Red Heart Survey Chapter 1402

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After Jiang Wang left, the Deer Palace remained silent for a long time.

The emperor’s voice sounded: "Take down that mural and hang it in Donghua Pavilion. I also look at it every day."

Only this sentence...


This is the only sentence.

Han Ling lowered his head and led the way.



A Court Eunuch kept enough distance to lead the way, stepping on the huge stone bricks, and not sending out A little sound. They are people who are used to being cautious and live humbly in this great palace.

Jiang Wang walks behind at a moderate pace with extraordinary tolerance.

Step out each step, da, da, da.

Walking through the majestic and noble Miyagi, azure clothes press the sword, walk calmly, who can not say a chic boy?

However, when the sound of his own footsteps echoed lonely in the huge palace city, and fell on his heart like a drum, Jiang Wang couldn’t help thinking--

The Son of Heaven back then ...

Do you know the truth about the assassination of Concubine Lei?

Even, he walked all the way from Xuanwu Street to the Imperial Palace.

The calm and tranquil of this road, how much turbulent is there in the back? Is it the emperor who beats some people?

The position of the crown prince is related to the country.

Looking back in the 38th year of Yuanfeng, the former Crown Prince was imprisoned, and the new Crown Prince stood up, and the chaos of Lord Loulan was settled.

From the perspective of the emperor.

Lei Gui concubine set up a bureau to stab herself, die without regret.

Queen He pushed the boat along the river and murdered a person with a borrowed knife. Although it was counter-control, it was hard to blame. Afterwards, to conceal the truth and forcibly kill the forest condition is an indelible crime. Why the Queen of Great Lake Tian is acting as a minion? There is a suspicion of selling the Crown Prince and intervening in the battle for dragons. The evil is hard to conceal.

If the truth was revealed that year, what would be the result?

First of all, Queen He must be abolished.

How much competition will be caused by the sudden vacancy of the back position?

This kind of struggle is beyond the control of anyone, including the emperor himself. Because there is only one back position, and there are too many people looking at that position.

It’s not just a matter of finding someone to sit on it.

More importantly...

The Queen He is abolished, and of course Crown Prince will also be abolished.

Within a few years, Crown Prince will be abolished. Even if it is taken out alone, it is a stupid act that can shake the country's foundation. What's more, during the time when the Loulan rebellion just subsided?

Furthermore, Great Lake Tian's family has always been the top name of Qi State. Regardless of military affairs, they have deep roots, and they are also part of Qi State's strength. To be held accountable at that time is tantamount to cutting oneself at a time of turmoil in the country.

Qi State, which has just restored the Loulan rebellion, is suitable for the abolition of the Crown Prince and the accountability of the Tian family?

The disused Crown Prince in the green stone palace has just been locked in for three years...

The aftermath has not ceased!

The emperor had too many reasons to be silent back then.

Think about it carefully.

Now that Crown Prince has been in the East Palace for so many years, why is he still so cautious?

I have been the Crown Prince for so many years, but he has not yet been recognized by the government and the public as the future monarch of Great Qi.

I have been the Crown Prince for so many years, and have successively risen to the Huaying Palace, the Yangxin Palace, and the Changsheng Palace.

Among these, is there any influence from that incident?

Think again.

Great Qi nine pawns, the Great Lake Tian clan is currently out of control.

In the political affairs hall, the Tian family of Great Lake does not currently have a seat.

This is one of the highest Aristocratic families in Qi State. It is not lost to any Aristocratic Family when exploring two islands overseas. Participation in the supreme power of Qi State is too weak...

Even Gaochang Hou Tian Xili and Xuan Huai Bo Liu Yingqi fought at the ceremony not long ago, but they were directly stripped and flogged by the emperor... …

If Xuan Huaibo is flogged, he will flog him. What is the status of Gao Changhou?

If the emperor had known the truth back then, so many years of shelving the case, to some extent. It can also be regarded as a decent portion he gave Jiang Wuqi.

