Red Heart Survey Chapter 1399

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Many people feel that the existence of the Longevity Palace is largely based on the pity and preference of the emperor...

Lei Guifei’s stupidity and greed Impudent, once it is made public, it almost removes the basis of the existence of the Longevity Palace.

So Gongsun Yu would rather cut his tongue and keep a secret. Because that is really not decent to the Longevity Palace.

So Feng Gu didn't say a word while Jiang Wuqi was still alive. Because after the death of Concubine Lei, the meaning of his life is to protect Jiang Wuqi.

But Jiang Wuqi is also dead...

What's the use of the emperor's love?

The emperor loves Concubine Lei so much, but Concubine Lei is dead.

The emperor described his pain of losing Jiang Wuqi with "Mo Ji this sad", but Jiang Wuqi is also dead.

Feng Gu has only hatred in his heart. He wants the queen to be buried with Concubine Lei-originally seventeen years ago.

So there was Spirit Hall hanging on the neck, facing the queen and dying. He even used the spider to simile the queen...

So I took out Lin Kuang’s knives and guided Lin Youxie to participate in the old case.

The whole incident, from seventeen years ago to seventeen years later, finally pieced together the whole picture in Jiang Wang's heart.

Lei Guifei, Empress, Tian Family, Lei Family, Jiang Wuqi, Gongsunyu, Feng Gu... the choices of each party are so clearly presented in front of them.

At this moment, Jiang Wang knows more than Lin Youxie.

Moreover, he also knew that one thing Lin Youxie didn't know was told by a mysterious person in front of the inspection house--

Lin Kuang was indeed suicidal.

Of course, to be more accurate, it should be a forced killing...

Lin Kuang arrested Tian Fen in the past. Obviously, he has already caught some clues, even on the assassin weapon. Wan Ling Frozen Snow, maybe even Tian Fen smeared it.

People like Lin Kuang certainly don’t commit suicide easily. Even if Tian Fen died in prison, all the evidence was erased and all the clues were not good for him. He would work hard to find new clues, capture new evidence, and finally gain insight into the truth.

But what if someone threatens Lin Youxie?

At that time, Lin Kuang should already know what kind of shadow he faced. He can fully understand that the other party can turn any threats out of it into reality--

If he doesn't want those things to happen, he can only die.

To sleep forever with all the clues.

Jiang Wang looked at Lin Youxie and thought silently in his heart--

The glory of the green card is worth defending with everything in his life.

But you alone...

For you, he can even give up the glory of the green card.

He is willing to "suicide with rebuke".

Father's weight overwhelms the blue card.

"Unfortunately, we have no evidence." Jiang Wang sighed.

"No, I have." Lin Youxie said.

"What evidence?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Gongsunyu is dead, Wu grandfather is dead, the case is investigated, and someone else will die...What exactly does this mean?" Lin Youxie said with a mixed emotion: "They too Very scared!"

"Because the current environment is different from the environment back then. The emperor has never had a clear attitude, and they are also suffering from fear!"

"No matter It’s the queen or the Tian’s family. They don’t know if I have evidence, or they are not sure I don’t have evidence. So I have."

Hearing this, Jiang Wang already understands what she means. .

The expression became solemn: "You told me so much today, telling me the results of your investigations for so many years... just for this step?"

"Although there is no evidence , But you have determined the truth, right?" Lin Youxie asked.

If you want to be submitted to the political affairs hall, the queen is accountable in court, naturally, evidence is needed.

But everything that I have experienced these days, the process of seeing and feeling the destruction of all kinds of evidence, and the clues in all aspects, have pieced together the truth in Jiang Wang's heart.

Of course he can only be nodded.

"Master Jiang, I trust you. I will use what I have lost until the end, to give you my last trust." Lin Youxie took out a book and placed it in Jiang Wang In his hand: "Please leave."

Jiang Wang looked down.

This booklet is very old and it seems to have been read many times. But because of the good material, it is not damaged.

The cover of the booklet is blank and has no name.

Turning it over, there is only one sentence on the title page--

The corpse is made up of clues.

The content in this booklet is Lin Kuang’s research experience on corpses. It records in detail how to look for clues in the corpse. It can be described as the unique Absolute Art of a generation. He had only completed most of the content during his lifetime, and the latter part was made up by Li Yougui.

Lin Youxie handed this book to Jiang Wang, intending to make a final fight to create the illusion that she has key evidence, and let the queen or Tian’s side send someone to kill she!

Then she will leave in her corpse an iron proof of who the murderer is.

Jiang Wang when the time comes only need to hold this "evidence", you can connect the whole case in one fell swoop!

