Red Heart Survey Chapter 1404

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"wu wu wu, wu wu wu."

The stupid gray cried out pitifully and circled Jiang An'an.

Jiang An'an sits on the cloud ground, looking up at the sky, with a serious face, as if thinking about the problem of who's health, and turning a deaf ear to the whimper in his ear.

Stupid gray sells miserably to no avail, so he wags his tail to find Jiang Wang.

As soon as the little greyhound turned around, Jiang Anan's small mouth quickly agitated, chewing on the Fox Race holy fruit moon cage sand that was produced after the Gate of Ten Thousand Demons. I don't know how beautiful it is.

Dumb Hui ran two steps, turned his head abruptly, and Jiang Anan also stopped talking almost at the same time.

It sniffed suspiciously, but unfortunately, nothing was found.

The holy fruit that tastes so good that the dog twitches, how can one eat it and disappear?

It wagged its tail like a windmill, and went to find the owner it hadn't seen for a long time. Who brought the fruit, it still knows!

Jiang Wang and Ye Qingyu are sitting in the gazebo of the Yunyan leisure cage, discussing the feasibility of deducing the "eight-tone flame bird symbol", that is, replacing talisman with cloud seal, and evolving "eight-tone flame bird" with talisman "The technique.

If this step succeeds, the next step is the "Eight-tone Burning Sea Symbol".

The application space of cloud seal divine ability is really vast. In the hands of a cultivator who can make full use of it, it is definitely the top divine ability. The more dao techniques you master, the more powerful the divine ability.

"So you got the inspiration from the eight-tone tea?" Ye Qingyu asked, blinking her clear eyes.

"Ah yes, Qi people are good tea. There are many good teas. Bayin tea is one of the top famous teas. Look at me evolving the voice of the mist girl pipa with the flame bird. Its sound is like this That..." Jiang Wang explained while manipulating several flamebirds to sing together to make a moving sound of pipa.

Ye Qingyu seemed to understand but nodded, and asked: "I heard that the eight-tone tea is the treasure of the town hall among the four famous restaurants in Linzi?"

"It didn't arrive. At that point, there are a lot of top-class teas in Qi State. For example, Dr. Wen Yanyu has a collection of the "washing frost moon". Speaking of which, Dr. Wen is still my friend Yan Fu’s father-in-law! This public is elegant and extraordinary, and it is really admirable. His daughter Wen Tinglan is also a Linzi lady, a well-known beauty, and of course my brother Yan Fuxian will never lose..." Jiang Wang forcibly talked, and then turned back as calmly as possible: "Let’s continue talking about Bayin Yan. Sparrow, this dao technique is in the shape of a flame sparrow, but the foundation is actually a'sound'. Although the cloud seal Myriad Transformations, you don't have to stick to the Fire Element. The eight-tone lark is also excellent..."

Ye Qingyu said "Oh", and then asked: "Generally, guests who don't go there often can't drink it?"

"ah ha ha, it shouldn't be enough. I go very rarely. Chong Xuan Sheng took me there, mainly for tea..." Jiang Wang said in a half-embarrassed manner: "The dao technique we are practicing now can be offensive or defensive, and can be applied in most scenarios. It is very suitable for use in the inner palace stage. And the follow-up advanced dao technique, I can also tell you in detail..."

Ye Qingyu blinked his eyes, her long eyelashes seemed to tremble slightly. Streamer: "Are the four famous restaurants originally just teahouses? They are mainly for tasting tea, but for what?"

"Ah this..."


"wang wang wang~!"

The stupid cry is simply natural.

Jiang Wang turned his face gently, and hugged the little greyhound who was running wildly: "What's wrong, stupid grey?"

Stupid grey drooped and pulled the furry dog's head. He threw his head into his arms and made a pitiful cry of sobs.

Jiang Wang lightly patted the dog's head and said with a smile to Ye Qingyu: "This dog is so clingy."

Ye Qingyu smiled and did not speak.

He got up with the dog in his arms again: "I'll go see what's going on in An An's side, I'm so stupid, maybe I've been beaten... Dao technique, let's talk next time."

"Okay." Ye Qingyu smiled softly.

Jiang Wang has three steps and two steps, his heart is broken, but his posture is still upright. Hugging the dog and leaving the pavilion, he walked to his younger sister.

Stupid Hui suddenly became energetic, turned over in Jiang Wang's arms, put his two front paws on Jiang Wang's horizontal arms, his ears were erected, and his dog's eyes were wide open, majestic and majestic. Looking ahead--

Who dares not to eat?

"Oh, An'an." Jiang Wang took out his brother's posture: "What do you do with stupid..."

"wang wang wang~ 汪woof!"

The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present, stupid gray also made a loud noise.

Jiang An'an, whose mouth kept moving, paused abruptly, turned his head, and winked at Jiang Wang.

