Red Heart Survey Chapter 1403

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"Where did Jiang Wang go?" Lin Youxie asked suddenly.

Zheng Shangming who was reciting the reward of the emperor was taken aback for a moment: "Huh?"

"I asked, where did Jiang Wang go, do you know?"

Zheng Shangming pursed his mouth and said: "Leave Qi State."

So he was silent.



A fierce battle has just ended.

The result of the battle is victory.

The young man named Lingyue in the Grand Void Illusory Realm still frowned and was very dissatisfied with himself.

I won, but it was not easy.

The current ranking is only fifth in the Grand Void Illusory Realm. Stabilizing in the top ten is a hurdle. Stabilizing in the top five is another hurdle. And to sit firmly and be the first one, you have to be a bit higher than everyone else.

He is only able to enter the top five, and he has already felt a very strong resistance. And some people, but settled on the first position of Taixu's inner palace early, overlooking the heroes. Now it is already moving towards the first place in Taixu Outer Building...

Although there are some objective reasons for this, such as the rapid expansion of Grand Void Illusory Realm, more and more cultivators participate in it, and powerhouse continues It has emerged that the competition in the ranking of the inner government has become increasingly fierce...

But he is not a person who will make excuses for himself.

Especially the number one of some people is the number one among the nations of Heaven's Chosen in the entire world. Even going back to the present, there is a record number one in history.

He has no excuses to find.

Lingyue Little Young Master became dissatisfied the more he thought about it, and when he was about to fight for a few more battles, he glanced at it, but a familiar paper crane came flying by.


He is coldly snorted, he has been on the Sword Discussion Platform, and he intends to ignore it as before.

But after thinking about it, I don’t have to be too stingy.

Forget it, let’s see what some people fart.

He walked down the Sword Discussion Platform again, reached out and beckoned, and had already grasped the paper crane.

From Zhanxin’s point of view, I can see the article saying--

"Don’t worry about it, Qi State is over, I have come to the east with the sword. I will teach you the mountains and seas. First!"

"What mess!" Zuo Guangshu curl one's lip, muttering: "Mountains and seas are not a place to compete for ranking!"

The letter, paused for a while, and sneered again, so the exhibition paper wrote: "The quota of mountains and seas is very precious. You couldn't tell before, I have already promised..."

Reaching out and erasing it, he wrote again: "You won't use it anymore. Couldn't I find a Heaven's Chosen who can help the Chu Zuo clan? Don't think you are really invincible in the whole world......"

The pen nib was paused on the word invincible, and for a moment I felt that my words were very unconvincing. Then I thought that Jiang Qingyang was actually not that bad, because he had really had something to do before.

That's it.

He sighed, erased all of the above words, and magnanimously wrote: "If you really want to participate, let me figure out a way for you."

Close, Let the paper crane fly away.

The Sword Discussion Platform is still hanging not far away, but at this time Zuo Guangshu has lost the mood of honing his battle skill.

Between my thoughts, I already quit Grand Void Illusory Realm with a cold face.

The subordinates of the Huai State Government Mansion of Da Chu only saw the handsome Little Young Master, who was dressed in his own water blue robe, dashed in the mansion: "grandfather! grandfather! grandfather!"

The old man thought that something had happened, he stepped out of the study and said, "What's wrong?"

"Substitution!" Zuo Guangshu chopped up the gold jade-like authentically.



Jiang Wang left Linzi alone without looking back.

I only stopped for half a day in Qingyang Town, looked at Fiefdom's situation, and ordered the cultivation of Dugu Xiaoxiao, and asked her to be more careful during this period, and then continue to the west.

The emperor has made a promise, and what he will do next depends entirely on Tianxin.

He has done what he can do, and now he has to pull away to avoid the limelight, so as not to hinder the eyes of some people.

After all, the queen has been sitting in the position of the lord of the harem for so many years. If she really gets angry, who will kill him? How many people can hold it up and down?

It was only when he left that he heard that Crown Prince has become a god, and has officially crossed his life span. Since then, he has a golden body and chalcedony, and he is noble and noble. According to the etiquette system, the officials will congratulate them with national rituals...

Crown Prince has long been able to achieve God's presence, but it has been slowed down again and again, showing its stability. But not sooner or later, but at this time to achieve God's Presence,

What does this mean?

It means that when Jiang Wang went to Deer Palace to meet the emperor, Crown Prince was also nervous. In other words, Crown Prince deliberately expressed this kind of nervousness-which is tantamount to saying that he now knows the truth of that incident.

On the surface, Crown Prince chose God to be present at this time, in order to urgently increase his bargaining chips to fight the political storm that may occur next.

