In the eyes of Ye Zichen sitting in the chair, the color of the desert flashed, and the tone of the village made everyone in the field feel like falling into the ice, and the chilling shudder.

Let the Taiji Emperor of the Emperor look at it, and the heart can't help but shrink.

Just as the gaze looked over, his heart’s heart was clearly


Hundreds of thousands of years have passed since the birth of the world, and there has never been a fear of why.

His fingers trembled lightly, and his back ooled with a faint sweat.

"I don't want to!"

After a lengthy silence, Emperor Taiji of the Taiji raged.


He is the son of a grandmother, repairing the avenue.

From the beginning of his birth, he was admired by thousands of people and enjoyed hundreds of millions of incense. The demon of its qualifications is unparalleled in the three realms.

At this moment, the child who did not know where it came from, actually put a big slogan here and said that he should judge it.



Idiot said dreams!

"Small ban, I want to trap the Emperor, Imagine!"

When the words of tyranny fell, everyone saw the flash of the Taiji Emperor's silver plaque, and the right hand was leaning forward on the invisible barrier.

A faint black vortex emerges from the palm of his hand, and the vortex is accompanied by the power of devour.


The immortals around couldn't help but scream. They saw that after the Emperor Taiji took out, the cage that held him was actually falling apart.

To know who is present, there is no way to destroy this cage.

β€œIt’s not a road to destruction.”

Even though Taiji stood on the opposite side, Ziwei Emperor and others couldn't help but admire.

They are all leaders of all parties. If there is no amazing talent, it is impossible to go to this step, but they are still walking the ordinary avenues of 3,000.

No way, the road is hard to find!

Who can guarantee that when they walk the road, they will be able to walk out of the famous hall?

Moreover, Jade Emperor is a living example, taking the ordinary way, not the one who is the earliest of them.

At the time of sighing, some people can't help but worry.

For example, God of Thunder, Nezha, these early years and Ye Zichen made good immortals. They are in Heavenly Court, but they know the way of the Emperor Taiji.

If the great emperor broke this imprisonment, then Ye Zichen

"But err."

Seeing the Destruction Avenue is useful, and the Taiji Emperor is also disdainful.

"When the emperor breaks this, he will kill you and stabilize the heart."

The words of blasphemy came from the mouth of Emperor Taiji, and he looked at Ye Zichen with a stunned look.

What made him feel uneasy was that Ye Zichen just looked at him with an indifferent look from beginning to end.

It seems that the other party has not put his actions in the eyes, and there is still some encouragement in this.

Of course, there is also a color that he does not understand.

He didn't know that he didn't understand it, he was merciful.

In the eyes of Ye Zichen, this Taiji Emperor, who is above the top of the sky, is just a poor man.

Destruction Avenue.

It is worthy of being a 3,000-story sacred avenue, even though it is still available in this space.

This kind of avenue may not be able to find any clue on this road. However, he resolutely decided to take this course to represent how proud his heart is, and also on the road to see the path, showing how high its qualifications.

However, he did not really understand the meaning of destruction after all.

Destruction is annihilation, and Ye Zichen has lost interest in the whirlwind of the Taiji Emperor.

His definition and cognition of destruction is too narrow.

"Hey, wait for the Emperor to break this imprisonment, but you have to see if you can still sit as you are now."

The sword eyebrows are erected.

The black vortex of the palm annihilated the surrounding space. In order to get out of trouble as soon as possible, Emperor Taiji put all his mind on the vortex.


"what happened!"

The heart of Taiji Emperor, who was annihilated to destroy the imprisonment, suddenly trembled, and immediately he felt that he had spent countless efforts to tear the crack, and he actually healed in the breath.

Since then, his annihilation has been unable to catch up with the speed of healing.

In an instant, Ye Zichen looked at his gaze in the mind of Emperor Taiji. The eyes filled with complex emotions, the color he did not understand, turned out to be mercy.

Pity the Emperor?

The Emperor does not need his mercy!

The heart is angered, and the Emperor of Taiji is full of strength to break this imprisonment.

Ye Zichen, who was watching him, smiled a little at this moment, and then he closed his eyes and ignored the Taiji Emperor who was about to fall into the madness.

"All of your emperors are already aware. Among them, who is the rebellious, who is the minister of the protection, the emperor is clear."

Between words, the head of the celestial beings is a colorful cloud.

"This emperor is the chief of the three realms, but he has not solved problems for you in the first place. The dereliction of duty of this emperor is here to be given to you." The imprisonment around you is also scattered, and there is no limit to your activities here. ”

Numerous colorful lights fell, shrouded in the heads of the immortals who bathed for the protection.

"It's so comfortable."

The small Nezha with blood on his face couldn't help but whisper, and Li Tianwang, who was seriously injured in the coma with the Feng Bo Yu, was wounded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, in a few moments, except for the blood marks on the body, there is no trace of injury.

Not only that, but while recovering the injury, the strength of the celestial beings is constantly rising, and the shackles that are cultivated are the breakthroughs without any hindrance.

More exaggerated is that those who have long been at the level of the king of the king, many people in the middle have touched the barrier of becoming a god.

It only hinders the heavens. If they go out from here, they will all experience God’s robbery.

"Xie Yedi."

The group of fairy beheads, Ye Zichen did not respond much, and waved at them, the group of immortals was to separate them from the rebellious generations.

I felt Ye Zichen's all-day means, and the traitors who had been stunned for a while couldn't help but frown, even though they didn't show too much, but they knew it.

Their road has stopped here.

It’s just that they have a temperament, but no one has asked for mercy.

They knew that the king was defeated. When they took a step, they no longer had a way back. They also don't believe that Ye Zichen can let them go.

Since both the horizontal and the vertical are dead, then there is a bit of death.

The rebellious generation stared at the front

"Ye Di, what do you want to do with them."The Ziwei Emperor opened his mouth. "He is the elder brother of Taiji, and he has not colluded with the Mozu. I don't know if I can."

"Yes, there is our fairyland"

"Ye Di, the god of the palace in our government is actually also"

The people of the land, Heavenly Court, and Xianyu have been pleading for those who remain on the court, but it is Ye Zichen’s reluctance.

"To shut up!"

All the people are cold.

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