When Black Dragon noticed that the soul was abnormal, his punches could not be recovered.

The fist crashed into the chest of the soul, and the soul that had fallen apart was directly broken into three souls after this punch.

The demon spirits are all exposed to the painful color, especially the bear emperor.

His soul has already had a broken state.

The Black Dragon is not in charge of them, but looks at the Dragon City with scarlet eyes.

"Who is doing it!"

He is very angry.

Of course, he was not angry at the loss of the soul of the young man. He was angry and still not happy, and someone forced him to destroy his interest.

The angry black dragon roared in the sky, and the first time when the soul appeared abnormal

Looking at the body of the Three Emperors, Li Jiayi saw the bear-bearing man who had been arrogant before, and I did not know how to run to the body of the Three Emperors. The bear's paw was actually wearing the chest of the Xiong Emperor.

At this time, it is no longer necessary to care about who is letting him in. Moreover, Li Jiayi has no way to blame the masters of the Terran.

Even if she is, it is also attracted by the battle between the Three Emperors and the Black Dragon after the soul.

Moreover, the Three Emperors are saving them all. No one can think of it, even someone will actually do this kind of thing.

"Take him away!"

Li Jiayi snarled and angered, not only the master of the Terran, but even the people of the animal domain rushed up.

This guy

He has harmed everyone!

"Hahaha, die, dirty half-orc, die!"

The bear clan was laughing hysterically, and he was still contaminated with the blood of the bear emperor in his hand.

"kill him."

The people in the beasts are angry, but they don’t need them at all. The black dragons with red eyes are falling in front of all of them.

"Is that you right?"

The anger of the haze came out of the mouth of the black dragon. Even if he saw him squatting, the bear-bearing man who was stunned by the masters of the family was actually directly in front of everyone.

All of this is too sudden, no matter the beasts of the animal domain and the human race have no time to react.

Until the brawny died in front of their eyes, their heart was shrinking.

The black dragon is coming.

They have been slogans that they want the last battle, and they can't say anything at this time. They all stopped at the ground and the body was uncontrollably shuddering.

In an instant, the whole world is quiet.

A gust of wind blew on them, and they could hear the black horse's angry respite in an environment where the static drop of a needle could be heard.

But not long after, he smiled again.

"Forget it."

He smiled and shook his head. The black dragon took a photo of his right hand and caught the body of the demon.

No one dared to stop at all. Originally Li Jiayi wanted to take the shot, but her instinct told her that she could not move.

Her can't restrain her, can't move.

"Injury to the ontology will lead to the collapse of the soul. You can't deny that your soul is really a genius idea, but the drawbacks are too obvious. I really want to play with you for a while, but there are already people in your life who can't live, and the soul can't achieve the previous effect. ”


Throw these three bodies onto the ground, and the black dragon indifferently saw two laps on the body and body of the demon.

"Would you like this, you should definitely have agreed to die together." That seat will help you, let you die together. ”


At this moment, a spoiled drink came from behind the black dragon. It was a strange eyebrow to hear this black horse.

He didn't put these people in his eyes at all, just because he was in front of this group of people, but they didn't dare to look at them. They didn't want him to take a look.

But he didn't expect that this group seemed to him to be the guy who scared him.

I dare to blame him.

Looking back with great interest, Li Jiayi grabbed the soft sword in her hand and stared at him fiercely.

"Just you talked?"

The black dragon looks at the strength of this girl is very weak, it is weaker than most of the beasts and human races present. But he admired the courage of the girl and was willing to say a few words to her.

"it's me."

Li Jiayi's little face is white, and the heart is violently jumping.

"You are very good."

Black Dragon This is a true praise. To say that the girl’s swearing before is an impulse, but when he turns back and looks at the girl, she can still return to his question.

At least, her courage exceeds anyone here.

"This seat appreciates your courage, but it does not mean that you can tolerate your resentment against this seat. But this seat is still willing to give you a chance to tell what you want to say. ”

"Do not move their bodies."Li Jiayi frowned.

"Are you giving orders to this seat, little girl, your tone is very disliked."

The face of Black Dragon suddenly sank, noticed the change of his face, and the people outside the Dragon City hung their hearts. Just in a flash, the black dragon actually laughed and came out.

"But this seat likes your courage, well, since you let this seat not move their body. Then this seat gives you a chance, as long as you can let this seat take a step back. This seat will return their body to you, and you can put all of you here, how? ”

The mood of the people in the field has changed, and they all turned their attention to Li Jiayi.

Didn't stop Li Jiayi, even if it was stopped, their results were still dead, but they did not hope.

Just rely on her, how could it make Black Dragon take a step.

Idiot said dreams!

But in their hearts, they still look forward to the emergence of miracles. It can be said that their mood is very complicated now.

It’s so complicated that even if they let themselves feel their inner feelings now, they can’t say it.

The lives of countless people have been pushed to the shoulders, and Li Jiayi’s pressure has doubled. Involuntarily, the boy who smiled at any time in her mind

Ye Zichen.

She is thinking of him.

"It turns out that the burden on your shoulders has always been so heavy."

The heart couldn't help but whisper, and Li Jiayi thought again that he was already in the thunder. In her opinion, it is not a good thing for him to die.

At least the burden that can almost collapse the pressure of people is gone, and it is easy to die.

Just like now, the lives of countless people are on her shoulders!

"Okay, I promise you."

Suddenly, Li Jiayi’s eyes screamed sharply. She looked directly at the black dragon's eyes and said it in a word.

"Remember what you said."

For the reaction of Li Jiayi, people outside Longcheng are stunned, and Black Dragon is also very surprised.

Black Dragon said that he wanted to use the pressure to directly crush the girl, but she did not expect the girl to answer so.

He couldn't see what the girl had, but he was happy to see what the girl could do to get him out of the way!

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