But in fact, he did not choose to separate the relationship, did not show that he did not know anything about that year, then this bargaining chip was actually added to the queen!

A Crown Prince who has never been at fault for many years, and now even makes up for the shortcomings of cultivation, is there anything that can be criticized?

This is to take responsibility for the mother.

A Crown Prince in the East Palace who broke the life limit is already qualified to give some support to the queen of the dynasty...

But perhaps it is exactly what the emperor wants to beat.

Jiang Wang has nowhere to know how the emperor will beat Crown Prince. But it is obvious that he has offended Crown Prince this time, he has been offended.

Instead of staying in Linzi and waiting for trouble, it is better to slip away while the emperor is dealing with old things and keeping quiet out of fear. By the way, complete the agreement with Zuo Guangshu earlier and see and see the hero. Also go to the mountains and seas to feel the grace of Huang Weizhen, who is famous in history.

There are many deceased people in Linzi.

Perhaps many friends think that he was forced out of Linzi, and he might be wronged and pained. But on the contrary, he walked very openly.

Heart is pure and clear.

A clear conscience, no regrets.

He made a choice he will not regret in this life.

Official Dao may be able to improve his cultivation speed in a short period of time, but in the long-term road, he needs to recognize himself more clearly.



After seven days.

Broken Soul Gorge, Chaotic Rock Valley, the wind whimpers.

Jiang Wang sits on a stone platform hanging on a cliff, looking up at the sky, letting his azure clothes flutter.

Speaking from a certain perspective, personal knowledge, is it not this narrow space that traps one's vision? Who in this world is not a line to watch the sky?

The wind across the canyon brought a silhouette wrapped in a black robe.

He took a few steps to fly onto the stone platform and stood beside Jiang Wang, but kept a certain distance, complaining: "Why did you choose this ghost place to meet?"

Jiang Wang laughed: "I said I would contact Grand Void Illusory Realm, but you dare not. Now in Qi State, I have too many eyes. I am familiar with this place and it is safe."

" It’s not that you are next to Tian Anping. Of course you don’t dare. Grand Void Illusory Realm. To Tian Anping... I don’t worry about confidentiality. I need to be responsible for myself!” Tian Chang is still wearing a pocket even if he is wrapped in a black robe. Hat, also subconsciously standing in the corner of the stone platform, concealing himself: "If you have something to see me in a hurry, say it!" Jiang Wang looked back at him with a smile on his face. : "With your wisdom, can't you think of it?"

Tian Chang muted his voice and said unhappily: "If I have wisdom, I won't be pinched to death by you!"

"Your attitude is wrong." Jiang Wang narrowed his smile, lightly said: "Why are you developing very well now, are there any new reliances?"

"Count, I beg you I can’t disappear for too long.” Tian Chang changed his tone of accusation and said, “If you have any problems, we will solve them as soon as possible. As long as I know, I can’t say enough.”

Jiang Wang deeply Knowing that this person is a poisonous snake that can’t be underestimated, he didn’t want to persecute too much, so he exposed it and asked directly: "Did Wulie killed Tian Anping?"

Tian Chang is really right. This question has been prepared for a long time: "Don't you already have the answer?"

"He can't leave Jicheng Metropolitan Area?"

"But Ulay can go to Jicheng. "

As for why Ulay would go to Jicheng...

Wanling Snow is the answer.

Ulay has been investigating the Lei Guifei case for so many years. Once he learns the clues to the frozen snow of Wan Lingxue, I am afraid that I have to go and see in person no matter how dangerous the place is.

"Understood." Jiang Wang nodded, then asked: "Then why did you leave Uriel's body?"

"I don't know either." Tian Chang shook the head : "But I think, there are about two possibilities."

"Which two?"

"First, Ulay is missing, someone will investigate, and he will die. Check it out."

Once the myth of Ulay, a once blue card, disappears, reasonable in every circumstance will cause investigation. And he died, and the corpse was perfectly clear, but no one would check it...

Because anyone who is qualified to check can probably guess who the murderer was doing.

Those who are willing to check and those who have the courage to check will not wait until now.

"It is reasonable." Jiang Wang said: "What about the second possibility?"

Tian often said in an unspeakable tone: "Perhaps to give you clues."

Jiang Wang was so irritated by this sentence, he couldn’t help but ask: "Why give us clues?"

"I just guessed it was possible, but I Can't think of the reason." Tian Chang sighed: "Do you think Tian Anping's behavior could be deduced by logic, would he still be so crazy?"

Jiang Wang was silent for a moment and said, "Sure enough, it's you. I know Tian Anping better."

