Red Heart Survey Chapter 1401

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"Lin Kuang is afraid of suicide. It is the final conclusion of the Beiya." In the Deer Palace, the emperor sat high on the golden stone platform, still not seeing any emotions, only asked: "This is the case. For many years, are you going to reverse the case for him?"

"Master Lin Kuang did commit suicide back then. There is no doubt about it. But the reason for suicide is impossible."

Jiang Wang said: "The Red Kiln Case, the Gold Thread Case, and the Purple Satin Case...These big and famous cases of the time, some people fear difficult, some are complicated, complicated and dangerous, they are all solved by forest conditions. this Small official looked through the files, and when faced with the facts of the case, I was often dumbfounded and amazed. If Lin Kuang is a person who is afraid of blame, he can't handle these big cases. How can he be afraid of the first arrest since the establishment of the green card?"

The ability of Lin Kuang to solve the famous and big cases that year is like a treasure, which shows the work of Jiang Wang in private. It was holding a thick file and studied it over and over again.

Anyone who has actually read these files will probably be able to see what Lin Kuang is like.

And he continued: "Isn’t it the responsibility of the guard that the suspect died in the cell? Isn’t it the responsibility of the jailer?

Why did Tian Fen die in prison but it was Lin Kuang? Suicide by rebuke?

Now it is said that Lin Kuang caught Tian Fen by mistake, but when Tian Fen died, his doubts had not been cleared up. It was only because he died that he could not continue to be investigated. How can this be directly concluded, saying that it was'caught the wrong person'?

The minister looked through the records and asked the past executives, and found that there was a problem with the voice of'catch the wrong person' and'Tian Fen back then. ''S voice is actually half and half.

But after Lin Kuang died. It seems that everyone admitted that he caught the wrong person.

How can there be such a truth in the world? ?

How can people who are still alive do not need to investigate again because they are dead and cannot speak for themselves because of Lin Kuang? How unfair to the deceased is this!"

The emperor does not speak.

Jiang Wang then said again: "His Royal Highness on the Eleventh has a last writing, which is the last word written by him during his lifetime, and bequeathed to the minister."

The emperor really has some interest. , Asked: "What did you write?"

Jiang Wang replied: "The word says,'Heaven will not abandon me Great Qi, give birth to me Jiang Wuqi!'"

There was a moment of silence, and he was obviously caught in the emotion of this sentence.

Jiang Wang continued: "Why not abandon Great Qi?"

He raised such a grand question, and then answered: "The minister thought , Is not to abandon Qichen and Qimin!

Those who are devoted to their duties should not be abandoned.

Those who have contributed to the country should not be abandoned.

Whoever fights for Qi, no matter how old or wise, you should not be abandoned by Great Qi!

When His Royal Highness was on the eleventh, the reason why the fake Zhang Yong was given the opportunity was only because of me, Great Qi. Don’t forget the honorable ministers.

Similarly, His Royal Highness has repeatedly appointed Lin Youxie to handle the case, which also means that I, Great Qi, does not forget famous officials like Lin Kuang.

Gai Yinlin Although Kuang committed suicide, he died of gossip, fear, grievance...not blame!"

Jiang Wang has a loud voice and is very straightforward, so he is very angry:" During Lin Kuang’s tenure at Beiya, he led the cracking of 137 large and small cases, each of which is in the record, with detailed clues and sufficient evidence.

His personal guidance and assistance in cracking cases with the Qingpai, not to mention. There are many.

There are as many as forty-four original methods for handling cases, and many rules have been formulated, such as the need for more than two people to supervise the post-mortem... They are still in use today.

From unselfish actions, to thoroughly investigate his deeds after death, there is nothing to blame.

Such talents should not be abandoned by the country.

Your Majesty, please Reviewing Lin Kuang’s suicide, to rectify his name. Let the world know that the emperor has never abandoned the world!"

