Won it?

Looking at the corpse of the Dragon City, looking at the sky stained with blood.

Some of the beasts who survived the Dragon City are excited for survival. Like Ye Zichen, they watched the day silently, sniffing the bloody suffocation that had not been exhausted, and the hands kept shaking.

After countless sighs, Ye Zichen squinted at Lee Min, who was lying on the ground and draped over his head.


When his hand touched Lee Min Ho's shoulder, a bitter chill came from his fingers.

Lee Min-soo, sitting on the ground, looked up and glanced at her with a godless voice, still bleeding in the corner of her mouth.

Immediately, she lowered her head again and rubbed a diamond ring in her hand, without saying a word.

When the familiar proposal was put into the eyes of Ye Zichen, his heart felt as if he was suffocating.

At this point, he did not know how to comfort the woman of the Mozu in front of him.


For a long time, only these two words can appear from the mouth of Ye Zichen.

Lee Min Ho's delicate body is also a fierce tremor, and in a flash is a heartbreaking cry.

In the distance, the small glass sits on the broken boulder, swaying the white tender legs. At the moment, she couldn't see the fierceness of the bloody battle at that time. The well-behaved look was like the little sister next door.

Pure as white paper, she has no other emotions. She is a medicinal person, and there is no complicated feelings of human beings.

She simply knew that Ye Zichen, who gave her jelly beans, told her that the guys were bad guys and she wanted to teach them.

After the lesson, she should eat jelly beans or eat jelly beans.

"Small glass."

Just then, a deep call appeared in the mind of Xiaoli. She blinked her eyes and saw Ye Zichen looking at her.

"Hey, give me sugar."

call out.

Like a wind, the small glass came to Ye Zichen's side, and the small white hand that stood out like a child seemed to hold a proud little head.

She didn't say anything else, but her look was telling Ye Zichen

I have played a lot of bad guys, you have to give me a reward.

Stretching out his hand and licking the head of the glass, Ye Zichen took a few bottles of medicinal herbs from her arms and put them in her palm.


Seeing the favorite sugar bean small glass silly smile, she jumped away, but when she turned around, she frowned back.

"what happened to you?"

Simply does not mean ignorance.

She can feel the mourning atmosphere here, especially the body of Ye Zichen. But unlike the group, she didn't feel a little bit of survival in Ye Zichen's body.

Ye Zichen is standing here, he is still alive.

But his heart is dead!

"Are we not winning?"The little glass asked with a squint.

"It’s won, and the credit of the glass here is not small."

Ye Zichen reached out and licked her face, and the small glass was a smirk, and soon she asked another eyebrow.

"Then why are you not happy?"

"No, I am very happy."Ye Zichen smiled reluctantly. "I am going to give you a task. This task can change a lot of jelly beans."

Sugar beans.

Hearing the sugar beans, the eyes of the small glass are bright.

The shimmering scorpion, full of hopes, looked at Ye Zichen, and the little head was licking the chicken.

"What mission?"

In this sentence, she was asked to throw her previous questions into the clouds.

"How good."

Looking at the small glass, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh. Sometimes, this simple temperament can make people lose a lot of troubles.

Grinning, Ye Zichen put his fingers on the ground and still cried Li Min.

"Take care of this sister. If someone wants to bully her, you will tell those people, is this person who knows the child's morning brother?"

"She is a bad person."

It is possible to distinguish that Lee Min Ho is a Mozu through the small glass of scent. Before Ye Zichen told her that the Mozu people are bad people, she does not understand why she wants to protect her now.

"She is different."When the voice fell, Ye Zichen took out dozens of bottles of medicinal herbs hanging in the air. "Take care of her, this is a reward."

"It's good."

The rushing rushed the medicinal herbs, and the small glaze ran towards Lee Min Ho.

However, Lee Min Ho pushed it away and stumbled into the distance.


This is her task. If this person ran the drug, it might be gone. Small glass is very anxious, to chase after, what is obtained is

"Being close to me, I killed you."

The scarlet eyes filled with killing eyes scared the little glass to the original place, shocked it, and Lee Min Ho also went back and stumbled forward, and occasionally made an inexplicable smile.

The small glass that stopped at the place was succumbed to the flat mouth and grabbed his fingers.

"Forget it."

Taking care of Lee Min Ho is only in the face of Su Yiyun. Since she has her own choice, Ye Zichen will not insist on it.

"That that"

The little glass licked her fingers and kept licking the lips. How could Ye Zichen not see her?

"Dan medicine is still for you."

"Really?"Little glass doesn't quite believe it.


It wasn't until she saw Ye Zichen's nod, she ran over excitedly, like a koala bear hanging on Ye Zichen.

"Good guy."

"Okay, come down, I have other things to deal with, go find Gou Yuzhan and play."

"it is good."

Leaving and jumping, feeling the joy of small glass, Ye Zichen couldn't help but admire her life like white paper.

In a flash, his gaze became cold and he took a handprint out of his hand.

This handprint is an imprint of the Lord of the Three Realms.

Close your eyes, and the handprints in a moment are the glare of light. The light swayed like a scorpion, if you wrap the whole three worlds in it.

Ling Xiaobao Temple.

The ancestral pattern of the Emperor Taiji Emperor's eyebrows flashes. This inscription is a unique imprint of its ethnic group. The inscription is super-powerful at the cost of burning blood.

"Brother, you are still far behind."

In the meantime, the body of the Emperor Taiji of Taiji was a suffocating pressure.

Standing on the opposite side of the Ziwei Emperor is also like him, the eyebrows inscription burns blood. It’s just a purple robe that has been stained with blood, and there are steps to keep going back.


To be defeated.

Even so, the Ziwei Emperor still did not retreat.

He can't go back!


The right leg bends his knees, and in the blink of an eye his knees are pierced by the majestic spirit, and the ground of Heavenly Court is broken.

He also turned into a lightning bolt, and it was a punch.


Got empty!

The other immortals of Heavenly Court are also looking sad, and the Emperor Taiji is indeed gone. Just not waiting for the immortals to react, they saw a light that wrapped them

"This farce, it's over."

Ye Zichen, who is close to his eyes, screams openly, his eyes look like a sword, and he whispers softly.

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