Seeing the arrival of Xia Yingqiu, Guโ€™s open arms seemed to give each other a hug, but his enthusiasm was disregarded by Xia Yingqiu.


Laughing and putting his hand down, Xia Yingqiu next to him is also an open channel.

"I have fulfilled my promise, and you must fulfill your promise."

"That is of course, I can assure you that after this the dragons can still stand in the animal domain, you are still the future of the beasts of the beasts."

Gu Guโ€™s face was accompanied by a light smile. He used the most convincing gaze to answer the Xia Yingqiu with a positive answer.

The palm of your hand gently clenched your fist and turned your eyes to the top of the dragon city.

"Xia Yingqiu, you are a traitor."

Xia Yingdaโ€™s roaring endlessly, I heard that Xia Yingqiu couldnโ€™t help but hang down his head, and there was a apology in his eyes.

"Don't blame me, I am also for the ethnic group."

Yes, everything in Xia Yingqiu is also for the dragons.

Just six months ago, Gu Li found him. At that time, he refused their invitation, until the ancient protagonist of the Protoss appeared.

He surrendered.

In the face of absolute power, before the trembling of the soul

He has no way to answer in a definite way, I refuse!

He can't do it.

However, his heart is still standing here in the dragon. His starting point is also for the future of the dragon. But he is taking the road that is unacceptable to the world.

However, in his view, it is the most correct way.

"Xia Yingqiu!"

Xia Yingda appeared in front of the city gate of Longcheng. The former brothers looked at each other. From his gaze, Xia Yingqiu saw the anger in his brother's heart.

He didn't dare to look directly at the other person's eyes, but he had a clear conscience.

"Your brother is very angry now, isn't your relationship really good? Didn't you tell him the agreement between us? โ€

The finger left his ear to leave the mouth, Xia Yingqiu just silently turned back, said.

"There is nothing to say, even if he told him that his character could not agree with my approach. The ethnic group must be left behind. As for the anonymity, it is up to me to do it. โ€

"Oh, itโ€™s really affectionate."Ancient and light smile.

"But you remember the agreement between us."A Sensant breath instantly locked the ancients, even if I saw Xia Yingqiuโ€™s face full of haze and looked at him. "If you lie to me, even if I am dead, I will not let you go."

It is reasonable to say that this threat can be completely ignored.

Xia Yingqiu is a top expert in the animal domain, but it can be nothing in the eyes of the ancient. Moreover, his purpose has been reached, he has to deal with this guy who seems to be a defeated dog.

However, he likes to do a full set of dramas, saying that if he really retorts it now, it may cause unnecessary trouble.

Eyes flow, the ancient returning with a smile.

"You can rest assured that your dragons will be able to survive." If I am really the kind of person who is going back to the world, now I donโ€™t have to play with you, isnโ€™t it? โ€

Xia Yingqiu was undecided, and he thought so.

The purpose of the other party has been reached, and there is no way for him to really threaten them. If he wants to go back, he can show it directly now, and it is not necessary to play with him.

Of course, the evil taste of the ancients is not ruled out. What he can do now is to gamble.

But he may be disappointed, and Gu Guzhen is really such a bad person.

"You may be in danger if you stay here. Now you have to withdraw." When everything is over, you will be gloriously added back to your ethnic group, and people of your ethnic group will appreciate your choice. โ€

"Hey, remember the appointment."

As soon as the voice fell, Xia Yingqiu turned into a golden dragon and left the dragon city. Until then, the face of Gu Guโ€™s face showed disdainful light.

Itโ€™s really stupid.

"Xia Yingqiu! You traitor, don't want to run! โ€

Xia Yingda on the Dragon City instantly turned into a golden dragon roaring, but just across the top of the ancient head, a pair of big hands was taken by him.


One foot on the body that wins the big ball, even if you hear the old smile.

"English Qiu brother is now ours. His mission has already gone to rest. You should not bother him."

"Devil scum!"

Xia Yingda, who is 100 meters long, could not break free at the foot of the ancients. He could only scream at the red dragon.

"The king is defeated. You are the one who is victorious. Naturally, you are just." But after this war, when we become the party to victory, your justice will cease to exist after the millennium. At that time, maybe it is the morality of our devil's mouth full of morality and morality to stand at the highest point to attack you. Oh, sorry, you should have no chance to let us attack. After this war, you all have to die. โ€

In the right hand, a golden rope fell on Xia Yingda's body. In a flash, the golden rope was tied firmly.

"Indah brother!"

The people on the Dragon City shook their fists and screamed, even if they heard the dragons gnaw their teeth.

"I can't think of it, Xia Yingqiu is actually a real traitor."

"You dragons are really good, the tribes are the best, but the problems are the most."

The Xuanwu people who had previously arranged the four elephants roared, and the dragon people could not refute after hearing them.

"Now the four elephant arrays can't be arranged anymore. Hey, it's really worthless for our people. They fight for their lives,"

"Don't be noisy."

At this moment, a spoiled drink from the crowd, not long after I saw Li Jiayi behind the countless Terran masters came over.

"If there is a noisy time, it is better to think about how to deal with the follow-up issues."

"Where is the little girl, there is still no speech here."

Someone in the animal field sneered, and immediately he felt a cold between his neck, Gou Yuzhan holding his apple in his head, holding a long stick against the Orc's neck.

"You said that the big sister of Jiayi is not qualified?"


In an instant, many masters of the saints of the Beasts are all brows, but in the next moment their necks or chests are made to hold the weapons.

Obviously, the Terran and the Beast are now divided into two camps.

As for why the masters of the Terran have listened to Li Jiayi, it is because their life was given by Li Jiayi's master. There are also many neutral people who want to be old and to comfort, but when they feel the suffocation of both sides are retreating.

Li Jiayi also smiled indifferently at this time, and waved the group of high-ranking masters to take all the weapons back, and also heard her opening to the people of the animal domain.

"I am qualified now?"

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