Red Heart Survey Chapter 1398

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Jiang Wang was silent for a while, recalling that Marquis, who was stripped at the ceremony and whipped, could not stand still, finally digested the news, and then said: "Wu The adults was Tian Xili's hand that moved? How dare he?"

Lin Youxie didn't answer directly, but said: "The frozen snow of all souls is not a natural poison, it It’s not even poison. It was first refined because of a dao technique called Sanjiu Hanchan. This dao technique is powerful and weird. The process of cultivation is very difficult. A cultivator in ten-thousand does not have one. . But if you have Wan Lingxue as a supplement, you can quickly achieve it."

Jiang Wang thought, this is similar to the Immortal Technique.

Lin Youxie said again: "The process of making Wan Ling Xue Xue is to take blood from the fingertips of nine completely different babies, and then take blood from the brows of nine girls with very different personalities. , The sharp blood of nine adults of different occupations, and the life and souls of nine creatures, smelted together with the secret technique of three or nine chilling cicadas... Finally, it will form a snowflake, because the raw material combination probability of this thing exceeds ten thousand. It’s impossible to calculate, so it’s called Wanling Frozen Snow."

"Someone later discovered that even if it was not used for the cultivation of Sanjiu Cicadas, only Wanling Frozen Snow itself, once in contact with human blood, would instantly become cold. There is no way to save life. After that, it has been regarded as a poison, and it is among the most poisonous in the world. The finished product refined by each person is different."

"All souls freeze snow After being in contact with human blood, only if the antidote for Wanling Frozen Snow is taken orally taken within the Three Breaths, can it be saved. But even if Wanling Frozen Snow is recognized, who can formulate the appropriate antidote in the Three Breaths? If not Knowing which nine life styles, which nine personalities, which nine occupations, and which nine kinds of creatures are, it is impossible to solve this cold poison at all...Who knows except for the refiner of the frozen snow of all souls?"

"Therefore, there is almost no solution to the frozen snow of all souls, and at the same time, every copy in the world is unique and unmatched."

"Critical moment, the things that can be left are very limited. I think Wu The clue left by grandfather was that he had found Wanling Frozen Snow from Tian Xili, which was completely consistent with the Lei Guifei case. In other words, he finally found evidence to confirm that Tian Xili was the one who made the Wanling Frozen Snow. "Lin Youxie said: "And this is probably why he died."

Hearing this, Jiang Wang couldn't help but think of the Painting of All Living Things in the Changsheng Palace again.

Is the observation of the various forms of sentient beings in the Painting of All Living Things mural, is it also Jiang Wuqi's analysis of his own cold poison?

Whether the Eleventh His Royal Highness has been observing the blood on the fingertips, the blood between the eyebrows, the blood on the apex of the heart...the cold poison he was born with has been tempered.

There is no solution to the cold toxin, but even if it can ease a little bit, it can give him a little more time to make a hole, maybe it can have different results...

Jiang Wang Sighed: "Presumably even if there is any evidence of freezing snow, it is destroyed now, right?"

"As it is." Lin Youxie said.

Originally, if you had the evidence, you could rely on the unique and unmatched characteristics of Wanling Dongxue to nail Tian Xili. But now the evidence has completely disappeared, and Ulay has also died...

In such a case, the most difficult thing is not to investigate the case. In terms of investigative ability alone, there are few that can be compared with Ulay in the world. But in this case, the difficulty is the person to face, the shadow that swallows everything.

I clearly know that the outside world should be shining brightly at this time, or I feel that the night is long and there is no end in sight.

“It’s already like this.” Jiang Wang exhilarated: “We already know that the assassins back then were related to the Great Lake Tian’s family. After all, the direction was clear and the target was locked. We slowly Investigate, they will show their feet sooner or later."

"Neither." Lin Youxie shook the head: "The person who entered the palace and assassinated Concubine Lei was not from the Tian family of Great Lake. "

"Not from the Great Lake Tian family?" Jiang Wang felt a little confused.

Lin Youxie said earnestly: "Great Lake Tian's family should have provided all souls of frozen snow, but the person who really started it has nothing to do with them."

"Wait, What do you mean, the assassination of Concubine Lei back then was the result of the cooperation of several parties?" Jiang Wang keenly said, "Like this major event that accidentally ransacked the house and extinguished sect, how could they divide into groups of people? Do it? It’s unreasonable, and it’s definitely not a smart choice."

