Ye Zichen did not pay too much attention to the eyes of Taiji Emperor.

During this period, from his speech and the attitude of the surrounding immortals, he can also see how he is a temper.


This is a relatively good point to say that the ugly point is arrogance and arrogance.

The words of these people in the field Ye Zichen have a fixed number of minds, whether subjective or objective, the judgment of the wife of the Emperor is not actually executed.

Moreover, the Emperor Taiji Emperor finally counted the existence of Heavenly Court, and stood behind his grandmother.

Even if the grandmother is already a world, Fukuzawa is a sentient being.

Simply, Ye Zichen also stood up from the chair and walked slowly until the position of the Taiji Emperor was half a meter.

The movements he got up were also the ones who benefited from the distance. They couldn't help but raise their eyebrows. Although Ye Zichen's performance was very indifferent, they always felt that what was going to happen next time, without his performance being so dull.

"In these rebellious generations, you are actually different from them. These emperors are all aware. In the heart of the Emperor, the judgment against you is not to take your life. The thunder punishment just now proves everything. This emperor actually wants to rebel against you for three thousand years to make repentance. ”

A faint look at the eyes of Taiji Emperor Silver, this remark is indeed Ye Zichen's inner judgment.

Only the answer of the great emperor at the time was to let him change his mind.

"But since you are bent on death, then the Emperor will fulfill you."

The words are still very light, but this light tone is like a heavy hammer hammer in the heart of the fairy.

Give death.

They don't think that Ye Zichen is scaring the Emperor of Taiji. From the gaze of the coldness, they are really giving death.

Yes, it is to give death.

The emperor is not asking for death, then let him die.

"Ha ha ha"

The Taiji Emperor, who was tied in the cage, smiled abruptly. He did not show any fear, but he looked at the front with some mockery.

"I'm afraid it won't work."

Let him die?

This may be the most ridiculous joke that Taiji Emperor heard from the beginning of his birth. What is his identity? Even if he gave him death, it’s still so light and windy.

It’s a joke.

"You can know the identity of the emperor, the emperor is the son of the grandmother, the avenue is full of body, the law is not invading, the respect of heaven and earth." Just by you, give birth to the emperor? Young people, your means is indeed worthy of the Emperor's eyes, but you said that you must give birth to the Emperor, and not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue. ”

The eyes of the Emperor Taiji were full of twilight, and then he saw that he was very disdainful and smirked.

"Well, since you have the ability to give birth to the Emperor, please start." The Emperor would have to look at it. In the end, the Emperor was alive and dead. This emperor is still the same sentence, begging for death, if you really have that means, it is available. But if it is not, until the day when the Emperor breaks out, you must take the head of your project to fix the heart. ”


When the voice fell, the Emperor of Taiji turned indifferently and ignored Ye Zichen.

For him, he can say so much, it is the greatest respect for Ye Zichen.

As for giving death!

Then wait for the face.

He was the son of a grandmother. He was tempered by the thunder and fire from childhood, and the precipitation of hundreds of thousands of years has already reached the point where the law is not invaded.

Tianlei is only a quenching agent for the quenching body, and Tianhuo is just the nourishment of his nourishing soul.

The body and soul have reached the point of immortality, wanting to let him die, it is an idiotic dream!

The rest of the immortals were also moved. They did not expect that the Taiji Emperor would be so unruly at this time.

However, the Ziwei Emperor could not help but sigh. If it is for ordinary people, his brother can certainly not die.

Yes, Ye Zichen, who is standing in front of him, Ye Zichen, the leader of the Three Realms!

"The son of grandmother."

Ye Zichen heard the words and decapitation, and the Taiji Emperor’s words were so sharp, and he was still the one who was not ignorant.

"As the eldest son of Doom Yuanjun, you are equipped with the tone of speaking before. Indeed, you may really be able to do so in these three realms. But use your previous words to ask you, you know what identity is this emperor? ”

"What is the identity of the Emperor!"Taiji Emperor proudly laughed.

Such a sigh of relief made Ye Zichen shake his head. He looked at his pitiful eyes and looked at the Taiji Emperor in the cage. He could not help but sigh.

"Tai Chi Emperor, you are really too arrogant. Have you ever wondered why the Emperor could mobilize this thunder, why can the Emperor recruit all of you here? Why do you feel that you can't use it here? Why is it that if you are tyrannical like you, you can only stay in this space? ”

The Taiji Emperor's face in the cage is from disdain to deep, and the silver-browed eyebrows are also clustered together.

"You never thought about it, because your arrogant temperament makes you dismissive of anyone. Your confidence and self-confidence are all based on the grandmother's eldest son. They are built on the law, but have you ever thought about it? ”

This series of questions finally made the Taiji Emperor somewhat unable to hold his identity. When he turned to swear, Yu Guang’s glimpse was seen above Ye Zichen’s palm, shaped like an octagonal token, with a sheet of gold on top. The font imprints the fingerprints of the three worlds.

In an instant, the pupil of Taiji Emperor shrank, in order to determine the authenticity of this handprint, he even looked at the past without any disguise.

Ye Zichen also did not hide anything, and generously spread the fingerprints.


The Taiji Emperor in the cage stepped out of the rear, and he extended his finger to the handprint, and the pupil was full of horror.

The first three-zone lord of the year was his mother, M Yuanjun, who was naturally familiar with this handprint.

Of course, he is also fully aware of what this handprint represents!

"Why is the handprint of the Lord of the Three Realms in your hands?"

Taiji Emperor, when the handprint was in the hands of his mother, it was in the beginning of the Three Realms and needed to shake the family.

After his mother retired, the fingerprints were dusty and I didn’t know where to go. Hundreds of thousands of years, the handprint has not been born, but why this handprint can now appear here.

What he fears is not the status of the Lord of the Three Realms. What he is afraid of is the handprint.

At that time, when Doumu Yuanjun retired from the seal of the seal, 70% of his spiritual power was sealed in this handprint.

His Taiji Emperor is a sly, but he knows it well. Just rely on him now, let alone the 70% spiritual power of Doum Yuanjun, even if it is 10%.

Nor is he able to bear it.

This handprint, it can be said that the Taiji Emperor's heart is all troubled, he looked at the fingerprints with fear, and could not help but whisper.

"Does this Emperor really want to die here?"

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