Red Heart Survey Chapter 1400

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The green stone palace located in the northeast corner of the Great Qi Imperial Palace is like an isolated island in a sea of ​​people and the scars of this great city.

Time goes by here very clearly.

The sparrow stands on a high wall, pecking at the wall regardless of the season, sharpening its sharp beak, like Sabrewielder sharpening his knife.

A spider in the corner of the eaves slowly crawled down with a silk thread. It has been a long time since the insect has been caught on the spider web, and it hangs lonely.

The vigorous eagle spread its wings and flew high above the sky, flew over the empty Changsheng Palace, and then turned and flew outside the Huaying Palace.

Gongzhong Jiang Wuyou is carrying a pair of knives, walking around the field, playing blade light like splashing rain.

"This is his own business. It depends on how he chooses."

The white-haired old woman stood on the sidelines holding the Euphorbia and said nothing.

How much wind and rain in the spring and autumn, she watched the temple grow up next step, and every step was confident and determined.

blade, spear, sword, halberd, battle axe hook and fork...Eighteen weapons are like arms and fingers. Take the road of Taoism and martial arts, cherish the heart of the world.

When the eagle hums, it is near and far away.

It's rare for a person to raise the heart Palace Lord to be at home today, leaning on the soft couch with one hand on his cheek. The silk robe was lifted and draped over the body, and the muscle lines on the front could be seen.

One hand lifted the chin of the beautiful woman in front of him, only said with a smile: "They watch the show, I watch the beauties. After all, a few people are really deer, I don’t know if they are dreaming all day long!"

The eagle's feather is like a knife, cutting through the sky without a trace. It circled the outer palace and flew outside the Changle Palace. Then, it rushed forward. Suddenly, the feather faded and its claws disappeared and turned into a plump meat insect. Into the clouds.

From a closer look, the cloud looked like a white lantern.

In the Changle Palace.

Crown Prince, who was pruning the flowering branches, suddenly stopped and sighed: "Lonely as a god!"

Put the scissors on the wooden tray held by Court Eunuch.

So the blood flowed like a river, and the fleshy body showed a golden glow...

Turning around, he has already turned around.



As the largest main road in North City, Xuanwu Street is extremely wide and long, and it has always been pedestrian like a weaving.

But Jiang Wang azure clothes presses the sword and walks in big strides, like driving a calm boat alone in the crowd.

Chest and calm.

Someone stopped from time to time to watch him go away.

There are not many people who really know what he is going to do, but his imposing manner is enough to make people feel heartbroken-this is Great Qi Heaven's Chosen!

Great Qi Imperial Palace is located in the middle of Linzi, with 3rd-layer inside and outside.

The outermost one, the outer palace, occupies the most extensive area, the Ziji Temple of the Dynasty, the Changle Palace where the Crown Prince resides, the Huaying Palace where the Three Imperial Princess reside... and even the prisoner abandoned Crown Prince The green stone palace is here.

And when Jiang Wang walked to the gate of the outer palace, this lone journey came to an end.

From Beiya to the Imperial Palace, there was no wind and no waves along the way, and there was never even a shocking horse... as if Linzi has always been such a peaceful Linzi.

Jiang Wang calmly stopped in front of the staggered yidao, and handed over to Gong Weiyi: "Qingyang Zhenzi, Grade 3 Jingua warrior Jiang Wang, you see the emperor, please pass it on!"

The leader of the palace guard stood up like a stone carving, making his servants go in a hurry.

The sky is high and the clouds are quiet, and there are thousands of palaces.

The Qi Palace is majestic and quiet. Everything at this time seemed to be static like a palace. The stories of surging forward with great momentum are silent in time.

The Queen or the Tian Clan of Great Lake.

Dare to kill Gongsun Yu in Biwu County, and dare to kill Ulie overseas.

Killing Yang Jing who has no official status should not be considered a major event.

Forcing Lin Youxie to kill Lin Youxie is not impossible.

But I dare not move his Jiang Qingyang in Linzi!

No matter how scared, no matter how scared, I dare not do this.

If you want to ask, what did Jiang Wang win during the two years of hard work in Qi State?

This is the answer.

Not long after, Gong Wei who sent the letter hurried back and brought a court Eunuch.

It is not the Qiu Ji that Jiang Wang is familiar with, but a tall, stern-faced father-in-law. It is not a common name, but only said to Jiang Wang: "The emperor declares, please go here."

He took the initiative to lead the way.

Jiang Wang didn't try to get close, and followed him with a step.

Behind the gate of the palace, there is a high platform called "Relief Platform". Several rows of ancient weapon racks are juxtaposed on the stage, and the breath is heavy and solemn.

All saints who enter the palace face must disarm their weapons here.

The soldiers are strong, but they are all in Taichung.

Jiang Wang raised his head and hung his sword, and walked by, the palace guard in front of the Jiefangtai was not obstructed, and Bingbi Court Eunuch, who led the way, did not say a word.

