Behind a towering old tree, a few subtle breaths came from under the shade of the trees.

The wheezing was very thin and short, and they heard that they tried to restrain the sound of breathing.

"Ha really can't think of it"

For a long time, the shackles of the haze were heard behind the old trees. Even if he saw the man who was still lying with blood on his body, his hands were on the trunk, and his red eyes greedily sucked the air around him.

After him, he was similar to him. He was soaked in sweat and covered the gap through the shade of the trees and looked at the ancient road outside.

Only the drought and the flood, sitting on the ground, just like a lost soul.

At the moment of the emergence of Ye Zichen, the first ancestors of their zombies were aware of the wrong situation. When they witnessed the killing of the Black Dragon, they did not hesitate to escape.

There was no clear escape route, and what they thought at the time was running.

Several hours.

From daylight to night, they didn't have any stagnation. When it was determined that no one was chasing them behind, they also deliberately found this kind of lush greenery to hide, and still looked out alert, fearing that the demon-like Ye Zichen would find it.

"It’s finally a break."

In the third confirmation, there was really no pursuit. Afterwards, Qingqing calmed down and sat down on the ground.

Ye Zichen's glimpse of a glimpse of the zombie ancestors left a shocking mark. Under that sword, they simply can't afford any rebellious heart, and they don't think they can survive under that sword.

"Why shouldn't Ye Zichen die in the thunderstorm, but we have witnessed the words that Tianlei swallowed him, how could it come back?"

After sitting on the ground, Houqing angrily screamed, to say the resentment against Ye Zichen, it can be said that the apex has been mentioned at this time.

The minister who recovered a little bit of physical strength also got up from the ground, and gently and gently swayed the grass with a height of one person, revealing a gap to look at the gravel road ahead, and open the way.

"Who can know this, but we can be sure that if we meet him, it is definitely a must." The Supreme Black Dragon is dying under his sword, not to mention that we must not let him catch it. If he is allowed to grasp it, it will be difficult to see because of what we used to do. ”

This is absolutely true. At that time, Black Dragon was resolved. Ye Zichen did not deal with the disputes in the Three Realms as soon as possible.

Hou Qing is also deeply impressed by this, and immediately his eyebrows are a faint grace.

"What will be said to the elder brother, you have to know, how can we run out of these three realms when we run?" One day, one day, he will still let him catch it. At that time, we will still be able to escape. You see the drought, obviously it is to let the sword scare the soul. ”

Looking at the drought and flood of the double-browed wood, the court flashed the twilight in the eyes when looking at the past.

The look of the dignified point of nod, it is to return to the old tree, said to Houqing.

"We can't sit still, so you protect the law for me, I won't fully integrate the soul of the hook, give me some time to fully integrate the soul, even if Ye Zichen comes, I can have a battle. There are also droughts and floods, and they are all taken care of by you. ”

Hearing the words, Hou Qing’s eyes flashed inexplicably in the inexplicable light, but he did not show up well, and he nodded heavily.

"Well, everything is going to be my brother."

Nodded by the words of the minister, there was no hesitation in the knees sitting on the ground, surrounded by a ripple of spiritual power.

Feeling the ripples of the ripples, Hou Qing’s mouth flashed a sigh of laughter.

Half an hour.

During this period, Houqing seems to be on the alert, but in reality, it is after observing the finalist.

The sudden rise of Ye Zichen has made him feel a deep crisis. From the perspective of his sword at the time, it is simply impossible to resist the combination of the court and the soul.

The security is only temporary, as long as Ye Zichen really wants to find them, they can't escape if they hide in the ends of the earth.

He is not wanting to die here, he wants to live.

Only the whole soul of the scorpion is condensed in one body, and in the body, he is the ancient savage beast.

Even Ye Qichen is invincible, and he can't be his opponent.

The gaze gaze at the minister, as long as the shot must be done with one blow, if it fails, it must be endless.


At this moment, a more powerful spiritual wave was released from the body of the minister, and his face gradually appeared painful and unbearable.

"The soul is gone."

After watching all this, Qing Qing rubbed his lips, and suddenly his face sank.


The heart burst into the air, and his right hand turned into a sharp pointed claw and buckled toward the heavenly spirit of the minister. But at the moment of his hands, the painful face of the mouth is actually a smile, and the two open.

"I can't help it anymore."


With a light smile of the haze, the right hand of the court will be worn by the chest of the queen. His blood ran through the big hole in his chest, and his face was also showing a faint color.

be cheated.

During the soul, the soul must be fully integrated into it, and there is no way to gain insight into the outside world.

In order to avoid being foolproof, he deliberately chose to shoot at this time. Can the minister actually open his eyes at this time, obviously he is not in the soul from beginning to end.


Hou Qing was speechless at this time, because he felt that the soul in his body was being torn apart, as if to extract the soul from his body.

"For your soul, I have worked hard."

The minister grinned, and the right hand grabbed the two souls from Hou Qing’s body.

"You really started to work on the drought."

The face of the soul of the body is full of fear, but he struggles but can't break free. In a flash, he seemed to give up resistance as if he was appointed, and he snarled.

"When did you doubt me?"

"I saw the first sight of the drought."The handcuffs of the squadron of the handcuffs of the hand, and the soul of the sorrow, said, "You can't see this seat, is the drought and drought a soulless?" I really didn't think that you usually have such ambitions when you don't fight for it. The soul that swallows the drought is not melted. Is it afraid that this seat will be aware? Can you not know that this is the body? ”

"I can not be reconciled!"

After Qing angered, planning for so long, but also the soul of the drought, but he can live forever,

The fierce roar rang through the edge of the forest, and the court looked at the cockroaches on his face and smiled.

It is a pity that the soul of the beast has not been obtained. In order to share our common life, you will be integrated into the Emperor. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he saw the minister opening a bloody mouth and threw the soul of the queen and the marsh into his mouth.

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