This case is not public. Concubine Lei can also be the concubine that the emperor cherishes. Jiang Wuqi is still the son of the emperor.

The case is public, and Concubine Lei is committing sins and cannot live, and Jiang Wuqi is the son of Concubine Sin.

Lei Guifei acted boldly, but Jiang Wuqi was not guilty after all...

But even though there are so many reasons to support it, so many things can be analyzed.

Jiang Wang is still not sure whether Qi Tianzi knew the truth back then.

These analyses are based on assumptions.

And the emperor's heart is unpredictable.

But at least one thing is clear--

Today, Jiang Wang walks on an invisible line like walking on thin ice. With the abyss on the left and right, he gave The greatest explanation he can give everyone. And how is this so-called proper measure not a line drawn by the emperor?

The emperor said nothing, but the line was there brightly.

Jiang Wang is indeed impassioned in the Deer Palace, and speaks upright, but does he dare to touch that line? Does he dare to mention the word Queen?

He can only talk about the Feng Gu case, only the Gongsunyu case, and only the Lin Kuang case.

Explain to Yang Jing.

Explain to Lin Youxie.

He did what he promised.

As for the real husband who was involved in the assassination of Concubine Lei to the world... he couldn't do it.

It is not a question of loss of evidence.

Under the premise of having insight into the truth, searching for the corresponding evidence will never be more difficult than Ulay’s efforts in the past seventeen years.

Jiang Wang is confident that he can find evidence again.

But it ends here.

Everything done today is already at the current limit.

In other words, it is the limit allowed by the emperor.

In these days of treacherous circumstances, so many people died and so many things happened. So many people were thrown into it, causing ripples...

Only the emperor was sitting in the deep palace, doing nothing, saying nothing. But everything is within the silent sight of the emperor.

No more than one point.

Seventeen years ago, I let it go gently. Seventeen years later, who will be beaten, and to what extent... Tianxin is self-determined.

Everyone can only struggle within the limits set by the emperor.

Whether it is Beiya, Jiang Wang, or a few Palace Lords, or even the current queen!

Just like this great and magnificent Miyagi, although speechless. However, it has been made clear all the time that Qi Tianzi is the only supreme power in this great Great Empire.

So Jiang Wang said that if he wants to take up the post of Beiya, he will be a captain of Beiya who can't be precise.

And the emperor refused as it should be by rights.

He didn't give him the opportunity of partial and incorruptible, but gave him freedom.



The towering Miyagi gradually stayed behind. In the complicated eyes of people, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Jiang Wang walked through the capital. , Walked back to Yaoguangfang, back to his house.

"Oh, let’s go to Chu State now? Enter the palace aggressively, cover head and sneaked away like a rat when I come back?"

Chong Xuan Sheng occupied his yard again, And said with a smile dissatisfiedly: "Then you don't run faster, what else do you have to pack? What is there to pack in your house? I bring all the valuables."

Jiang Wang stopped packing his luggage, then turned his head and glared at him: "Chongxuan Fatty, you are a bit too heart-stirring to speak like this!" Full of dangdang, snorted: "Don’t you poke the lungs?"

"What does it have to do with the lungs?"

Chong Xuansheng said with a sneer: "The lungs are gold in Five Elements. It's best for your pain."

Jiang Wang:...

I just took some commonly used tea wound medicine and so on, and I didn't bother to clean it up.

After all, Chongxuan Sheng was telling the truth.

Put away the storage box, turn around and walk to Chongxuan Sheng, stretch out his hand and say: "Tangle it a little bit."

"Dignified Desheng Chamber of Commerce Second Employer, not all year long. Stay home for a few days!"

Chong Xuansheng rolled the eyes, while complaining, he touched the storage box after all: "You don’t listen to Gold Jade’s good words. Learn the truth from others. Tian’s hands and feet are free. , We can’t continue our overseas business. Don’t you understand? Yes, the emperor supported you, but you also consumed the emperor’s patience with you again. And have you ever thought about Changle Palace? Do you have to have trouble with the prince? You occasionally use your brain to think about it a little bit, don’t use it all for cultivation..."

