Above the void.

The raindrops fell through the soul of the Emperor's Three Emperors on the ground. At this time, the souls of the three of them all closed their eyes and stood in a triangular position.

The black dragon in the distance holds his hands, and his eyes subconsciously look toward the body of the Emperor and the Three Emperors on the other side of Li Jiayi.

Leave the body to others to look after, apparently after the souls of the three of them are removed, the body can not receive threats.

Such a big drawback is such a blatant display, are they not afraid?

The black dragon shook his head and laughed. Of course he would not move the body of the demon. He also looked forward to a smooth battle with them after the fit.


At this moment, a light white spot appeared in the three spirits of the demon. Their souls are also snagging and squeezing toward the light spot.

Whether it is the animal domain or the ancients, they are very shocked to watch this scene.


The three souls that are not integrated are actually condensed, and a new soul is born after the cohesion.

Gradually, the pressure from the soul spilled out.

The black dragon eye that watched the new soul was filled with excitement.

"It's a genius idea."

The tongue licked the lips, and the powerful palms of the two holes were like squatting. Maybe other people can't see the mystery in the middle, but his vision is already seen.

What a genius idea this is.

In the eyes of outsiders, the soul of anyone is unique. However, the Emperor and the Three Emperors broke the common sense and re-condensed the soul in a completely ethereal state and the same tremor frequency.

As long as this soul is successfully condensed, their soul power will be three times that of ordinary people.

Then their soul power can naturally look up to any existence.

"Genius is really a genius idea."

The black dragon standing in the field kept talking, he looked and looked forward to not disturbing. He wanted to witness the idea of ​​this genius.

What can they reach?

The people on the side of the animal domain are also watching and holding, and the Terran is also the same, and they have common doubts in their hearts.

How did they do it!

The light spots are like a newborn, and when the last glimpse of the Three Emperors is condensed, the babies who are curled up are like sitting in a time machine, and it takes a few seconds to spend more than a decade.

Hey boy.

The teenager is wearing a white robe, or the pure white under the soul can only think that he is wearing a white robe. Under the pupils, it is the sharpness of everything that shines through everything.

"Genius, you are a genius!"

The black dragon standing on the ground smiled wildly, and now the blood in his body is boiling. He is eager to fight against this new soul.

"Adults like it."

The new soul inherited the humility and courtesy of the deer, and the black dragon also opened the door.

"your name."

"In fact, our brothers and sisters haven't thought about it yet, but since it is a refining and refining, then it is called his soul."Less young laughter.

At this moment, the black dragon who knew the boy's name broke out with violent power.

In an instant, the ground under his feet had a hundred meters of ground that made him step on the collapse, and the right-handed fists of the spirits slammed up and down.

He didn't have any hands, he would use the strongest power to treat this new boy.

This is the respect that the opponent should have.

"It's so strong."

Gou Yuzhan, who was over the head, couldn't help but marvel. For the first time, he was so intuitive to see Black Dragon's all-out shot.

That force made him feel scalp tingling, strong is the most realistic call from the bottom of my heart.

The other people in the Dragon City also pinched their fists and stared at the soul in the void.

Very light.

Even if the black dragon's fist has already fallen, but the soul of the young man is not a slow finger out.


Just a finger.

Fingers were lightly printed on Black Dragon's fist and stopped for a few seconds.


The strong air waves are in the middle of the fingers of the soul boy and the fists of the black dragon. The violent waves can't open your eyes.


A loud noise rang across the ear, and when the waves dissipated, everyone saw that the black dragon was heavily slammed on the ground and spilled in the mouth.

"grown ups."

The black dragon reached out and stopped the demon, and the fingers also wiped the blood from the corner of the mouth, and the more exciting light flashed in the eyes.

"You are the opponent of this seat."

"Thanks to the affirmation of adults."

The teenager of the soul does not humble and laugh.


The black dragon that fell on the ground greeted the youngsters of the soul. What is shocking is that this is enough for the three worlds to feel the desperate black dragon, and they can't get close to the soul.

From beginning to end, the Soul Juvenile only has one finger.

"too strong."

"Maybe we can really survive."

Some people in the animal field began to sigh, and the people on the Terran side swallowed their spit. They stared at the black dragon and the soul that were constantly colliding.

"Hey, let them save you, feel very proud!"

Just as the crowd admired it, there was a discordant roar in the animal field.

"Don't forget, they are half-orcs, let them save, you don't feel ashamed!"

Looking at the past along this voice, everyone saw the opening of a name with a long scorpion in the corner of the eye, and the man with his chest full of black bear hair was screaming in the haze.

"You can't say that."

"Yeah, the summer and winter predecessors also said, we have to accept the half-orc. Moreover, they are coming to save us, we should learn to be grateful and put down the previous grievances. ”

"That's right."

There are people in the animal field who refute constantly, but the bear man is just a glimpse of the scorpion, which is to withdraw from the sight of everyone.

Seeing him leave, he never thought about it, just put all his attention on the void.

"threw up."

It was also the black dragon spit bleeding water that fell to the ground, and there were still a few of his teeth in the blood.

Obviously, the young boy after the soul has an absolute advantage.

"Interesting, it's so interesting."

Even in the case of injury, Black Dragon’s eyes are still full of excitement. He struggled out of the pit and his tongue licked his lips.

"The idea of ​​this genius is so powerful."

"Adults like it."The teenager is still the look of the courteous, "You should also feel the adults, you are not our opponent, let go." The site outside the Xianyu area is enough for the development of your Mozu, and this beast is reserved for the Terran and the Orcs. ”

"Oh, these will be said later, this seat has not yet played."

Knocking down his nose, Black Dragon laughed with the power of violent and went on the face. The soul body is also helpless sigh, and then a finger is extended.

Hold on.

The soul of the juvenile awkwardly squatted on the ground, and the condensed soul gradually became disintegrated. Even though he saw him looking at the demon emperor.


Moving their bodies.

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