The emperor only asked: "Jiang Qing thought that if Lin Kuang did not commit suicide by rebuke, what was it for? Suicide?"

Han Ling couldn't help but draw some attention.

Jiang Wang said this remark so beautifully, it surprised him secretly. With Jiang Wuqi's last words, it is a wonderful hand to touch the love of the emperor. However, Han Ling understood that just feelings could not affect the emperor. What really has the opportunity to impress the emperor is Jiang Wuqi's inclusiveness of the world...Who said Jiang Qingyang has no plan? At least this decent grasp is simply inherently sensitive, and it can be said to be precise and wonderful.

And the question of the emperor at this time is also very critical.

The matter of forest conditions is not impossible to solve, but it must not be solved from the perspective of the queen.

In Han Ling's view, Jiang Wang's next answer is the key to handling this case.

Only heard Jiang Wang said loudly: "The minister has already said that Lord Lin Kuang died of rumors. It was those who maliciously spread rumors and made conclusions that forced Sir Lin to death! He was loyal to the green card. Career, cannot bear the damage to reputation, cannot sit and watch the green card and be ashamed, so committing suicide to prove innocence. Unexpectedly, after death, the rumors will be settled. It is regrettable for twenty years of sincerity! Please, please, your majesty, don’t call this regret. Hundred years!"

In the huge Delu Palace, only Jiang Wang's voice echoed.

This voice is so young.

In the history of this strong Great Empire, young voices always sounded again and again.


The emperor was even sighed.

His voice finally fell from the stone platform: "Jiang Qing ah Jiang Qing, I just learned today that you are so capable of handling cases. I know everything about the methods of handling cases of Qingpai, and the history of Qingpai Like a few treasures, the sense of measure is right, the vision is good, and the wrist is good. Speaking of which, Lieutenant Zheng will ascend to God soon, and the post of Lieutenant Chief Inspector of the Capital Inspection Office is vacant. Would you like to bear it for me?"

Jiang Wang suddenly got cold sweat!

Whoever thinks that he can control the mind of the emperor will not be far from death!

At the position of Captain Beiya, Zheng Shangming had previously used it as a bargaining chip to talk to Jiang Wang. Zheng Shi father and son dared to do this, and of course the emperor also tacitly approved it.

While Jiang Wang rejected Zheng Shangming, in fact, it can be said that he has rejected the emperor.

However, when Jiang Wang was discussing the Lin Kuang case, the emperor changed the conversation and then appointed the post of Captain Beiya.

The implication is nothing more than saying that you know how to be an official so well!

Then why do you refuse? !

"Of course the minister is willing! It is Jiang Wang's honour to be loyal to the country and share the worries for the emperor!" Jiang Wang said nothing but loyalty first.

"But..." Jiang Wang said seriously after a sudden change in his mind: "It's a pity that the cultivation speed is too fast. I'm afraid I won't be able to become a god within a few days."

Han Ling's lips shook when he heard...

It made this man swell! What is talking about? How many people are struggling before the end of their life, unable to get a golden body and chalcedony, but Jiang Qingyang is worried that he will not be able to hold it for a few days?

However, thinking about it seriously, it makes sense. With the cultivation innate talent of this peerless Heaven's Chosen, God's presence has not been an obstacle for a long time. It is really only when the fourth floor is Perfection, and when it can be crossed.

He suppressed his mood, and he heard Jiang Wang say: "Captain Beiya is an important job in the country. It is of vital importance. It is related to the public order of the world. How can he go to Zhang San and leave Li Si? It’s not a fortunate minister, this heart is the world’s plan. The minister will get a capital of the Northern Government, and the world will have a capital of the Northern Government. Please think twice!"

This is very clear and the stakes are high. It's even clearer.

You have a golden mouth, you insist that you want me to be the captain of the Beiya, I sit in that position, things are very simple. However, with such an important position as Captain Beiya, without the will to implement for three or five years, how could it be possible to do a good job? A peerless Heaven's Chosen like me, it is impossible to wander for three to five years before the coming of God!

