The Taiji Emperor’s mind rang loudly, and he suddenly thought that he had to die to stop his old man before sending out Heavenly Court. The old man was saved by chance when he traveled to the family in his early years. He saw that the old man was proficient in the calculation and left it in the house.

It is said that in this endless years, the old man did not know how many secrets he got through deduction. He did not expect that the moment of the rescue of the moment, he could actually make it so.

The old man is also very knowledgeable, knowing how to advance and retreat. Over time, he has become a red man around him.

But when he sent troops, the old man had desperately blocked and let him take over.

There are some frustrating words in the speech, let alone this is his hit and rob, to let, otherwise it will attract the murder.

At that time, he had already decided his mind, and the old man was so unconscious and shaken his heart.

In order to stabilize the military, he will kill the old man, but the old man has always let him not go even if he is dying, and he still repeats the words of this evil.

He is very disdainful!

The commander drove straight into the Heavenly Court and opened the door.

Everything went smoothly, and there was no scourge in the mouth of the old man. This made him firmly believe in his heart.

Secretly laughing at the old man is a lost mind.

Until then, when Ye Zichen took out the Three Worlds handprints, his awkward heart suddenly cooled down.

Ye Zichen, who holds the handprint, naturally took the eyes of the Emperor Taiji, and he smiled indifferently.

"You are very high-ranking, no one can compare you, but it is unfortunate that the Emperor is the new leader of the three realms. Even if you are the son of Doom Yuanjun, no, even if you are the son of the Emperor, what can you do? It’s also a coincidence that the imperial punishment of the Emperor is not a law, and it’s useless for your law to not invade. ”

The tremor in the eyes of the Taiji Emperor became more and more obvious. This is the first time he felt that death was so close to him from birth.

The kind of frost that is almost frosty, if you want to freeze it.

His hands and feet are a bit numb, and he looks at the fingerprints in Ye Zichen's hands.

"Since you are dying, then the Emperor will marry your wish and give you a death!"

The fingerprints are thrown toward the void, and the fingerprints in the blink of an eye are integrated with the heavens and the earth.

Suddenly, the heavens and the earth changed, and the wind fell.

The cloud-covered clouds are accompanied by a heart-warming pressure that hangs over the head of the Emperor Taiji. A dull day of thunder banged in the clouds.

For a time, lightning and thunder, if the end of the day.

This time, the penalty was stronger than the previous penalty. Those who were under the strength of Fukuzawa couldn’t help but fall down on the ground and trembled.

When they were looking at Ye Zichen, the eyes were filled with horror and stunned.

The Ziwei Emperor heard the news and wanted to speak. His brothers could not read the old feelings and selfishly drive the Heavenly Court. But his Ziwei is not a cold-blooded person. Seeing Ye Zichen is going to shoot the Emperor Taiji, how can he sit and watch.

At this moment, the monk was holding him and shook his head toward him.

"Don't make mistakes."

"Why talk about my own mistakes, Taiji Emperor, although he is guilty, he is not guilty of death. Is it that the Emperor wants to watch the brothers die like this? ”

"If you want to have no heads in the future Heavenly Court, then go."

Between the words, the monk actually released his hand. The Ziwei Emperor heard the words tremble, and when he turned his eyes to Ye Zichen, he found that the other party was also watching him.

When the four eyes were opposite, he could not help but feel a chill on his feet to the top of his head.

The words that came to his mouth also made him swallow back.

"I saw it, now Ye Di is not the Ye Di you and I know. Now he is the master of the three realms who master the lifeline of the Three Realms. The provocation of the Taiji Emperor has been provoked by the Emperor. Don't say it is you, even if it is the resurrection of Doom Yuanjun to plead for it, it is impossible to have the second result. ”

Seeing the Ziwei retreat, the monk sighed.

Not only the Ziwei and the monks, but the immortals who are especially close to Ye Zichen, such as God of Thunder and Nezha, also feel the opposite of Ye Zichen.

Overlooking the eyes of the heavens and the earth, indifferent to the lives of all people.

This makes it difficult for them to connect Ye Zichen to Ye Zichen.

Is this really the same person?

The thunder roared and the wind blew.

Feeling this deep pressure, the desperate Taiji Emperor's eyes are actually burning a hot fire.

"Then you can give it a try."


In the Taiji Emperor's body, there is an infinite inexhaustible pressure to resist this thunder, the silver pupil's brilliance flashes, and the mark of the eyebrows releases a dazzling light, and a bloody atmosphere permeates from his body.

The immortals are stunned, knowing that the immortals here are unable to ditch with the heavens here.

The Taiji Emperor is ok, this is really amazing.

Ye Zichen didn't care about this, and Destruction Avenue was the avenue of nowhere. It should have the privilege of belonging to it.

The rolling pressure is like a gust of wind, and the silver hair of the Taiji Emperor is scattered in two, and the sleeves are sizzling.

He stared at Ye Zichen in front of him, his eyes full of unyielding.

Can die, but he can't tolerate his death without any resistance.

What about the Lord of the Three Realms!

How about the 70% spiritual power of Doum Yuanjun!

He is the Emperor of Heaven and Emperor, controlling the life and death of all beings, his proud heart makes him unable to hang his head.

Moreover, he is no longer young, and now he is the pride of the Avenue of Destruction. The three worlds of handprints do have the 70% spiritual power of Doum Yuanjun, but he does not believe that Ye Zichen has not known what big luck, and the hand-printed immortal mouse can use all the power in the handprint.

He has not lost yet!

He also really wants to know how strong Doom Yuanjun was, and Ye Zichen gave him this opportunity. He also wanted to try it.

He has lived in the shadow of Doum Yuanjun since he was a child, and he wants to know all the people in this world at this moment.

He is not the eldest son of Doom Yuanjun!


It is Taiji Emperor!


The bursting of the cockroach is like a thundering earthquake. The silvery pupil is mixed with bloodshot blood, and the blood of the arms and neck is full.

The sky is as if it is going to break the thundercloud at the top of the head. Even if Ye Zichen sees this scene, he can't help but admire it.

It is worthy of being the Emperor of Taiji, even if he is proud of himself, he can be wary at this moment.

But it makes everyone feel amazing.

The immortal in the distance seems to have infected the tycoon of Taiji Emperor, and the heart is raised with admiration.

But no matter how he is, his results

Only one death!

It was only his arrogance that Ye Zichen, who wanted to humiliate him, changed his mind.

It is better to give him a happy!

Converging, Ye Zichen also squinted at the moment.


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