The semi-orc trio is the demon.

Because the speciality of the semi-orcs has always allowed the animal domain to be excluded, they can only barely stay in the land of the marbles at the Bilu Mountain.

Although there is only a bronze mirror, the black dragon can determine the assertion.

Absolutely they are coming.

What surprised him was that the relationship between the half-orc and the animal domain was not particularly harmonious. If they have to say hard, they are deported from the devil and the half-orc, so it seems that there is still some pity.

The Emperor of the Emperor.

When the Black Dragon came out, the people in the animal field were all looking at it.

"What are they doing here!"

Although the bronze mirror saved the life of the beast, the people of the beast domain did not appreciate it, and the look was filled with disdain.

"Oh, just because they are also worthy of shaking, the shame of the Yaozu!"

Some people in the crowd are screaming at the mouth.

Such a fierce reaction made Li Jiayi unable to lock his eyebrows. But the people in the black dragon air saved them, why the words of the people in the animal domain were so radical.

"Three elders, what are the grievances of the Emperor and the Three Emperors in the animal domain?"

Li Jiayi, who was puzzled in her heart, couldn’t help but open to the old man around her. The old man was with him when he was at the beginning of the mountain. He looked at the three realms and asked her if she could get some useful information. news.

Sure enough, without letting Li Jiayi down, the old man really said the reason.

"The Three Emperors of the Emperor are actually the three emperors of the semi-orc, but their identity is somewhat special. They are not the Yaozu, but they are not the Terran, and they belong to the combination of the Terran and the Yaozu. ”

"Is there any problem with this?"

"There are some unknown masters. In fact, the marriage between the Yao and the Terran is a big taboo in the animal domain. If you give birth to a child, it is even more difficult for the Yaozu to accept. The Yaozu are very old-fashioned, and the reproduction between them can only be in the same ethnic group, even if they cross the ethnic group, they cannot recognize it. ”

"The female emperor of the Nine-Tailed Fox family and the spiritual scorpion Yuan Hong are in love, and their sister Su Liuer and the dragon Xia Keke, are not all related to Ye Zichen? Why can they be between them, but those who don’t see the beasts speak out? ”

Li Jiayi frowned and the old man smiled.

"The nine-tailed fox and the dragon are both peaks. Even if they want to smash, they need at least the courage. The coffin family has Sun Dasheng shocking the group demon, who dares to say. ”

Wen Yan, Li Jiayi nodded.

To put it simply, it is that the people in this group of beasts are bullying and hard, and most of the orcs who drive them out are relatively disadvantaged.

"In fact, people and demon marriages have gradually accepted the animal domain in the near future."

At this time, the old man was also open, "I can't marry people and demons, that is, the old antiques." The resistance of the animal domain to the semi-orcians has gradually diminished, but they are so hostile to the Emperor and the Three Emperors. It can be said that these three emperors are the scars of their beasts. ”

"how do I say this?"

"In the view of the animal domain, only the demon and the demon are married, and the birth of the child can be pure. Therefore, there are many ethnic groups in the Yaozu, and even the brothers and sisters are married. It’s just that they couldn’t think of it. The half-orcs that they drove out, not only did not fend for themselves, but also gave birth to three emperors. The Emperor and the Three Emperors were born for the common ethnic group and the Terran, and their appearance was accompanied by the curse and drive of the animal domain. However, even if the whole animal domain did not look at them, they even earlier than the other people in the animal domain to break through the king of the king. After the breakthrough, they even claimed to be the demon. ”

When talking about this matter, the old man’s eyes were accompanied by a touch of sarcasm and ridicule.

"Do you think that this is not the face of the beast? Therefore, the entire animal domain will give the demon emperor a hate. But let me say that it is purely the beast domain. ”

Between the words, the old man’s tone has changed a little, and she can feel the resentment against the animal domain from her tone.

At this time, Li Jiayi suddenly thought of her chat with Huahai.

At that time, she teased Huahai that he and the three elders were lonely for a lifetime, and that there was a trick between the two. Huahai just knocked on her head with a smile and replied that he couldn’t get married.

The three elders did not marry, but they fell in love with the Yaozu.

"It seems that the three elders and her lover in the past were to let the animal domain live and be dismantled."Li Jiayi sighed in her heart.

The roar of the animal domain is still endless, and at that moment the bronze mirror on the side of the void is also turned into two men and one woman.

When they saw them, the people in the animal domain were even more embarrassed. The woman who heard the words wanted to move her hand, but let the people around her hold it and shook her head toward her.

"Sure enough, you, I heard it, the beast domain saved you a life, but did not appreciate it." Think about your situation at that time. The situation of the Orcs and the Mozu are somewhat similar. This seat has never thought of plundering the territory of your semi-orc. Why do you need to blend in? ”

Seeing the appearance of the Emperor's Three Emperors, the Black Dragon couldn't help but sigh.

He actually doesn't want to fight against these people. It's not that they are afraid of them. They don't want to fight. It's mainly because their fit skills are a bit of a headache.

"The Black Dragon adults are not interested in the territory of the semi-orc, so I would like to thank the adults of the semi-orcs for the adults."

The handsome man wearing a blue shirt with antlers in the sky smirked, not to look at his long, young, his real age is much larger than most people present.

Luhuang, one of the three emperors of the semi-orc.

In 10,000 years, it is a breakthrough in the king of Xian. Nowadays, the strength has reached the peak of Xianwang, and it is only one step away from Shengshen.

"Thank you for it. If the three demons can retreat, the black dragon is really grateful."Black dragon arched hands.

"This may have to disappoint the adults."The deer emperor sighed with a sigh of relief. "In fact, our three brothers and sisters don't want to intervene in this matter. What is the relationship between life and death in the animal domain?"

His childhood experience made him unable to hate the animal domain. He vaguely remembered the pictures he and his mother had expelled from the animal domain.

If this hate, he will not deliberately rob the Bilu Mountain when he breaks through the Xianwang.

What he is doing is to let the animal domain regret it!

The other two people have the same idea as him. In their opinion, the life and death of the animal domain does not have much to do with them. They are too lazy to ignore the life and death of the people in the animal domain.

"Then," the black dragon raised his eyebrows.

"We don't want to control the life and death of the animal domain, but we owe Ye Xiaoyou no. Now it should be called Ye Di. We owe Ye Di personal feelings, no way, this person has to return. ”

Deer King seemed to helplessly spread his hand, and Black Dragon heard a faint smile.

"So the Three Emperors are ironic to be enemies with this seat?"

"I don't want to be an enemy, but I can't help you."

The deer emperor sighed and kept shaking his head, his face faint.

"It is impossible to advise adults to close their hands. There is no way. Although it may not be your opponent, our three brothers and sisters can only let go!"

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