Jiang Wang was holding Stupid Hui and turned around to prevent Stupid Hui from seeing what Jiang An'an was eating.

Stupid and anxious, barking angrily in his arms.

"What are you calling!" Jiang Wang slapped his forehead: "I am not sensible when I am so old, don't affect my younger sister's thinking!"

Stupid, dumbfounded for a while , Finally know that human beings are unreliable. Falling down again, wū wū wū wū get up.

Jiang An'an efficiently ate all the moongong sands in his hand.

Cai said: "Brother, have you finished teaching the dao technique?"

Jiang Wang subconsciously glanced at the pavilion, Ye Qingyu had already left.

Turning back to say with a smile: "Ah, yes."

The stupid ash was still buried in his arms sobbing and sobbing, very pitiful.

Jiang Wang thought for a while, and finally couldn't help but said: "Is there still moon cage sand?"

"Nothing!" Jiang Anan proudly said loudly.

"Where is the iron berry? Give it evenly!" Jiang Wang said: "Look at it crying."

"It will pretend to cry." Jiang Anan snorted, reluctantly digs out the squirrel box.

Stupid Hui immediately pulled out his furry head and rushed to Jiang Anan wang wang wang~!

"You see it quarreling with me!" Jiang Anan quickly filed a complaint.

Jiang Wang was a little helpless: "Aren't you good friends?"

"Friends are friends, eating is eating." Jiang Anan pouted: "It I ate all my fish last time and didn't save it for me."

But after all, he took an iron berry and shook it silly.

Foolish gray immediately stared at the dog's eyes, forgot to get angry, and struggled in Jiang Wang's arms.

Jiang An'an took the iron berry, stuck it on the ground and rolled it far away, mutter incantations in his mouth: "The fate of the destiny, the ancient beasts, rush like a law, go!"

She is already an extraordinary cultivator, this time she threw it extremely far.

Stupid Hui immediately broke free from Jiang Wang's arms, jumped to the ground like a fierce man, shot out like an arrow, and chased the iron berry.

Jiang Wang didn't know whether to cry or laugh: "What kind of curse are you?"

"The curse of God."

Jiang An'an Looking at the big brother with slick eyes, laughed, opened his hand and said: "I want to hug too."

Jiang Wang was helpless to hug her, and was about to tell her something like sharing is a virtue That kind of truth. They don't have a father and mother anymore. As a big brother, he will inevitably have the consciousness of teaching younger sister.

But Jiang An'an's little hand suddenly pressed against his mouth and stuffed a fruit into his mouth.

Jiang Wang bit his mouth and burst into fragrant mouth.

Can’t help but say: "Didn’t you say that it’s gone?"

Jiang Anan giggled in his arms: "Is there anything for others!"

Take out two more magically, one for the big brother and one for himself.

Siblings, the two of them ate and smiled happily.

There is also a stupid dog, barking joyfully in the distance, thinking that he has taken a big advantage.



Extremely high terrain, loose system, neutral national policy... and Ye Lingxiao, it is the reason why Yun Country can be so long The reason for tranquility.

Fighting is very desperate and indeed, Ah Chou, whose skin is rough and flesh is thick, may be one of the reasons.

Since his extraordinary achievement, Jiang Wang has been to many places. There has never been a place that can give him such a peaceful feeling like Yun Country.

Even in Qi State, which is getting higher status, he can't let go of the string in his heart.

He is always nervous.

It was probably because An An lived here and was well protected by Ye Lingxiao.

This place often gives him a sense of rest.

Although I just came secretly every time, after all, I miss the ordinary time spent in Yun Country.

Sometimes plainness is a luxury.

During my time in Yun Country, I played with An An every day, supervised An An’s study, discussed with Ye Qingyu, supervised An An’s study, teased a silly dog, supervised An’’s study, cultivation hard, supervised An’’s study... …

Life is plain and fulfilling.

People and dogs are very happy.

In the Grand Void Illusory Realm this night.

After five daily battles, Jiang Wang received a long-lost letter.

The person who wrote the letter is the Ning Jianke who has fought with him many times at the inner government level.

There is only one sentence in the letter, "Retreat for a long time, and become an outer building. War or not?"

Jiang Wang's reply is also very simple, with only one word, "Come!"

So the Sword Discussion Platform screamed and killed the Star River.

For Jiang Wang, Ning Jianke is a very good training partner, especially in the sword technique, which inspires him a lot.

He, an unorthodox who has come out in countless fights, has been in discussions with Ning Jianke again and again. Constantly make up for the foundation, and then have the sublimation on the river viewing platform.

Although in the realm of the inner palace, he has already thrown away Ning Jianke far, and the battle gains less than once. But such an outstanding sword technique Heaven's Chosen, its performance in the outer building environment, is still worth looking forward to.