From the point of view of the murderer, the assassination of a major event like Lei Guifei, the fewer people involved, the better, and the simpler the process. good. One more person is more dangerous to leak the wind. One more link will increase the possibility of exposure.

"This is also a point that puzzles me." Lin Youxie said: "But this is the evidence we have. The evidence will not lie."

Jiang Wang pressed his forehead "No...If the person who entered the palace to assassinate Lei Guifei has nothing to do with the Great Lake Tian family, why did the Ulie senior search the Tian family for so many years?"

"Because of my father." Lin You Xie said: "When my father was investigating the assassination of Concubine Lei, I personally caught a person. It turned out that the catch was wrong, but that person had already died in prison. Because of this, the Beiya suffered tremendous pressure, and later... …It’s the news of my father’s suicide by fear of retribution."

"The person my father arrested was named Tian Fen, a member of the Tian clan of Great Lake. At that time, he was the deputy general of the North Gate of the Emperor City Guard. He was responsible for the security of the nine city gates in the north of Linzi. When Lei Guifei was assassinated, he was drinking at Brothel. After subsequent investigations, it was proved that he was completely absent and had nothing to do with the Lei Guifei case and was completely innocent..."

How could such an innocent person die in prison?

Jiang Wang said: "Others say that your father caught the wrong person, so you are afraid of committing suicide. But Ulie senior doesn't believe that he will commit suicide with fear of suicide, let alone that he caught the wrong person... So for so many years. Come, I have never given up on tracing the Tian family?"

"The clues of Wanling Dongxue have explained everything." Lin Youxie said earnestly: "My father definitely did not arrest the wrong person back then, but The evidence was suppressed."

Looking at Lin Youxie’s firm expression, Jiang Wang suddenly remembered that when he was overseas, Lin Youxie lost control of his emotions once because he questioned Lin Youxie. Do you never catch the wrong person...

It turns out that there is such a story.

For so many years when Lin Kuang was denied, she worked hard to solve the case, never caring about the danger, but only to rebuild the reputation of the green brand Aristocratic Family... I don't want to "catch the wrong person."

"I still didn't want to understand." Jiang Wang said slowly: "Since you are sure that there is a problem with the Tian family, why do you insist that the assassins have nothing to do with the Great Lake Tian family?"

"After my father died, the case was shelved. Wu grandfather tried to restart the investigation several times, but was refused, and had to resign. During that time he kept his name incognito and visited many places..."

Lin Youxie said: "Wu grandfather discovered that the killer who assassinated Concubine Lei had appeared in the same restaurant as He Fu before the incident. Of course, no one had seen them communicate. But this in itself constitutes a clue. "

"Uncle He Guo?" Jiang Wang said: "So you were sure that the queen is the real murderer?"

"No." Lin Youxie shook the head: "You don't understand He Fu, this person can be mediocre and does not have the ability to operate this major event at all. The killer only appears in front of the person once, that is, he appears in the same restaurant as He Fu... Obviously one That’s why Wu grandfather excluded the current queen from the suspect list at that time."

"Who can think of it?" Her expression was a bit bitter: "Wu grandfather initially suspected the target , Is the current queen, because there are not many people who can annihilate all clues in the Imperial Palace. Later, after analysis and verification, she thought it was not and excluded her. Until this time, Feng Gu used suicide to emphasize to us... the real murderer behind the scenes It’s the queen."

Jiang Wang pondered then said: "The killer and He Fu appeared in the same restaurant. Perhaps it was the queen’s suspicious strategy. It was just for the stupidity of using He Fu to make people feel This matter is to blame, so as to wash away the Queen’s own suspicion."

"Looking back now, there is such a possibility..." Lin Youxie said: "But Wu grandfather only Can be traced alone..."

"The assassin who killed Lei Guifei was an anonymous person. He couldn't find any foundation, and he died on the spot, let alone trace back.

But this is also a clue in itself.

Before the shot, except for the restaurant, the killer who did not contact anyone and left no trace in the world.

It is not an ordinary force that can be cultivated.

It must be a dead person raised by the Aristocratic Family or the strong Great Sect force.

Of course there are many forces in the world that can meet this requirement, but Narrowing down to the Eastern Region, and even Qi State, is not much. "

Jiang Wang answered, "Of course the Tian family is one of them." "

"Lei Family is the same. "Lin Youxiedao.

Jiang Wang frowned.