Jiang Wang keep on saying is willing and can't ask for it, but when it comes to key issues, it is "innate talent is not allowed" and "time is not appropriate". The emperor used me as the captain of the Beiya. I am afraid that he is not responsible for the position of the captain of the Beiya.

Especially the sentence of the fortunate minister, almost asking the emperor--

I am not a fortunate minister, should the emperor open the door to the emperor?

But what is Qi Tianzi and the others, how could it be held by him in a few words.

Looking at Jiang Wang, he asked directly: "Could it be that you are unwilling to be loyal to me?"

Such a naked question is really not like the style of the emperor.

It can be seen that his mood today is indeed not as calm as before.

For this question, the answer is of course impossible.

Jiang Wang did not show loyalty with fear and fear, but rigorously asked: "Since entering the Qi, the ministers have been loyal to their duties, dedicated to national affairs, fighting for the country, and fighting for the same. No matter where they are. When and where, I have never fallen into the prestige of Great Qi! Isn’t these all loyal to Qi Tianzi?"

Probably because the previous sentence has been opened, Qi Tianzi asked more directly this time: "Jiang Qingyang, can't you see my heart for your cultivation? Is it really that difficult for you to be in charge of the Beiya?"

The emperor asked directly, and Jiang Wang did not push or pull it. Eligibility for transfer.

hearing this sternly and solemnly said: "Even though Jiang Wang is dull, it is not too difficult to ask himself if he is just handling a case! There are many talents in the patrol house in the capital. It’s clear that you can punish well, and naturally you won’t go anywhere. Your Majesty praises that the ministers are well prepared, but your Majesty, if the minister is in charge of the Beiya, the first person does not want to be the first! I want to ask, does your majesty need such a Lieutenant Beiya?"


Jiang Wang took a step back and lowered his head: "The minister will die!"

"I think you are not afraid of death." Qi Tianzi said lightly.

"The minister is afraid of death, he is terribly afraid of death. The minister has vowed a long time ago, and never wants to realize the feeling of life being done by the hands. But your majesty, the minister would like to ask you..."

Jiang Wang asked with the utmost sincerity: "Is loyalty only without a bottom line?

Is a person who has lost himself really reliable?

Jiang Wang is Jiang Wang because Jiang Wang has been doing what Jiang Wang should do, and it does not violate his original intention. If the original intention can be violated, if the original self can be thrown away, how can the law bind me? Morality is Why am I bound? Why is loyalty and shame added to me?"

The emperor sneered: "The loyal monarch is going against your heart."

Jiang Wang replied: "The minister recently read history, When I heard about the Xianqi, the monarch tasted the world’s delicacies. One day he laughed and said that he didn’t know how human flesh is. Those who had the name of the royal chef who changed teeth, heard this, immediately cooked for the emperor! The monarch passed the Yiya House and took a look at it. Yi Ya’s wife, Yi Ya served his wife to the Dragon Bed that night! It can be said that everything is only to follow the king’s heart. Is this a loyal minister?

But what about the last? First Qi State was seriously injured. It was the time for the state of the country to kill the teeth... and then the Martial Emperor regained the country."

"If a person loses his own self, what kind of external clinging, what virtue is it?" Jiang Wang Hong Sheng said: "Because the minister is trustworthy, respects righteousness, and believes in axioms, a minister can be a loyal person!"

"What a trustworthy, respectful, and believe in axiom! What a recent history!"

Qi Tianzi reached out his hand on the patted stone platform and said: "To only know that you Jiang Qingyang can fight and be good at fighting, I can't think of you to learn to be rich!"

Jiang Wang didn't know it for a while. Words are praise or irony.

But fortunately, this hurdle seems to have passed...

"The minister is afraid. It's just that the emperor is humbly accepting advice. Although the minister is insensitive, ignorant, and ignorant, But I have to spit my heart out!"

