The dull to the heart-wrenching thunder roared above the sky, just as Ye Zichen’s rumors fell, a purple Thunder Dragon tearing the void.

Seen from its roar, its sole purpose is to kill the Emperor Taiji.

"Taichi gossip."

The red-breasted Taiji Emperor's hands are imaginary, and there is a hundred-figure map of Baizhang at his feet.

However, when this picture appeared, it was to let the space shackle, and in a flash, it was a picture of a size.

Seeing the gossip map makes the space imprisoned and contracted, and the Taiji Emperor’s heart bite his lips.

A drop of purple some demon blood drops appear on the tip of the right index finger of his right hand, and the fingertip is accompanied by a drop of blood at the mark on the eyebrow.

In an instant, the eyebrows are like opening a third eye, and its momentum is also unparalleled.

"Burn the soul."

The Ziwei Emperor was eclipsed and his heart trembled.

This is the secret of their blood, burning blood and burning souls can bring them strength.

Only the essence of blood can be supplemented, but the soul is burning, it is in the fight.

Even if the Taiji Emperor really can stop this dragon, but his future will not want to advance on this road.

"The real Emperor opened."


At the foot of the taiji gossip figure that made the space compress, when his eyes were opened, he really broke the space and made it more than a thousand.

He stood in the middle of the map, and the map flowed in a clockwise direction under his feet.


With a burst of drink, the Taiji Emperor's arms are full of blue veins.

With his hands in a vain posture, the road map is through his body and stands on top of his head. The black and white eyes of both sides of the map also fell on his left and right hands.

He is really desperate, whether it is his jealousy of his mother's 70% spiritual power, or the chill of the dragon that the dragon screams in the air makes him have to come up with desperate thoughts to fight this thunder. Dragon.

That is to say, in fact, all this is only happening in the electric light and flint.

Not far from Ye Zichen, after watching this scene, the sword can't help but pick it up. This series of actions by Emperor Taiji really made him unable to stand.

The gossip line that stands on top of his head is like a mountain standing on the sky, indestructible.

"Enlighten the ruin of the avenue, but pass the Taiji gossip, just soft and soft, this Taiji Emperor's ambition is not small. No wonder he was a genius like a demon. He was stagnant on the Destruction Avenue for so many years. If he simply understood the Avenue of Destruction, he might have already ascended to God. ”

Ye Zichen is amazed that such a existence is a great joy for the Three Realms. Only the Taiji Emperor is too proud, not knowing the scale, ambitious, this happy event has become a disaster.

"Leave him not!"

At a glance, Ye Zichen was hand-printed and branded a few characters above the void.

At the moment when the character is completed, the character is detached from the void, and the brontosaurus that go straight to the sky merge with it.

The characters were used to strengthen the brontosaurus. If you didn't do this, Ye Zichen was somewhat worried that the brontosaurus could not strike the Taiji Emperor.


Thunder Dragon growls.

When the characters enter the body, the brontosaurus on the sky is like an open eye. The roaring dragon was coiled on the sky, and the roaring dragon was roaring in the ear, and the clouds were like the end of the world.

The fairy in the distance is pale and paper-like under the dragon's roar, which makes the sudden explosion of the dragon, shocked.

At this point they didn't even dare to go to see the open-eyed brontosaurus.

At the time of the explosion of the Emperor Taiji, it was already a sense of powerlessness that made them feel infinite. Especially Ziwei, before he was Tai Chi to hand over, but when he saw the eight-figure map, he realized that the match was at that time, Taiji Emperor did not come up with real strength.

If the Emperor Taiji sacrificed this image earlier, maybe their Heavenly Court had already fallen.

When they saw the brontosaurus released by Ye Zichen, they couldn’t help but sigh at the same time

This is the god fight!

Compared to Ye Zichen and Taiji Emperor, their previous fight was just a child's play.

"This emperor is not invading the law, and the soul is not destroyed. All living beings are surrendered to the foot of the Emperor, and the rules of heaven and earth make the Emperor play with the applause. This emperor realizes the destruction of the avenue, through the five elements of Taiji, you want to kill the emperor, delusion! ”

Emperor Taiji angered and snarled, even if he saw his hands were actually clenched.

The black and white eyes of Tai Chi are in the same moment when his hands meet. A round of dark ball of light was drilled from his hand.

"If you want to die, then you will die!"

The celestial beings looked into the dark, and when they saw the black day, they actually saw the endless sadness from this day.

The corpse is bloody and the sky is broken.

This is obviously the scene that will appear after the sun has fallen. Suddenly, these immortals can't sit still.

The more people who are born, the more they are afraid of death, they have already felt the invasion of death, how can they still sit still.

"Destroyed the sun."

I don’t know who is rumored to drink in the group, and this phrase instantly stirs up thousands of waves, so that countless immortals are all spoken.

The magic weapon and the spirit are constantly released from their hands, trying to smash the falling sun.


At this moment, Ye Zichen was stunned and shouted, and all the magic weapons and spiritual skills were shattered. The fairy in the distance spit out a few blood, and looked at Ye Zichen with unwillingness and fear.

"Oh, it's a bit of eyesight."The silvery white hair of Taiji Emperor danced like a madman. When he saw Ye Zichen smashing those magic weapons and spiritual skills, he laughed and said, "I know that the sun will explode when it is contaminated with spiritual power. so what? This sun is the magical skill created by the Emperor's enlightenment to destroy the avenue and the greatness of the road. Can you break it? The only one who can dispel this sun is the Emperor. If you want to keep the Three Realms, you must leave your life. ”

The tone of the Emperor Taiji is very light, but Ye Zichen is still in the ears of income.

He smiled a little, his face accompanied by a touch of indifference.

"Is it?"

As soon as the voice fell, he saw his hand pointing toward the falling sun. There was a big hand covering the sky above the sky, and the hand of the day was suddenly disappeared.

"This is impossible!"

Seeing this scene of the Taiji Emperor's entire portrait was a malaria-like shudder, he could not believe that his almost incomprehensible combat skills would have let Ye Zichen break in this way.

"I do not accept."

The fierce roar roared out of the mouth of the Emperor Taiji, and the whole person was also caught in the madness and forced to bite the finger.

In an instant, his body was full of endless blood and suffocation.

"I haven't lost yet!"

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