The person who killed Lin Youxie, of course, was to cover up the truth!

"There are other ways." Jiang Wang said.

Lin Youxie shook his head lightly: "Nothing."

"The black god catches death because of the freezing snow of all souls. The clues on Bajiao Island, we don’t pay back Isn't it useful?"

"The evidence of Wanling Frozen Snow definitely does not exist now. Now that the Tian family found that we had already checked that step, how could it still leave a clue to Bajiao Island? "Lin Youxie said: "I think Gu Xing may be dead."

"What if?" Jiang Wang said.

However, he really couldn't convince him.

"My father found out the truth back then.

Singlehanded seventeen years later, Wu grandfather also found the truth.

Even if I have How many years will it take me to find evidence of their talents? When I find them? Will I live to expose them, or will I be like them again?"

Lin Youxie has a sad face, slowly Slowly shook his head and said: "And, if the current Crown Prince had already landed on would I behave?"

"They may not be able to take action."

" Then bet on their courage."

"They may not send their own people to kill you."

"For this kind of thing, whoever asks for help is to give Handle. How do they dare to fake their hands? Mr. Jiang, I know your kindness, but my heart is determined. If you are not willing to help me, I can understand it. I will find someone else."

Jiang Wang sighed: "But you may not have time to leave evidence,"

Lin Youxie was silent for a moment.

How can she not know?

She envisioned only the most ideal result.

It is very likely that she will die as soon as the other party makes a move, leaving nothing left.

But she said: "Let me try it. Eleventh His Royal Highness only died this time, and I only have this chance."

Jiang Wang fixedly looked at her , Did not speak for a while.

And she suddenly bowed her hand and bowed deeply to Jiang Wang: "Master Jiang, if I fail to leave evidence that proves the identity of the murderer, it is also the result of my own search, and I do not complain about it. If I'm lucky enough to do it... the next thing, I beg you!"

Jiang Wang holds the booklet in one hand, and supports her with the other to prevent her from bowing, said with a bitter smile: "If you die in vain, I have nothing to lose. If you do it, I will take the ready evidence to take credit...what kind of trouble is this?"

Lin Youxiezhi When she got up, those bright eyes stared at Jiang Wang: "How many people are there to be trusted in the world? How many people can I believe in?" After saying this, she turned around and resolutely said: "Please go back!"

She can't wait another seventeen years, can't wait a hundred years.

She just wanted to try this one last time. If she succeeds, she will succeed. If she fails...

The four major Aristocratic Family brands are extinct today, and there is no regret.

Lin Youxie stretched out her hand to get her medicine pestle, thinking that she should prepare a medicine, but suddenly--

There was a tumbling in the sky and the sea, and the sea water gathered into a dragon shape, instantly deprived of it. Her control of Tongtianhai. The soft wind whispered in my ears, and every joint was unable to move even a little bit.

The whole person from the spine to the limbs, from the dao essence to the Divine Soul, is all held!

Then clearly felt a finger on the back of her head.

She stared wide-eyed, she was full of disbelief.

Why... why?

But the body has slowly fallen down, and his consciousness has gradually blurred...

Jiang Wang retracted his finger, supported Lin Youxie who had fallen soft to the ground, and then put him in a coma. She gently put it back on the bed.

Put down the curtains, turn around and walk out.

They also said that the famous catchers of Shuangjiao have been sleeping forever, and their death should be a good sleep for their child.

Pushing open the door, the light from the outside suddenly penetrated in.

Jiang Wang continued to step forward, walking in the old house left by the forest conditions.

It seems that after more than ten years, I feel the glory of "The World's Famous Catch" that shrouded here that year.

He didn't take the door of the bedroom easily, because there should be light in this room...


The gate of the house was opened.


It was closed again.

In the sound of the courtyard door being closed, Jiang Wang stepped a little bit and stepped out.

The blue clouds under the feet are broken, and people have crashed into a restaurant diagonally opposite to the courtyard gate, and directly rammed into the private room on the second floor, and knocked down a wine guest who was sitting here overseeing the Lin family with one hand. On the ground, without waiting for him to explain, he slapped his dao essence away with a backhand, and drew him into the restaurant, and landed in front of Lin's house!

During this person's fall, the blue clouds appeared under Jiang Wang's feet, and he flew down in front of a middle-aged man selling ice candied fruit stick on the street.

"This big..."

Just as the middle-aged man opened his mouth, a hand that pinched his neck had already pinched all the rest of his words back.

Jiang Wang slapped it casually, like a dead dog, and threw the man at the gate of Lin's house.