"hahahaha!" The emperor actually laughed: "What a insensitive, ignorant and ignorant man! I finally told me the truth today!"

"hahahaha!" p>

Of course it is a good thing that the emperor can laugh.

But listening...

It really hurts one's self-esteem.

However, Jiang Wang could only wronged him and said: "You see the emperor, the minister dare not say anything..."

"Okay." The emperor waved his hand and leaned slightly: "I have approved the three cases you mentioned today. If you don't want to be the captain of the Beiyao, I have approved...Why will you report me?"

Jiang Wang said calmly: "Qi Heaven's Chosen wins Heaven's Chosen!"

Tianzi turned to look at Han Ling in front of the stone platform, said with a smile: "We are youngsters of Qi State, we are very ambitious!"

Turning back to look at Jiang Wang and said: "It's time!"

Jiang Wang arched his hands and said: "The minister thanked the emperor!"

The emperor was about to wave his hand to tell him to retreat. He glanced at him, and said: "Is there anything else?"

"Your Majesty is really bright vision like a torch, the candle of the sacred heart, the insight is thousands of miles!" Jiang Wang forced a flattery to take it, and then said: "The minister please invites the emperor. The minister intends to leave the country to go to Chu in the near future, in order to make an appointment with all his friends in the mountains and seas."

The emperor coldly snorted: "You want to run if you cause trouble."

"The minister has your Majesty's shelter, so how can disaster be added to me? My husband, Great Qi, is sunny and bright, how can there be disasters? The minister does have an appointment with a friend. Then the Chu State Zuo Guangshu, Zuo Guangshu, have a word with me... "

"It's alright." The emperor stopped impatiently: "It's a good thing for youngsters to go out and see the heroes of the world."

Jiang Wang quickly salutes: "Thank you, your majesty!"

Then he straightened up and was about to leave.


The emperor stopped him.

Jiang Wang stood politely, waiting for the emperor to speak.

The emperor laughed: "Jiang Qing likes to read a lot?"

Suddenly smile restrained: "Han Ling!"

Han Ling bowed and responded .

Tianzidao: "Bring a set of "Historical Dao Zao Hai", and give Qing Yangzi to enjoy reading!"

He said to Jiang Wang: "Jiang Qing is the love of books People, then it’s easy to study, don’t slack off. When you come back, I will check one or two randomly. If you can’t memorize it backwards, I will remember you for deceiving the emperor."

The emperor’s words are a laugh. As I said, it was very kind.

Jiang Wang is deeply moved by the emperor's grace, and said: "The minister should live up to his majesty's high hopes!"

Different from Jiang Wang, an ignorant and incompetent guy who doesn’t understand the market, Han Ling On the side is already secretly speechless.

The "Historical Knife and the Sea" compiled by the great sage Sima Heng of the Qinku Academy is a masterpiece of the emperor. Known to write all the history of the nations. It is the most complete historiography of the following kingdoms since the new beginning of the Dao Li, and it is a great historiography, eloquently expressing thousands of words...

tens of thousands of words!

How can you recite?

I'm afraid that not many Confucian scholars can do it in the Hardworking Academy.

And Jiang Qingyang is happy!

I went out with a complicated mood. Not long after, Han Ling retrieved a storage box and handed it to Jiang Wang, not forgetting to remind him: "You don't need to return the storage box."


Jiang Wang doesn't understand why it is necessary to get a storage box to hold a book trifling, but think about it, maybe this is the ostentation of the Imperial Family!

That is to say, he reached out and took it: "There is father-in-law."

He saluted the emperor: "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

"Okay, let's go on. "The emperor regained his emotional tone.

Jiang Wang respectfully saluted again and turned around and went away.

He is not afraid of studying. After all, he is a "smart and easy-to-learn" person when he asks himself.

Only at this moment, the sky is clear and Yunche, I really see the sky.




Ps: Here is the history first, and some easy tooth cooking is used Allusions. But this is not Biqi.

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