Jiang Wang coaxed: "Okay, okay, brother Sheng, I have learned a lesson, this will not avoid misfortune. Well, the situation is urgent..."

Chong Xuan Sheng took a bag of ten essence stones and came out. After thinking about it, he put a few back and said, "Wait until the dust settles." Just come back quickly. Go to Chu State, don’t make trouble? That’s someone’s place..."

"Understand, Brother Sheng, your Gold Jade good words, I remember them all..." Jiang Wang spoke in a good voice, took the essence stone in one hand, and stuffed it into his storage box. The whole person rose up again, actively cut off the conversation, and said neatly: "Go!"

Then really didn't say goodbye to anyone, just left.



When Lin Youxie opened his eyes, what he saw in front of him was still dark.

Thinking about the night, I got up instinctively and opened the curtain, only to notice that the door was open, and light came through the room.

It turned out that it was dawn.

It seems that I had a long sleep, so I was in a trance for a while, and the memories before the coma came back.

Jiang Wang ……

Lin Youxie looked down at his wrist, without any shackles.

The physical condition is also very good, there is no injury, and the imprisonment has disappeared.

And confirm again, I really stay in my own is safe.

Then suddenly stood up and ran out the door!

From the location of Lin’s old house to Shaoguangfang, it’s by no means a section of the road.

Lin Youxie walked on the street where people coming, people going, somehow still in a daze.

She has confirmed in her own way that all the people she found and those who monitored her seem to have disappeared.

She couldn't help thinking, is everything a dream?

Did she not confide the plan with Jiang Wang, that day she did not go to the autopsy, did not find father's knives at the door, Wu grandfather did not die, Jiang Wang certainly did not stun her...

But it will not be a dream.

Lin Youxie felt his body and obtained real clues in it. Confirmed everything.

She quickened her pace.

Walking among the crowds, observing everyone’s expressions and behaviors, inferring their moods and occupations, guessing what they are going to do next... This is the little game she used most often, Of course I don't want to do this today.

She was just thinking--

What is Jiang Wang going to do?

She stopped and even panicked... Jiang Mansion arrived.

It’s not the first time for Lin Youxie to come to Jiang Family. This Linzi upstart mansion is more decent every time than the last time. Of course, it is due to the rich and imposing of Xuan Family. The fat Young Master.

"I want to see Jiang Wang." She said directly to the door.

Xu's look is a little ugly, and it will give people a sense of oppression, and the door is going to spread the word with some timidity.

Lin Youxie thought so and controlled his emotions.

Not long after, Steward from Jiang Mansion greeted him.

This is just an ordinary person, not extraordinary, but facing Lin Youxie, neither overbearing nor overbearing: "My lord, it's not a coincidence, the master is out!"

"Out?" Lin You Xie looked into his eyes, confirming that it was not an excuse, and then asked: "When will I be back?"

"I don't know about this." Steward said: "When will Sir Alex be back? It’s not my turn to call the shots."

"Where did he go?"

"You laughed, where did Sir Alex go, will he report to me?"

Jiang Wang is away, probably in a hurry...

Lin Youxie quickly made a judgment in the heart, and then there was a feeling of relaxation or loss. , Lightly lingering in my heart, and floatingly unable to hold it.

At this time, another male voice sounded next to him: "Are Jiang Wang not there?"

A man in a black suit came.

The temperament is very cold and solemn, and there is naked eye visible fatigue between the eyebrows.

I saw the steward replied of Jiang Mansion: "Young Master Yang, my Lord Lord is indeed not in the mansion now. Do you have anything to keep?"

Yang Jing!

Lin Youxie just rang this name in his mind, and another voice hurriedly came from behind from far to near.

"Deputy Envoy Lin! I have found you!"

Zheng Shangming’s voice...

When Lin Youxie turned around, his expression turned Yu Pingping: "Master Zheng, what can I do for you?"