Point your toes again, people have moved again...

But seeing the fluttering azure clothes, the crowd screamed.

No one can escape wherever he goes, no one can hold it even for a moment.

There are constantly being smashed down by the uniformed silhouette.

In the time when the total was less than eight breaths, Jiang Wang personally unearthed seven secret guards monitoring the Lin family, and threw them all in front of the Lin House!

He didn’t ask where these people came from or whose orders, he only shook out a prison chain with his backhand, tied them together one by one, and tied them into a long snake. Holding so, turned around and left.

Pedestrians retreated wherever they went, with suspicious eyes everywhere.

Of course, among the people monitoring the Lin family, there must be the Queen’s and Tian’s people, and these people will never reveal their identities. Even if they are caught, they will definitely not be able to contact the Queen or Tian’s family.

At the same time, there are some people to supervise the case, and others to get the truth immediately...

It doesn't make much sense to catch them.

I even stop and question now, everyone has enough excuses to stop at Lin Mansion all around. Regardless of the brilliant Constable, they can't examine their problems.

So several people are struggling, trying to explain, trying to communicate.

But Jiang Wang didn't give them a chance to speak at all, so he tied it up and took it away.

Walking through the long street, passing by panicked pedestrians.

In countless complicated gazes, the entire group was tied up in this way and came to the Beiya.

"Master Jiang..."

"Constable Jiang!"

I saw Jiang Wang's green card catch one after another saluted.

Jiang Wang randomly found a familiar one, and put the prisoner's chain in his hand: "The imperial court order officer is handling the case, but these people are all around monitoring. I don't know what mentality or design. Conspiracy. Put them in jail for a good trial!"

Dignified Grade 4 Constable, personally arrested a few suspects and returned to Beiya for trial. Naturally, there would be no problem.

The young catcher and You Rongyan: "I will send you humble, never let anyone go!"

There is an imposing manner that treats death as home, and he squeezed Mr. Jiang's tightly. The prisoner was chained and turned away arrogantly.

I don't know what dangers can be in this little road in Beiyali.

Those people were sent to Beiya prison, but Jiang Wang himself did not follow up, but turned and left.

Pass Mingdefang, walk on Xuanwu Street, all the way forward...

The direction is the Great Qi Imperial Palace!

Jiang Wang is certainly not the queen or the Tian family. He stuns Lin Youxie, and even more impossible is to betray her.

It's just that Lin Youxie's plan, the success rate, is too low, and he cannot agree to the premise that he must die.

But Lin Youxie's will is too firm, and his will to die is long. Even if he refused, he could not stop the implementation of the plan.

Lin Youxie asked him for help, not for him, but he is most trusted in Linzi at the moment.

In this city, there are no few people who want to find out the truth in order to make meritorious services, let alone learn about the research experience of famous arrests such as Lin Kuang and Ulie on clues to corpses.

She can easily choose the partner of cooperation among the young people with real power.

Of course, after these people get the truth, it is difficult to tell whether they disclose it or use it in exchange for more benefits. This is also the reason why Lin Youxie asked Jiang Wang to help, because she is now In terms of. Only Jiang Wang is completely credible.

But if Jiang Wang refuses, Lin Youxie is willing to give it a try.

Even if you put aside the attraction of interest.

If Lin Youxie goes to Yang Jing to cooperate, he will certainly not be rejected. At least in this matter, Yang Jing is a reliable partner.

In the case of making sure that there is no other choice, Jiang Wang can only use his hands to subdue Lin Youxie, and then come by himself...

See the emperor.

He walked out of the Lin family, grabbed all the secret whistles that were monitoring the Lin family, regardless of the origin, and threw them into the Beiya prison together.

This matter must have spread throughout Linzi, and everyone who should know knows it.

At this moment, he walked directly to the Imperial Palace.

Everyone has to consider a question-Has Jiang Wang found out the truth? How much did he know about the important case that year? How much evidence does he have?

And after today...

How many heads will be dropped!

Lin Youxie’s plan is to use herself as a bait to force the queen or the Tian family to send someone to kill her. She will find a way to leave evidence, and when all the old evidence is erased , With his own life, produce new evidence.

Jiang Wang put this bait on himself.

In the eyes of many people, he has completed the last step of the case with Lin Youxie. So no longer forbearance, so he walked out of the Lin family grandiosely, arrested people directly, and saw the emperor directly.

Now is the time to make a choice.

Now is the time for the murderer behind the scenes to fear——

Dare they let Jiang Wang see the emperor safely?

At this moment when Jiang Wang walks towards the Great Qi Imperial Palace with such a firm attitude!

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