In the past, the Yellow River won the Kui, and the emperor allowed him to bring his sword to the court!

The place where your Majesty sees is in Delu Palace. After the emperor retires, he often cultivation in this palace.

Proclaiming Jiang Wang here is also a kind of closeness.

When Jiang Wang stepped into the hall, the emperor was sitting on the golden stone platform. There are nine Cooling Dragon pillars standing around the stone platform on three sides, like three high walls, guarding the emperor.

Coiling Dragon contains gemstones, with jade smoke inside the beads. The smoke is constantly changing, sometimes mountains and seas, and sometimes sentient beings.

Before the stone platform, only Han Ling was independent. When not paying attention, he doesn't seem to exist. But when he wanted to find him, he never got out of sight. This kind of ability is beyond reach.

Bingbi Court Eunuch, who led the way, has already left outside the temple.

Jiang Wang leaned over to worship.

The emperor has waved his hand: "You don’t need to give a big gift to SARS."

At this time, the emperor, wearing a loose robe, seems to be a little less serious, and a little more casual. sex. Covering his sleeves, he looked down at Jiang Wang on the stone platform: "Why did the Qingyangzi come?"

Jiang Wang stood upright and did not dare to look directly at the emperor, but his voice was loud and open: "For the Palace of Longevity Supervisor Court Eunuch Feng Gu case!"

"I remember that you were supervising this case..." The emperor's voice fell, gentle but majestic: "Could it be the process of investigating the case? Where?"

Jiang Wang said: "The minister supervised the handling of the case, and gained gains from the case. I have a big deal and dare not hide it from the emperor, so I came to see him. Although he has exceeded his position, he is a loyal king. Heart."

The emperor said: "Since the matter is big, why not publicly submit to the political affairs hall, but privately?"

As soon as this question came out, Jiang Wang became nervous. !

As soon as we met, the emperor pointed out his responsibilities in this case, obviously asking him if there were any problems with Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie in handling the case, but secretly asking him He, went to the palace alone for this case, did he go beyond the rules?

He replied with "It's a big deal and a loyal heart".

The emperor immediately asked him why he was unfairly presented to the Zhengshitang...

This was already an expression of dissatisfaction.

It must be honestly said that Jiang Wang made a fuss in front of the Lin family and sent all the people who watched the Lin family to the Beiya prison, because he deliberately made a fuss.

He walked directly to the Imperial Palace without evading or covering up all the way from the capital to inspect the house.

Who knows that he saw Qi Tianzi today?

In fact, the act of privately admiring the emperor has achieved the effect of part of the official script.

To some extent, it puts the emperor on the stage.

If the government and the public feel that Jiang Wang came to see the emperor with the evidence of the assassination of Concubine Lei, then the emperor should give the world an explanation.

So the emperor asked him, why don't you directly submit the evidence to the Zhengshitang.

Since we want to make it public, let's make it public.

If you want to make a big noise, make it even bigger.

But with your small body, Jiang Qingyang, can you withstand the big consequences?

Jiang Wang bowed his head and said: "Because the minister has no key evidence, you cannot be convinced by the doctors, and you cannot be publicly presented."

The emperor of Great Qi always hides his emotions in the deep sea. Rarely revealed, I also sneered at this moment: "Then how do you call me? Do you use your fist and fist to be loyal to the emperor?"

In some cases, the emperor is also very humorous.

But the word "loyalty" can be used for humor, in a sense, precisely because it is not reliable.

This is a very dangerous signal.

Jiang Wang didn't see any fright, he only said sincerely: "The minister saw the emperor and wanted to tell a story to the emperor."

The emperor did not speak.

Jiang Wang stood on this great hall, sorted out his emotions, and said: "The officials have traveled outside the sky and occasionally saw strange stories. There is a floating land outside the sky, and hundreds of races are fighting, and the flames are endless. There is a country in the middle of the land, which is dominated by its neighbors. The ruler of the country is majestic and powerful, and the martial arts of the martial arts are the best in the past...

One year, the border ministers conquered the rebellion, and the landlord conquered it.

In those years, the former Crown Prince was imprisoned, and the new Crown Prince was erected, and the storage position is unstable.

The lord’s favorite concubine is pregnant and wants to fight for the back position, so assassin is used to attack the palace and want to be cruel. After being trapped in the country...

The queen of the country inspected it and secretly ordered the foreign ministers to attach a strange poison to the fierce blade, so that the country's favorite concubine died of blood.

The concubine died, and the dragon son was born through a caesarean section in her belly.

The Lord has pity on him, and loves him very much.

This child Innate is not enough, and it is still in the mother's fetus, so it has become extremely poisonous.

When you are born, you will have a great strategy. At that time, I will move forward with a sick body and strive for the heart of the people.

Then let people search the year and finally know the truth...


But he never said anything."

Jiang Wang said here, bowed his hand to the emperor: "Dare to ask your Majesty, you know that this Prince, why not revenge his mother, and hate him. "

On the golden stone platform, the emperor was silent for a long time, and said: "What do you want to say?"