So even on the battlefield of Xingyueyuan, he had already chanted the slogan of striving for invincibility under God's presence, and he was still willing to set aside an extra battle time for Ning Jianke.

In the vast Star River, the ancient Sword Discussion Platform can be spread out.

People are like river fish, and they are only a corner.

But the Sword Discussion Platform itself is a world.

On the sword, the two people face each other, and their sharpness reaches the sharp edge. Jiang Wang's sword is out of its sheath.

This sword, utterly chanting, like a hero sings to wine, drumming up the Star Sea, unspeakably chic and heroic!

Sword Discussion Platform seems to float in Star River, but Star River is more of a background.

Those stars seem very close but very far away.

It seems to be right in front of you, but in fact it is out of reach.

When Jiang Wang’s sword was unsheathed, Star River suddenly lit up. The illusory shadow of a 7th Layer azure stone tower, silently projected, hung in the middle of Star River, trance and suppression. The imposing manner.

The majestic starlight of the holy building flows over the body of the sword, and the sword in Jiang Wang's hand has a brilliance that cannot be seen directly at this brief moment.

What is "faith?"

It's human words.

As soon as you speak, you must spare no effort.

After the sword is out of its sheath, it must cut the enemy's skull and return.

This sword has a fatalistic and killer meaning. At the moment it was unsheathed, Ning Jianke's aura was already firmly locked. Can't avoid, can't escape, can only face.

What you promise is what you do, what you ask is what you do.

This is Jiang Wang's sword of Taoism.

Although it is not perfect, it is a complete interpretation of the first holy building.

Practice it for a long time, practice it for a long time,

It is the first time to truly show in the enemy!

Only Ning Jianke's superb sword technique Heaven's Chosen is worthy of being out of the sheath with this sword.

Only this and the others is enough to test the sharpness of this sword.

Having not played for so long, Jiang Wang wants to give him a big surprise!

In the Grand Void Illusory Realm, the ordinary Ning Jianke, suddenly divine light suddenly appeared.

She backhanded out her limpid autumn water-like long sword.

The sword light surges like a river.

A sword-shaped tall building is condensed in Star River.

As the long sword is unsheathed, the starlight soars and the sword light flows.

The two happened at the same time, and they complemented each other.

Her long sword is clearly pulled out of the scabbard. It feels like it is in the unattainable Star River. That star building is the scabbard!

The sword came from the Star Tower.

This sword is from bottom to top, and when it is completely unsheathed, there is a cracking sound.

Jiang Wang's hand holding the sword, the hand that was supposed to be extremely well protected, suddenly burst open.

And the illusory shadow of the 7th Layer azure stone tower in Star River has been erased!

One sword breaks the star building.

The tip of Jiang Wang's sword has almost been pointed in front of Ning Jianke's forehead, and the meaning of "it is inevitable and indispensable"... has disappeared.



Ning Jianke’s long sword rose from the sky, and with no difficulty, he set up and cut Jiang Wang’s long sword Open, the hole opens the door of Jiang Wang.

Another new Peerless Sword technique!

Jiang Wang has never seen Peerless Sword technique before.

The sword array was placed forward, and with the help of the sword array, the sword was separated on the fourth floor.

And now Ning Jianke's sword also has the same effect.

He was simmering to give his old rival a surprise, and Ning Jianke took the initiative to challenge him, so why not?

Unexpectedly, Jiang Wang’s chest and abdomen are all within reach of Ning Jianke’s sword edge.

A limpid autumn water flows through the eyes.

A touch of cold light leaps like a silver fish.

Sword edge is near!

So five blazing white light sources light up at the same time, and the light of the same glare from the five houses shines on his body.

Jiang Wang's toe point, the blue cloud is broken, and he retreated to the edge of the Sword Discussion Platform in one step, pressing the eight-tone burning sea with one hand, and using the fire sea sound wave to temporarily block the attack of Ning Jianke .

At the same time, his left eye turned crimson, and under the blessing of the pupil of the dry sun, the five consciousness hell was instantly summoned!

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body, five prisons Qi Zhenning swordsman.

A dazzling sword light cut through the sound wave of the fire sea. Ning Jianke’s sword intent rushed into his eyes and directly strangled the Five Hells.

She shoots out in the separate fire sea and sound wave.

But it was Jiang Wang's red eyes that greeted her.

The solo ride completed by Dao Cultivating Platform into the formation diagram has been launched.

Drag her into the battle of Divine Soul in an instant.

In the state of Divine Soul, Ning Jianke pulled a sword forward, like dawn to open the night, and cut off the connection between himself and the single ride into the formation diagram, thus avoiding Jiang Wang’s Divine Soul Crush!

But outside of the Divine Soul state, her sky-reaching sea suddenly roared and surging, completely out of control.

Eight breeze flowed around her body, tightly binding her limbs.

The white blade was placed so lightly on her neck.

The battle is over.

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