Three souls.

Ye Zichen This is to re-peel the soul of the three-pointed one, and then seal his soul with his soul. The two artifacts seal their souls.

This means is basically the same.

"Insane, you are crazy!"

The embarrassing screaming is like crazy, and he thought about the way Ye Zichen solved it, but it didn't happen to be so extreme.

More importantly, he learned where to learn this demon!

"Destroy the soul! seal! ”

This scornful fall into the ears of the scorpion is like a screaming song. The soul of the three-pointer is always struggling at this time. It tries to condense with its own will, but it finds it. There is a sense of autonomy in the soul of the soul, helping Ye Zichen to separate the soul.

"After the Qing!"

There is no need to think about it at all. This soul with a sense of autonomy is surely a post-Qing.

"Hey, I will not think of it." The soul that you have worked hard to gather, after all, still have to be separated. Before you have no soul, now that you have completely occupied the soul of the winning hook, then you can enjoy the endless seal years. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the post-Qing, who had a sense of autonomy, took the initiative to separate from the soul. I have always wanted a solid soul, and I also fell apart at this moment.

"After the Qing, you are looking for death!"

Feeling the separation of the drought and the sorrow, the soul of the scorpion trembled fiercely and thundered.

Looking at the stunned look of the cockroach, Houqing smiled indifferently without any reason, actually turned to Xuanyuanxiang to make a slap in the face, and then sighed.

"One piece is sealed."

The light smile of Xuanyuanxiang is turned into a shackle tied to the soul of Houqing. The same is true of the soul of the drought, so that the ten pieces that are turned into shackles are tied.

The people in the distant Longcheng can be said to be inexplicable. They only see Ye Zichen as a soul, and his spirit is also turned into a soul.

Then they saw that the fierce beast of the soul was mad and mad, and the mouth was still mad, and Ye Zichen's artifact was followed by crazy chasing behind it.

Then they saw the soul of the cockroaches three points, the sly tone accompanied by infinite anger, and the two souls of the soul is actually the two soul seals that will be stripped out.

The evolution of this series made the people on the Dragon City have no way to understand, but at this time the White Emperor looked a glimpse.

"The soul of the three points, the spirit of the spirit and the soul of Ye Di is not good, Ye Di is to use his artifacts and the spirit of himself to seal the seal!"

In an instant, the people of the entire Dragon City were stunned, and immediately their faces were filled with horror.


Just as everyone was exclaiming, there were already a few rays of light rising above the dragon city, flying towards Ye Zichen and the soul of the dragon.

Su Yan, Zuo Mo, Li Jiayi, Lu Han, Xiao Bai, Yin Shang, Zhuge Kongming

No one who is familiar with Ye Zichen, who is hesitant, is crazy to fly above the sky.

"My morning, I have lost too much, can't lose you."

Su Yan clenched her lips tightly, and she could see tears in her eyes. Su Yiyun is dead, Xia Keke is also dead, she really lost too much in this war, can't let Ye Zichen also

She didn't dare to think about it. She could only rush to Ye Zichen's side to stop him.

"You are the God of Heaven, you don't do anything stupid."Yin Shang clenched his teeth.

"Don't you say that you want to take me back to the world? You can't talk without saying anything."Li Jiayi also bit her lip.

It’s not just them, even if Guzi, who was hiding in the void, panicked, he couldn’t be pushed out of the incident at this time.

Countless Taoist men are gathering in Ye Zichen, their purpose is only one

Stop him!

"Damn, damn it!"

The mad roar, the whole sky is burning his anger. Watching the marmot and the post-clear seal, it bites its teeth and turns to run.


At this moment, the soul of the skeleton heard the faintness from the depths of the soul, and then its soul was uncontrollably stopped above the void.

A breeze smashed through its soul, and immediately he saw Ye Zichen of the soul appear in front of it.

"Ye Zichen, good means, so timid!"

Almost gnashing your teeth, say this, if it is not the conditions, you want to smash Ye Zichen.

"In the past, she was only a three-pointer to her son, but she did not dare to seal her seat at the expense of her own soul. Ye Di, just because of your timidity, this seat calls you a Ye Emperor, but this seat does not understand, you have a great future, just to seal your seat, you are self-imposed, what? This seat is to be sealed, and you are not the same? When you are dying, this seat can still come out. Do you really think it is worth it? ”

At this time, I have never thought about asking for mercy. Ye Zichen's idea has been fixed. It does not think that the person who can make such a decision is able to control it in three sentences. Moreover, the soul seal is only a seal for a period of time. When Ye Zichen's soul collapses, it can still break out.

"Why not? I think it is worth it! ”

Ye Zichen's answer is undoubted, he did not make any explanation, and this is not the best explanation. There is no retreat from his eyes, and he has already done so.

Looking at his nephew, he also nodded heavily.

At this point, it is no longer necessary to say something, the other party can seal it with his own soul.

It is served!

The soul of Ye Zichen standing in front of it gradually became a chain, and there was no resistance, or there was no way to resist it. The sly head hangs down, gathers the soul, and lets the chain shackle its soul.

"Do not!"


"do not"

Numerous screams of anxiety passed, and Ye Zichen, who turned into a chain, turned back and saw a face full of anxiety and an anxious cry.

"Let's go."

The Xuanyuanxiang and the ten blocks kept by him also returned to the body of the artifact after he nodded. The two rays turned into a streamer, and if nothing happened, they would always hide in a corner of the world, a permanent seal. The soul of the soul.

Ye Zichen, who was a little paused, smiled softly at them, and then the last glimpse of the soul was merged with the chain, and the roar of the cockroaches disappeared from the sight of the crowd.

The people who passed towards Ye Zichen stopped at the moment of his disappearance, and their minds echoed the sound of the last soul when he turned into a chain.


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