The rain, when it fell to the top of Ye Zichen, was evasive.

Looking at the indifferent Ye Zichen in front of him, Gu's lips kept trembled.

"Ye Ge, my brother knows it wrong."

"Look at us as a clan, let me go once, I am sure I have changed myself to be a new person."

"I know it is wrong, I really know it is wrong, beg you to spare me once."

If it werenโ€™t for the legal status, the ancients would have to leave Ye Zichen.

He is really scared.


Ye Zichen didn't waste his tongue at all, and didn't want to listen to his false admittance here. A swordman appeared from his fingers and swept toward the ancient neck.


Above the void, a large hand suddenly took pictures from the air.

This big hand is obviously not for killing anyone. His purpose is very clear, that is, for the ancients to come.

The Ye Zichen Xuanyuan sword, which was parked in place, came out. He had already counted that the people in the upper three circles would definitely save the ancients at this time.

As for the reason

He has a sword on his body.

"I want to save him, your hand is here."

The eyelids flashed, and thousands of swordsmanships were taken from the Xuanyuan sword.


A sulking screaming from the void, I saw that the giant hand gripped and shattered all the swords. In a flash, he changed his target and shot it towards Ye Zichen.


Turning a few flips toward the rear, Ye Zichen lifted his right hand and the Xuanyuan sword that had detached from his hand returned to his hand as if he had been summoned.

Holding the hilt, the fingers crossed the sword.



A thunder jumped from the air and fell into the blade, and saw the lightning flashing above the Xuanyuan sword.


The swordsman with the thunder fell to the big hand, but this swordman did not do any harm to this big hand.


The owner of this hand seems to be laughing at Ye Zichen's ignorance, but the action of the big hand in the next moment has become sluggish.

This trick is not for attack, but for paralysis.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also raised Xuanyuanjian to the top of his head.

"Sweeping the sky."


A dazzling golden sword light burst out from the blade, and the big man who has been paralyzed wants to avoid it.


Yin Hongโ€™s blood spurted out of his hand, and then he saw that the big finger of the big hand had caused the sword to fall.

"Kid, the deity remembers you."

A sullen anger came out of the void, and even if he saw that he was arrested toward the ancients, it disappeared from the heavens and the earth.


Let the ancient run away, Ye Zichen did not show too angry look.

There are high-ranking people who help each other, and he runs without any anger. If you really kill the ancients in front of such a master, then that is impossible.

Glanced at the finger below, at least let him let the master leave the finger, isn't it?

"Well, let him pay attention to his cultivation when he goes back. His soul has been broken before." If there is time, the deer and the emperor can find him, maybe they can not find the lost soul. โ€

Remove your hand from the chest of the bear, and let the chest worn by the bear have been healed with the help of Ye Zichen. However, the soul of the Xiong Emperor was somewhat broken, so he was in a coma after returning to the spirit.

"There are Lao Yedi's help."

The deer is very grateful for their owing. The relationship between the three emperors is very shallow. If the bear emperor dies, they can hardly imagine what it would be.

Reaching out and lifting it up, Ye Zichen shook his head.

"I should thank you for being, if you are not helping, maybe I will be back, everything is too late."

Gently nodded, the deer will hold the bear emperor, smiled.

"Since Ye Di is back, Xiong Huang still needs to recuperate, and we will not be disturbed here, let me leave."

"Slow down."

Watching the Three Emperors leave, Ye Zichen looks at the battlefield outside the Dragon City.

The tribes of all ethnic groups are carrying the dead people back. They died for the Three Realms. They can't be left here anyway.

They are going to send these dead people back to the clan, only where they are.

"Ye Di."

Just then, there was a womanโ€™s voice behind her. Ye Zichen looked back and saw Li Jiayi standing behind him with a group of high-ranking people.


Nodding at her, Li Jiayi also said meticulously at this time.

"We have all mobilized all of them. Here are the masters above the fairy, and there will be no problem in dealing with the remnants of the Mozu."

"Okay, itโ€™s hard work."

Still the indifferent look, Li Jiayi saw what he wanted to say something to him.

Just to the lips, it was to let her swallow, and did not say a word in the back of the human master is to leave the animal domain.

After they left, the three sisters of the Soviet Union appeared in front of Ye Zichen.

"Liuer sister, Xiaozhu sister."

Nodding to Su Liuer and Su Zhu, when Ye Zichen's eyes fell on Su Yan, he was silent.

From the face of Su Yan, her desolateness and sadness, and the picture of his hand passing through Su Yiyun's chest continued to appear in his mind.

For a long time, he was relieved.



Su Yan screamed and smirked at Ye Zichen, but her move made Ye Zichen even more uncomfortable. In contrast, he prefers Su Yan to cry.

In fact, Su Yan also wants to cry, but she can't cry because she is already crying.

"Itโ€™s finally letting everything come to a close, isnโ€™t it?โ€The rare Su Liuer broke the deadlock. She reached out and touched Su Yan's head and smiled at Su Zhu. "She is tired, Xiaozhu takes the little girl back to rest."

"it is good."Smiled and nodded, Suzhu was holding Su Yan's hand, "Little sister, go, let's go home."


When I heard the word, Su Yan's nose was inexplicably sour, and her eyes were tearing. She gave her tears back, and lowered her head and left with Su Zhu.

"Itโ€™s been like this since I woke up with her."Looking at the back of their departure, Su Liuer opened the door.

"Yes."Ye Zichen nodded and noticed that his face was not very good. Su Liuer frowned. "What happened to her little girl, I asked Xiaozhu, she didn't say it, she saw her holding the demon."

"Ol'Three He is not a demon."

The cold ice broke the words of Su Liuer, and Ye Zichen squirmed his mouth.

"Liuer sister, I have other things to deal with, I will not chat with you."

"Hey, you kid."

Su Liuer locked her eyebrows, but at this moment she saw a tear from the corner of Ye Zichen's eyes.

"How did he cry?"

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