"Assassin sneaked in from the Wuning Gate, and the guards who guarded the gate were all questioned afterwards. If there is any clue, it should be suppressed. But we found out that surnamed Zhang, the head of the palace guard at the time. He has a two-year-old son who was lost before the incident. "

Lin Youxie said: "We found this boy... He grew up in the Lei Family and is now the Deputy Commander of the Lei Family guard. "

I have to say that Ulay and Lin Youxie have worked so hard for so many years. It is not without gain.

Especially Ulay, without the support of the green card. , Singlehanded finds so many things, and definitely deserves the four words "a generation of famous arrests".

But Jiang Wang only feels that he is in chaos again: "Lei Family people want to kill Lei Guifei? What is the picture? "

Lin Youxie looked at him and only asked: "What if she is not dead?" "

It feels like thunder struck the night sky!

If...what if Concubine Lei did not die?

No one would believe that a pregnant woman, Will design a dangerous assassination scene by herself.

So, what if she didn’t die?

Then the assassin and He Fu appeared in the same restaurant, it was enough to put the suspicion Involved in the current queen.

That year was the 38th year of Yuanfeng.

Three years ago, it just happened that Crown Prince was imprisoned in the green stone palace, Jiang Wuliang Completely bid farewell to the throne, and there is never the possibility of turning over.

Today Crown Prince is also in the second year of abolishing Crown Prince’s imprisonment in the Greenstone Palace, that is, the 36th year of Yuanfeng, the Crown Prince.

In the 38th year of Yuanfeng, when Lei Guifei was assassinated, Jiang Wuhua had only been the Crown Prince for two years, and his position in the East Palace was not stable...not to mention then, even to this day, Jiang Wuhua’s Crown Prince Zhizhi can’t be considered. It’s invaluable.

How did the Huaying Palace, Yangxin Palace, and Changsheng Palace stand up?

So, if at this time , Concubine Lei was assassinated and did not die. How dangerous is it to save the child?

How angry should the emperor be?

The abolition of the Crown Prince...seems to be a logical thing.

So does Lei Guifei have a chance to be a queen?

Is there a chance for Lei Guifei's child to be a Crown Prince?

Of course there is!

If the assassination was designed by Concubine Lei, of course all traces can be erased. Of course, assassin can be given a proper opportunity in the heavily guarded Imperial Palace.

Think about this What a bold plan!

The emperor is out, and Lei Guifei is pregnant and expecting to give birth. At such a critical moment, the assassination that shakes the Eastern Region occurred. When the Queen was involved...

Once you lose your hand, you will kill two dead bodies. Once discovered, die without a burial site is light.

This is a fight with your life!

" Concubine Lei finally died..." Jiang Wang said with an inexplicable emotion.

"So why does Feng Gu believe that the current queen is the real murderer? "Lin Youxie said: "Because Concubine Lei wants to lay the blame on the queen, it is by no means a character that can be manipulated at will, let alone Concubine Lei can plot against. With a few tricks, she turned Concubine Lei’s suspended animation into a real death! "

Jiang Wang murmured: "For example, quietly smearing all spirits of frozen snow on the killer's knife..."

"And the person who handled this matter was the Tian family. . "Lin Youxie said in a dazed voice: "I also thought about everything last night. "


A large part of Lin Youxie’s restoration of the case is based on speculation. It can be called evidence. There are very few places. Because the evidence is basically destroyed.

But Jiang Wang already believes it.

Because he still has information that Lin Youxie doesn’t know— —That is Jiang Wuqi also investigated the old case seventeen years ago, and relying on his identity and resources far stronger than Ulay, the results soon came out, but in the end he chose to remain silent.

Why are you silent?

Only today, Lin Youxie’s restoration of the case can explain it!

Because the entire assassination case was designed by Concubine Lei.

It was Concubine Lei who was bold enough to design an assassination, but her ability was limited. She faced an opponent she was far from, beating somebody at their own game. In the end it led to her own death and the child in her womb. Born to be cold and poisonous!

At the last juncture of life, Concubine Lei struggled desperately in that winter night and made all efforts to save the child in her abdomen......

Shi's it desperate or guilt?

But in any case, her love for this child in her belly is not false.

Jiang Wuqi found out the truth. But he is unwilling to criticize his stupid mother after seventeen years! Even if this case is opened, it is possible to pull the queen off the horse and create opportunities for him to compete for the reserve.

Later, the mention of Concubine Lei was a remembrance.

What did the emperor think when the case was really opened? What would the emperor say? How would he treat Lei Family?

So that painting On the tombstone in All Living Things, there is only "the dead are dead".

The person is dead, what else can Jiang Wuqi say?

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