Smoke and rain.

The rain seemed to be a bit bigger than before, and the raindrops splashed on the ground and white fog.

"Adults, do you want to teach them down?"

Someone in the demon statue spoke, these few demons are really shameless. Black Dragon has already given them face, they even have to be an enemy of adults.

If such people do not teach them well, they really have to reverse the sky.

"Please fight under your subordinates."

"Please fight under your subordinates."

There are non-stop demon statues out of it, in their opinion, this demon emperor has nothing to do with this book. If they are really strong, they will not let the half-orcs shrink in the place of Biluoshan for so long.

Right now is the opportunity to be shown in front of the Black Dragon. No one wants to let this opportunity slip away from the hands.

However, the Black Dragon waved their hands and even stepped forward.

"You are all here, no one can shoot without my order."

The demon lords are going backwards, and they have no courage to dare to disobey the black dragon. At the same time, I also saw the black dragon licking his mouth and looking at the Emperor and the Three Emperors in the void.

"This seat is also about to learn, the three emperors' skills are not as powerful as the outside world, please!"

With a wave of his right hand, the pressure is suddenly emerging.

The three emperors in the void can't help but lock their eyebrows when they feel the pressure of this spirit. When they came to the animal domain, they always felt that a very strong spiritual pressure permeated the side of the animal domain. I did not expect that the master of this spiritual pressure was the black dragon himself.

"It seems that we can't hide it."

The handsome deer of the deer looked sternly and smiled. The spirits released from the black dragons were clear. If they did not use the fit skills, they would not even have the qualification to play with him.

Fit skills.

This spiritual skill is developed and pioneered by the Emperor of the Emperor, and this kind of spiritual skill has extremely high requirements for the tacit understanding between the casters.

Whether it is the frequency of breathing, or the release of spiritual fluctuations, it must be absolutely the same.

Only the three emperors of the demon emperor, who are from childhood, are together, and they have been able to cooperate with each other for years.

"At this time, I still want to hide, and I want to lose it."

The three-something sturdy man with two meters wearing a animal skin can't help but joke. This person is also the three emperors.

"But how long have we not used fit skills, but it is a flaw."

"Bear brother, this is still what you said to yourself. If it is a problem, it is definitely out of you."

The only woman among the three emperors grinned, and she was a little petite in front of the bear emperor.

Her face is always accompanied by humans and animals, but there is a speed that is unmatched by ordinary people.


It is her title.

Let the bird emperor say so, the bear emperor was a little embarrassed and scratched his head and smiled. The handsome deer of the deer also interrupted their chat at this time.

"Don't say it, it would be bad if we let our VIPs wait for a long time. However, bear brothers must control themselves when you arrive. If the fit skills collapse in the middle, then we must die here. ”

The bear king heard the words sinking, and he knew clearly that he was now trying to have a chance to fail with them in the family.

Failed here, they only have one death.

"Mother's, Ye Xiaozi's human feelings are really hard to return."

The bear emperor of the tiger's back can't help but marry her, but his gaze is sharp at this moment, and a spirit is drilled from his body.

Not only him, but also the deer and the emperor are shelling their souls.

"This is actually the case."

Looking at the three shelled spirits, the black dragon's face showed a smile caused by novelty.

"What should they do with this body?"

In his suspicion, the Three Emperors have already answered for him.

I saw the soul that was detached from the body, pointing to the three bodies that floated in the air. The three main bodies fell in front of Li Jiayi, and the knowledge of the sea was also received by the deer.

"The body of our shackles is handed over to the girl."

Li Jiayi was shocked by the sound of the sudden appearance of the sea, and looked at the spirit of the deer, and found that the other party was nodding and nodding to her.

Li Jiayi put the body of the Three Emperors in a safer position.

When the three bodies fell, she could feel the color of the animal field that was thrown toward her.

"The Three Emperors' bodies are kept in good condition, especially those on the side of the animal domain."

The masters of the race are nodding, and the people in the animal domain are feeling a few breaths to block them all.

"What do you mean?"

The taste of people's surveillance is not good. When you feel the lock of the human race, someone in the animal field is locked in an eyebrow.

"The three emperors' bodies can't be comforted. I know that your relationship between the beast and the three emperors is more subtle. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please also understand. ”


Some people in the animal field locked their eyebrows. Since they all said this, Li Jiayi would not cover up, and simply said that he would announce it.

"Who is trying to kill the Three Emperors, killing!"

"Don't be too much."

The people in the animal field burst into drink, but he just opened his mouth and felt a cold dagger at the neck.

A few breaths also locked it, and kept pressing him.

"You will listen to this girl."At this time, the dragons in summer and winter pleaded with enthusiasm. "The sorrows of the half-orcs and the beasts of the beasts should have passed, and now they are also coming to save them. Also, please look at the face of the old dragon, how do you eliminate the anger of your heart? ”

"Oh, then look at the face of the dragon's predecessors, Lao Tzu does not care about them."

I took the opportunity to find a step, and the beast master squatted back. Seeing this scene in the summer and winter, this smile, and immediately he prepared to go over Li Jiayi, but let a soft sword to resist the throat.

"Thank you for the predecessors of the dragons to persuade, but you are the person of the animal domain after all, and please keep a good distance with the body of the three emperors, so we are all good."

Li Jiayi's delicate face is full of dignity. Since the Three Emperors handed over the body to her, she could not let any mistakes in the middle.

The rest of the orcs saw this scene as an eyebrow. If it wasn’t for the summer and winter, they had already said that they had already been with the guys of the Terran. Now the little girl is afraid to point the summer and winter with a sword.

"you guys"


Xia Dong locks his eyebrows and drinks, and immediately withdraws a few steps toward the back. Li Jiayi, whose blade pointed at him, also took back the soft sword. Even though she faced the hostility of the entire animal domain, she still used her not to humble her voice.

β€œThank you for your understanding!”

When the voice falls, the soft sword is to withdraw the waist and close the mouth.

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