Tian Chang sighed: "It's just to live longer."

"My question is over." Jiang Wang said.

"Then I will go first." Tian Chang took a few steps forward, then suddenly paused, then stopped and said, "Actually, I also have a question to ask you."

Jiang Wang looked at him: "Let’s listen."

"The Eleventh Prince also personally visited Great Lake County earlier, and later died down, so the matter should have been put aside. Including Ninth Prince later. I deliberately participated in the Secret Realm of Seven Star Valley, but I was looking for clues everywhere in the city..." Tian Chang said: "I heard that you and the eleventh prince are irresistible, why would you violate his last wish?"

Jiang Wang It was only until today that I learned that Jiang Wuxie went to Seven Star Valley and there was such a reason!

Then that Tian Anping suddenly appeared in Seven Star Valley, I am afraid it was not only because of the Tian family's defeat in the hidden star world.

Under the fierce Secret Realm competition, there was such an undercurrent. Sure enough, if the strength is not enough, some things will not be understood even if they are staged in front of them.

Unfortunately, it was not clear at the time whether Tian Anping and Jiang Wuxie had a secret confrontation.

Jiang Wang's thoughts turned sharply, and his mouth just said: "I respect the last wish of His Royal Highness the Eleventh. But Lin Kuang is a man who is loyal to the country, and his name should not be "fearing responsibility and committing suicide." '."

Tian Chang said "Oh", probably disapproving.

"Master Jiang is indeed a role model for my generation." He left such a sentence and jumped off the cliff.

The wind howls, the clothes hunt and hunt.

And Jiang Wang sat alone on the high platform for a long time, only to sigh in the end.

Even if you are a madman, you should have what a madman wants...what does Tian Anping want?



From Broken Soul Gorge to Chu State, it is difficult to plan a good route.

Jiang Wang still intends to go through the pastoral country, bypass the pegasus plain, cross the long river, go to Yun Country to see An'an, and then go south to Chu-if there was no magical incident at that time, then he This period of time should have been in Chu State cultivation.

The reason for detouring far, instead of directly crossing the Xingyue Plain, the longer the river, into the Southern Territory, of course, is not because of the jealousy of Jingguo or Xia Country, the main reason is to see Rucheng and An'an.

After the crime of psychic is washed away, he now swaggers through Jingguo without any problem, let alone just walks from Jingguo in front of one's eyes.

Now Jing Guo has greatly increased his troops and Sheng Guo, and Sheng Guo is also mobilizing all troops.

The animal husbandry army also marched into Liyuan City one by one.

Seeing a battle between overlords is inevitable, but no one knows when the horn of the First Stage charge will sound.

Zhao Rucheng is in Liyuan City, Jiang Wang naturally has to worry about it.

For the five brothers of the five knots that year, Rucheng is the youngest and the most lazy and delicate, and has always been taken care of by a few big brothers.

Although he is now known as a Great Qin emperor and a noble bloodline, he was mostly hiding his powers at that time, but he couldn’t change his habit of worrying about him...

but Jiang Wang’s The plan still failed.

The war is imminent, and the surrounding area of ​​the original city has already been under martial law.

I have the intention to send a letter to the fifth brother, but he, the Great Qi's Jiang Jue, is really not good at Musheng's side. No one paid any attention to him, and almost aroused the suspicion of several groups of sentinels.

Before causing more trouble, he had to leave first.

Such a war in which the Two Great Overlords countries collide head-on is enough to affect the entire world pattern. It's not worth mentioning that the death of a god is coming. The death of Daoist was probably only a one-off. Relatively speaking, he is a cultivator of the outer building realm, as small as dust.

Except for a distant sigh, nothing can be done.

So he immersed himself in the journey.

This time I don’t have any mood to enjoy the scenery.

Reading, hurrying, cultivation.

Cross the grassland at the fastest speed, then pass through the fertile country, cross the long river, and quietly came to Yun Country.

When I left Yun Country, it was in the autumn of 3919 in Daoli.

At that time, he was full of ambition and was going to Chu State to give Zuo Guangshu a punch, and boosted shamelessly to help Xiao Guangshu penetrate the mountains and seas.

When I turned my head, I was severely beaten by reality. The name of Tongmo, the Slaughter of Demons, the Battle of Yuheng, the Battle of Xingyueyuan, the Death of Jiang Wuqi...

Life seems to have been brutally pulled for a while, and finally returned to the beginning.

But after all, it is not the first time.

To come back now, it is the spring of 390 in the Dao calendar.

Just a few seasons, it's like a lifetime.

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