coughed In order to enliven the atmosphere, I had nothing to ask for words: "Do I need to read so many books to solve the case?"

Lin Youxie was silent for a while, and said: "This is an introductory classic of the Fa School."

"..." Jiang Wang looked around again, and then asked: "Can I help you?"

"Sympathize with me?" Lin Youxie pounded Medicine asked.

"Young Lady Lin, don’t get me wrong, I’m not..."

"Don’t get me wrong." Lin Youxie interrupted, "I actually appreciate your sympathy. You do Qi State’s most dazzling Heaven's Chosen at the moment, the most promising young Toshihiko, does not have aloof and remote, but has compassion for me. I am very grateful. But sympathy for this emotion, you should not pay too much for it. Wait for him Hit you on the top, come and show me a little bit of sympathy. I don’t have any fragile self-esteem right now, and I really appreciate you."

"I must admit that your experience is so impressive. Sympathy. I have to admit that I have such emotions in my heart-how can I not have them?" Jiang Wang said seriously, "But I want to do something for you, not only because of sympathy, but also because we work together. Several times, it was because of...'fairness'."

He said: "Because I also want the truth. I think in this world, there should be truth. Nothing about interests, Emotions or other factors are just the truth itself.

Because if the truth itself can be mixed with too much, it will definitely not have a fair result.

And if the truth is true It’s not the truth itself, it’s the greatest unfairness to the weak."

If the word truth is not pure, if it is ultimately influenced by something, then it will definitely not be clean, the weak The truth of this will definitely not come.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Maple Forest City domain who are permanently silent. What kind of answer do they need?

"You have great beliefs." Lin Youxie said slowly, "Unfortunately, what I have is just a paranoid, selfish, selfish selfishness that wants to be fair to my father."

Of course she believes in the green brand, in justice, in the truth.

But these have gradually weathered in the past seventeen years, and finally fell in front of Ulay's body.

She once embraced justice, but now she has only selfishness.

"If there is a way to justice, I think it must be paved with fairness. So we can go to the same destination by different routes." Jiang Wang said.

Lin Youxie stopped Mu Chu, turned around at the table, and stared at Jiang Wang.

Jiang Wang subconsciously explained: "This sentence is my own thought."

There is no light in the room, and the doors and windows are closed, so it appears even in broad daylight. very dark.

But as extraordinary cultivators, they can of course see each other clearly.

Lin Youxie is not that kind of stunning beauty.

Of course, being watched by her insightful eyes, you can hardly be in the mood to care about her appearance.

"Can I trust you completely?" she asked.

Jiang Wang only said: "I think, when you ask me, there is already an answer to this question."

Lin Youxie is not a hesitant character, so she has nothing to do with it. Without muddling water, "Wu grandfather left me two clues with his corpse."

The corpse is made up of clues...

Jiang Wang heard it for the first time This sentence was spoken by Lin Youxie.

At that time, he only felt cruel and felt that this sentence was too cold.

Only at this moment, he felt a kind of piety that was hot and belonged only to the green brand.

The old man floating in the sea originally described this sentence in this way.

"What clue?" Jiang Wang asked.

"The first article is the frozen snow of all souls."

"The frozen snow of all souls?"

"It is the cause of death of Concubine Lei, and also His Royal Highness the Eleventh The root cause of the cold toxin’s life."

"So, if you find Wanling Dongxue, you can find the real murderer, right?"

Lin Youxie did not answer, but just continued. Said: "The second clue Wu grandfather left in the corpse is Tian Xili."

Great Lake Tian's current patriarch, Gaochang Hou Tian Xili!

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