The fierce gaze swept through the bodies of the celestial beings. When the gaze was touched, the celestial beings couldnโ€™t help but bow their heads and dare not look at them.

The familiar fairy with Ye Zichen is also amazed by this.

In their impression, Ye Zichen is by no means a man of temperament.

"How the Emperor judged them, you can't allow you to talk about it, you just have to look at it."

The indifferent words rang from the mouth of Ye Zichen, the indifference that emerged from the beginning, and the group of immortals in the field was a cold heart.

"Ye Di."

There are still people in the immortal who can't help but want to speak out, even though they are all traitors from all walks of life, this is undeniable.

However, many of them are actually forced to helplessly, or other reasons are not heinous.


Ye Zichen, who had spoken, had a little anger, and he looked at the immortal in the distance, smiling inexplicably.

"At this time, are you still asking for their grievances? These are the ones who have been facing you? Are you really kind, or should you say hypocrisy?

Not long ago, they wanted to give you to the enemy, you still want to plead for these people?

The heart is soft and will only raise the tiger. You donโ€™t have to tell the Emperor that some of them are forced to help, or what relationship they have with you. In the eyes of the Emperor, they are all rebellious people, and even if there are many reasons, they cannot erase their rebellion.

From the moment they make that decision, they are no longer your loved ones and friends. โ€

The immortals don't know how to speak. Those who are familiar with Ye Zichen are even more difficult to believe. So indifferent words will appear from his mouth.

Indeed, this is a big difference from the temperament of Ye Zichen.

It was only when he played against the Mozu not long ago that he really realized the truth.

Even if you give in all, no one will pity you for this.

Just like the thunder of the time, Ye Zichen had to dissipate the power, but did the thunder stop that day?


Forgive them?

If it were not for their rebellion, the reinforcements of the three realms of Xianyu, Difu, and Heavenly Court would appear on the Dragon City.

So will the result be so fierce?

Although these people here are not the people of the Protoss Xiao family, but their behavior is contrary to the Xiao family, what is the difference in essence?

Let them go, can cocoa be able to die and resurrect?

Let them be, can Su Yiyun be born and resurrected?

Let them go, can the sacred patriarch and the flower sea be born and resurrected?

Let them go, can the dead soldiers be able to die and resurrect?

For a time, Ye Zichen's eyes were red, and he couldn't face the death of Coco and Su Yiyun.

It is also impossible to be indifferent to the soldiers who sacrificed for this war.

Regardless of their status, or for what reason, they stand on the opposite side of the three realms.

Life, you have to use your life to pay back.

These people at the moment must pay for those who die.

After countless attempts to break the ban but still failed, the Emperor Taiji gave up the idea of โ€‹โ€‹breaking the ban.

The pleadings of Ziwei Emperor fell into his ears, so harsh, his self-respect can not allow Ziwei the Great to trample this way.


He does not need!

Looking at the hard color on the face of Ziwei, Taiji Emperor showed a sneer in his lips.

"Ziwei, don't be fake and false."

When the voice fell, he fell on Ye Zichen's body and said: "This emperor is a rebellion. How can you bring this emperor? If you have the means to kill us, then as soon as possible. The dignity of the Emperor is not something you can trample on. If your means is to imprison the Emperor, then as long as you give the Emperor enough time, this imprisonment will be broken. At that time, the Emperor is still the Emperor of Taiji, and he is still the supreme Lord of all sentient beings. โ€


This is Ye Zichen's evaluation of the Emperor Taiji after this brief contact.

At this time, I can still say such arrogant words, and only the temperament of the Taiji Emperor can do it.

He is proud

No one can enter his eyes.

If such a person gives him enough time, he might be able to stand at the peak of the world.

Yes, very unfortunate.

He did not.

"You guys are damned."

Very light.

Ye Zichen said that this passage was as calm as autumn water. He did not specifically point out who would decide, but he was convicted of death for these people.

Before the ray of sunlight condensed on the void, in the twinkling of an eye, the clouds of ink color covered the whole piece of void.

The dull thunder resounded in the clouds, and the rebellious people who stayed behind, watching Thundercloud on the void, did not have much other emotions.

"Thunder penalty, fall."

In fact, Ye Zichen has countless ways to end their lives, but he chose to end their lives with the annihilation of the thunder.

He doesnโ€™t know why he uses this way, maybe

It was the thunder that made him choose this way inadvertently.

With his rumors, a few purple bronters in Thundercloud fell. The whole scene of the dragon and the dragon snarls, the scene is shocking to the eye-catching.

The group of immortals watched in the distance couldn't help but close their eyes when they were shocked, and those rebellious people who were ready to be thundered were calm.

Among them, the dragon Xia Yingqiu opened his arms on his back.

This death, he has no complaints!


Countless Thunder Dragons fell and slammed loudly, but the power of the violent thunder was all left in the imprisonment of those traitors, and the Lei Wei was vented in the middle.

a long time.

When the thunder dragons in the imprisonment collapsed, those who should be thundered were already on the ground without a little bit of interest.

Seeing this result, the group of immortals can not help but feel sad, but more is a sigh. They have no way to blame Ye Zichenโ€™s decision, only to say

It is those who have gone the wrong way.

Someone soon noticed that among the rebels who fell down like Qiu Mai, the Emperor Taiji was still standing proudly.

It wasn't that he resisted, but that day Ray did not fall for it.

"What do you want, if you want to humiliate the Emperor, the Emperor only wants to die."

Taiji Emperor's unruly martyrdom, he looked up at his head arrogantly, as if there was nothing in the world that would allow him to hang his proud head.

The eyes of Ziwei Emperor in the distance are also bright, can it be said that

"Seeking death?"

Staying on the body of Taiji Emperor, when the four eyes are opposite, the Emperor Taiji does not have any retreat to look directly at Ye Zichen's eyes.

What is even more unbelievable is that the eyes of the Emperor Taiji are accompanied by disdain.

"Yes, this emperor only wants to die!"

Even if I saw the Taiji Emperor with a disdainful look, he turned his hand behind his back and stared at Ye Zichen's eyes.

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