"No need." Yang Jing threw a word to Jiang's Steward, then turned and left.

Zheng Shangming walked over in a hurry, and before he could talk to Lin Youxie in the future, he raised his hand again: "Hey, Young Master Yang stay!"

Yang Jing turned back coldly:" What's the matter?"

Zheng Shangming first gave Lin Youxie a relieved look, and then said to Yang Jing: "The murderer who killed Gongsunyu, Bei Ya has already arrested him!"

"What?" Lin Youxie opened her mouth subconsciously

A Sichuan symbol was also frowned between Yang Jing's eyebrows.

Obviously, I can't believe this.

But Zheng Shangming’s expression is very serious: "You heard right, the murderer of Gongsunyu has pleaded guilty to the law. Young Master Yang, you are running for your friends these days, we all see it. Fortunately, heaven's net is wide, and none can escape its mesh, careless and not leaking, Gongsun Yu is alive in the sky and can finally rest in peace. You can finally rest."

Of course Yang Jing knows, Zheng Shangming Since he can speak to this level, the one who defies the law must be the murderer who directly killed Gongsun Yu. You can't go wrong with this.

As for going back...not going back. There is only one murderer.

As for whether that person had old grudges with Gongsun Yu, or suddenly passing by Biwu County that night, he suddenly felt bad...Anyway, it doesn't matter. A logical reason can always be compiled.

Yang Jing, who can throw the killer out to explain, has been running into a wall these days, of course knows how difficult it is to win.

"This Yang admires the efficiency of Beiya in solving the case." Yang Jing has always been a sober person, at most because of Gongsunyu's death, he was'confused' for a short period of time.

He should be sober now.

So he cupped the hands, turned around and left.

"Young Master Yang doesn't plan to see the murderer with his own eyes?" Zheng Shangming asked behind him.

"No need." Yang Jing said without turning his head back, "Just send me a letter if someone is cut off. My family affairs are complicated, I should go back!"

His steps are taken It's very big and walks in a hurry.

Not like a winner.


Zheng Shangming watched Yang Jing, then turned around, looked towards Lin Youxie, his tone was a little sorrowful: "Deputy Envoy Lin, I am actually mainly I came to you. Go to your house, you are not at home, and then I heard people say that you are coming here, I came after..."

Lin Youxie just watched him lightly and waited. Follow his below.

Zheng Shangming continued: "The emperor ordered a thorough investigation of the suicide case of Lord Lin Kuang that year. We urgently visited the dozens green-brand elderly people. Among them, 19 of them were witnesses to the case of that year. The final proof is that Lord Lin Kuang It was true that no wrong person was arrested back then. Tian Fen turned out to be a hidden son of Ping An Country. Lord Lin Kuang did not commit suicide with fear of condemnation, but took all the infamy alone for the honor of the green brand..."

Lin Youxie The look in his eyes went from surprise to sadness, and then suddenly he was in a daze.

The equal country is a big basket, and everything can be put in it.

But even this opportunity to "install the basket" was not something she won by herself...

"The emperor's order, saying,'Guires should not be taken lightly', chase Master Lin Kuang He is the Heavenly Robb, and the Master Uriel is named the Netbull. The spiritual seat is for the patrol house in the capital, where the green card catches fast, and it should be worshipped for generations!"

It is the first-class merit, and most of the winners are from this merit.

It is far beyond the reach of solving the case.

Jiang Qingyang was also awarded due to military merit, but it has nothing to do with his green medal.

I have never seen anyone who wins the title with the merits of the green card.

Lin Kuang and Ulay, this is the first case.

This is certainly brilliant.

But Lin Youxie felt a little more dazed, there was something very heavy in his eyes, and he wanted to fall.

But Zheng Shangming’s voice continues: "The emperor's royal gift autographs the plaque, saying'Blue Brand Shuangjiao'..."

Looking at the plaque on the Jiang Mansion gate." "Jiang", she felt that the voice was already very far away.

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