Jiang Wang didn't take the opportunity to expose it, but pursued the question. Said: "People on the floating land, many commentators. Or saying, "This Prince has the world in his heart, and can't bear the turmoil of the country, so he can't bear the hatred." '...The emperor thinks, who is right?"

"What do you think?" the emperor asked. There is no joy and sorrow in the voice.

"The minister thought..." Jiang Wang said respectfully: "The lord of the country is with him, and he loves him. He is the lord of the country, and he respects him with love. The reason why he never speaks, just this, nothing So complicated. He is just a child who grew up alone and doesn’t want to lose his father’s love."

"Jiang Qingyang..." The emperor’s voice was high and majestic: "I take it for granted. Divide?"

Whether the emperor was moved or not, it is impossible to judge from his voice alone.

The four words "take it for granted" are really dangerous.

But speaking of this, Jiang Wang can only continue by brace oneself.

"The minister investigated the case of Feng Gu in the Changsheng Palace. Fortunately, he saw a mural in the palace. It was hand-painted by His Royal Highness Eleven. The minister loved it very much. I thought the emperor could not miss... of All Living Things", there is a solitary grave in the painting, and the inscription is only four characters, please watch it."

Jiang Wang is still bowing his head at this moment, slightly bowed, only his boots can be seen , And the golden stone steps ahead.

Of course, even if he lifts the head, he can’t look directly at the emperor. I don’t know if the emperor is going to see it and by what means.

But he can faintly feel it, on the golden stone platform ahead, a great radiating.

He can only perceive the edge of the wave, but he is already shocked by the vastness.

For a long time, the emperor’s voice fell: "Are you here just to tell me a story?"

Jiang Wang said: "Your Majesty appointed this small official Supervising the case, this small official is here for the truth of the case."

"The story you told, I have finished listening..."

Jiang Wang can feel it, he is right. Being watched by the gaze of the hero of the world.

Although the emperor did not exert any pressure, not even a trace of emotions, but his identity and his strength alone are enough to press into a mountain in the heart of the person being watched.

And the magnificent voice that seemed to resonate with the entire palace slowly fell: "Now tell me about your case."

Jiang Wang stood up straight, only He lowered his eyes slightly: "The minister brought three cases today to meet the emperor!"

The emperor indifferent expression.

Han Ling stood in front of the stone platform, but the corner of his eyes twitched.

Are there three?

This Jiang Qingyang is really arrogant and act's a pity.

I thought of a pity, but there was no expression on my face.

And Jiang Wang already said loudly: "The first case is the death of Court Eunuch Feng Guzhi, the director of the Changsheng Palace."

Han Ling held his breath and heard--

"Supervised by the minister and deputy inspector, Lin Youxie, personally inspected and confirmed that Feng Gu had committed suicide. He was suspended in the Spirit Hall, and he did not have a last word. He wanted to come... or die for the Lord."


Feng Gu's suicide, saying that it was to die for the Lord, is not wrong.

As for his hatred and accusation against the queen, anyone who has a deep understanding of the case can know. It is no longer necessary to say clearly.

I can only hear the voice of the emperor: "It means suicide and dying of the martyr. It is the second one?"

There is no sound, like clouds and rain. , Tianli cycle.

"The second case is the murder of Gong Sunyu, a member of the old Changsheng Palace."

Jiang Wang said loudly: "He lived in Biwu County in seclusion, studying behind closed doors, Do not go out of home. In the early years, he tried his tongue, so he broke his tongue, so hide from the world and fight against the world. Recently, he was killed by gangsters. The emperor asked the emperor to give an order to investigate this case thoroughly, so as to comfort the Eleventh His Highness in the sky! "

The emperor obviously did not expect that the second case Jiang Wang would bring up is this.

Especially Jiang Wang almost made it clear that Gongsun Yu lived in seclusion in order to keep his secret. He was so loyal to Jiang Wuqi, but he was killed easily after Jiang Wuqi died.

If the Eleventh His Royal Highness is alive in the sky, how can he be safe?

After a moment of silence, I heard the voice of the emperor: "There should be an explanation for this matter."

This sentence means that the person who directly killed Gongsunyu , Will be pulled out in some form. Of course, it will not involve more far-reaching places behind the scenes.

This case still stops at the right place.

In this huge Deer Palace, plus Jiang Wang, there are only three people at the moment.

All three people know that the third case that has not yet been exported is the focus of this trip.

So even Han Ling, who has always been like a sculpture, couldn't help but raise his eyes and looked towards Jiang Wang.

Look at this youngster facing the emperor of Great Qi.

And Jiang Wang Hong said: "The third case that the minister will tell is the suicide case of the famous arrest Lin Kuang seventeen years ago!"

Han Ling sighed. in relief, and sighed unfathomable mystery.



ps: "After all, a few people are really deer, and they don’t know that their dreams are fish all day long!"-Huang Tingjian · "Seven Poems" One "

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