When Ye Zichen shouted the name of this sword, he had an infinite amount of heaven and earth to gather toward him.

The ground outside the Dragon City began to collapse and the gravel vacated.

Numerous ways of the earth appear in the sight of the people, and the spiritual power of the veins is like a stream of water that flows into the edge of Ye Zichen.

"Open the sky!"


Xuanyuanjian’s swaying of the sword is different from that of the plundering heaven. This style has no golden light. Everyone can only feel a wave in the space, even if the space around them is cut.

Above the sky, it is cut through a hole through which you can see the darkness and absurdity that do not belong to this world.

"Really opened the world."

The people on the Dragon City can no longer express their shocks in words. The only thing they can do is to swallow the saliva constantly. When looking at the open mouth, they pay attention to the life and death of the beast.

Released the second day, Ye Zichen's left hand slammed his mouth. When he spread his hand, the palm of his hand was a pool of golden red blood.

Obviously, releasing his combat skills with his current strength is beyond the scope of his ability to withstand rebellion.

It’s hard to climb out of the deep pit, and when I feel the space fluctuation in front, the pupil suddenly shrinks.

It’s just that the plundering of the sky has caused damage to the organs in his body, and the action is very slow. When he wants to avoid it, it is too late.


Xiao Tian roared out of his mouth, and the people in the Longcheng heard the roar, and his heart and ears screamed.

The sword is over the body.

He was very unwilling to watch the sword mans penetrating his body. What he could not think of was that the sword mans had never caused any substantial harm to him, but he had worn it from his soul. .

After the people in the Dragon City were stabilizing their minds, it was a surprise to see this scene.

That will be the swordsmanship of the heavens and the earth, and the body that fell to the fierce beast did not play a role.

"How can this be?"

No matter whether it is the animal domain or the human race master outside the fairyland, they can't believe how the classics will end.

He also had some hairpins looking at the sky. When he noticed the blood leaking from Ye Zichen's fingers, he was very angry.

“Ye Zichen, I have long reminded you not to be too self-righteous.”

The indifference of the mad laugh came out of the deep pit, and looked at Ye Zichen with contempt in its gaze on the emptiness.

"Is it?"

In this regard, Ye Zichen was just an indifferent smile, his eyes staring at the contempt of Wang.

"You look at your feet."

"Hey, pretend to be a ghost, this seat is even if you can see it." The sly cockroach suddenly couldn’t speak. It looked down at it, and it was its body at his feet, but now it’s just in the void. The body of the soul.

"I don't think of it, the sword of the Emperor is for the soul."

The people at the Dragon City also saw this scene, and they realized that the sword did not cause substantial damage to the scorpion. The purpose of the sword was to deal with the soul.

But they can't figure it out, even if it is to peel off the soul?

The fierce beast that condenses the three souls is still supreme. Can it be said that Ye Di has a special skill to deal with the soul?

The same is true of the fierce beast, and it is only a little horrified to see the soul stripping it. Its body defense is indeed amazing, but it really affects the power is still the soul.

Separating the soul, it is indeed the defensive power of the body's super-existence. It can be said that it is a lawless state. Only the method of dealing with the soul will damage him. And the three souls gather together, the ordinary way of dealing with the soul is simply useless.

In this case, it is actually an absolute advantage.

"I am afraid that you have taken a step back wrong."

The soul of the soul smiled disdainfully, and now he has felt the victory.

"Is it?"

Ye Zichen's answer is still so indifferent, and immediately everyone is astonished that his soul has actually been drilled from his body.

"What is Ye Ze doing?"

For Ye Zichen's move, there is no way for people on the Dragon City to understand. It’s hard to peel off the other’s soul, and now I’m taking the initiative to pull out my soul, so that I don’t take it for a while, but I’m going to suffer from swordsmanship.

What do you think, this seems to be a loss.

The soul of the soul is also a glimpse, but there must be a demon when things go wrong. It always feels that there are details that it did not think of.

"Ye Xiaozi, do you really want to do this?"

Sword Ling Xuan Xiang Xiang in his knowledge of the sea, the sacred two styles should have attacked sword skills, but in the process of release is to let Ye Zichen change.

She knew the true meaning of Ye Zichen when she peeled off her soul.


Ye Zichen's answer was very certain. Even if he saw his right hand, a hole coming out of the air fell to his side.

One yuan Lingzhu.

This bead has always been protecting sweetness. Now it is actually calling him here. This makes the two people unable to touch the mind. The fierce beast is also a brow, and there is always a bad feeling.

"Sweet sister, ten, I am not a dictatorial person, you can say it if you don't want to." I can erase the brand with you now and let you go. ”

The little boy shook his head in ten eyes, and Xuanyuan Xiang’s words were even more apricots.

"Where are you as a sister, Liangzhu does not serve the two masters, good wife does not serve two husbands, I will follow you from the first time of your life, the big and small cans have experienced so much, you see when I will abandon you And gone? Not to mention ten, it is the guardian of the body that exists for you. You are now telling us this? Moreover, when we left, can you seal the murderous soul alone? ”

Xuanyuanxiang kept turning her eyes and saw her coming out of Xuanyuanjian in the state of the soul. The same is true of the ten blocks, standing in the way of the soul of Ye Zichen.

Giving them a smile, Ye Zichen was not saying anything, nodded.

"Thank you."

In a flash, I saw the look of Ye Zichen, his fingers pointing toward the body of the cockroach.

He immediately felt that his soul of three-pointedness had a tendency to collapse. He tried to stabilize his soul, but he saw Xuanxiangxiang and ten pieces of one left and one right gathered toward it.

Until this moment, I also fully understood the intention of Ye Zichen, and the eyes were full of fearful anger.

"Ye Zichen, you are crazy!"

When the voice fell, it fled in the distance regardless of the underlying madness. Xuanxiangxiang and the ten pieces were quickly chased after it was seen, and Ye Zichen, who had been standing at the back, was also indifferent.

"Destroy the soul! seal! ”

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