When the soul of Ye Zichen turned into a starlight dissipated from the heavens and the earth, the whole world seemed to have been silenced.

Everyone is watching this scene silently until

"Ye Zichen."

The white-faced left-handed moth was sore and crying, and Li Jiayi was biting her lip and looking at the position where Ye Zichen disappeared, her eyes staring innocently.

Xiaobai and Yin Shang and others are holding their fists, squinting and trying to keep their tears back, but the tears are unstoppable and slipping down their eyes.

The people on the Dragon City also hang their heads, and put their hands on their chests to close their eyes and mourn.

The whole world seems to have sorrow and sorrow. In the few hours after that, no one can say anything.


Numerous people have come to the air. These people are returning to all walks of life and learn about the three realms of the news of the beasts.

When they arrived at the scene, everything was over.

Only the body of Ye Zichen and the beastly beast can be seen, falling on the ground, but they can't feel the slightest soul in their body.

Although they didn't see that scene, they also knew what was going on.

Day and night alternate.

Whether it is the people on the Dragon City or the mighty people coming from the Three Realms, they are silently standing in the distance and silent.

At this moment, Su Liuer came to the air and landed on the body of Ye Zichen. In the middle of the wave, a coffin made of ice crystals appeared in the eyes of everyone.

The body of Ye Zichen is also in the coffin of the ice crystal under the vain of Su Liuer's spiritual power.

At the same time, the immortals of Longcheng and the Three Realms came to the coffin before, and without any communication, they were deeply immersed in the body of the Ye-zi car in the coffin.

"Ye Zichen, you damn it."

It was this heavy atmosphere that suddenly angered.

Immediately, everyone saw that in front of the crystal coffin, stood a woman with silver hair, biting her teeth and looking at Ye Zichen, who was lying in the coffin.

"Who do you think you are, Hehe knows who gave your life to you? Heroism, what are you? Itโ€™s ridiculous that you are dead, people all over the world have to remember for you. โ€

A sentence that smashed Ye Zichenโ€™s words came from the womanโ€™s mouth, which was particularly harsh in the ears of the rest.

Ye Zichen died for them, and itโ€™s not grateful to be grateful. Now itโ€™s still smashed here. Some people in the crowd began to get angry and look for the theory, but they have not left a few steps to let the people around them hold their hands.

"Why stop me, Ye Di sacrificed for us, but the woman did not know how to swear and swear." Whether she is grateful or not, is it not clear that the deceased is a big reason? โ€

"Do you see who the man is?"

"I care who she is, even if her background is big, I have to educate her!"

Disregarding the dissuasion of the crowd, the resentful man walked up a few steps.


The words were not spoken, and the manโ€™s words were swallowed by his life. The woman is also looking at the present. When the person sees the womanโ€™s red eyes and the silver hair, he is squirming his lips for a long time without saying a word. After a short silence, he is deeply immersed in the woman. Road.

"Sorry, I am sorry."

Leave this sentence, he is awkward to leave, not that he knows that the woman's identity has shrunk. If it is irrelevant, even if she is the king of heaven, maybe this person will have to marry her.

However, she is Su Yan.

Not to mention the people of the Beast domain, knowing the relationship between Su Yan and Ye Zichen, even the entire Three Realms, I know that Su Yan is a woman of Ye Zichen, and I know that Su Yan is in pursuit of the reincarnation of Ye Di and the ninth reincarnation.

Others smashed Ye Zichen, they can't tolerate, but Su Yan

They have no choice, and they are not qualified to intervene in everything in between.

"Sister Su Yan, I am sorry."

Xiao Bai walked over his lips and said that he was with Ye Zichen from the world, and he knew how they felt.

"Fall?"Listening to the relief of the people around, Su Yan looked at Ye Zichen's eyes full of disappointment. "You think too much, I have something to say." This irresponsible person will die when he dies, and there is something good for it. โ€

"Okay little girl."

As if Su Liuer could not listen to it, Li Yan slammed Su Yan and immediately screamed.

"The deceased is big, no matter how he dies for the sake of all beings. You still have us, don't be too sad. The body of Ye Zichen has made me icy, let us bring him back to bury it. โ€

"Do not."

Su Yan is almost the word that is bitten out of the teeth, and the wave of coffin is shattered in the middle of the wave.

This kind of behavior can be described as disrespectful. Everyone is astonished by Su Yan's behavior, and his heart is full of unspeakable anger.

Especially in Zuo, as soon as Su Yan uttered the smashing of Ye Zichen, she was already a bit unscrupulous. Now she has smashed the coffin and let her burst into the fire.

"Su Yan, don't be too much!"

Stepping forward, the left smacked and looked at Su Yan.

In this regard, Su Yan just indifferently glanced at her, ignored her scolding, laughed.

"Hey, this kind of person is not worthy of my nine-tailed fox ancestral hall. Itโ€™s just that you donโ€™t always love him, then bring his body back. Anyway, he died for the sake of justice. He canโ€™t let him stay outside and let the wild dog eat. โ€

โ€œSu Yan!โ€

Stepping forward step by step, it is obvious that the posture of Zuo Ma is to be started. The people around them rushed to hold them, for fear that the two of them really played.

"Let me go, I am not so irrational."

Forced to open the hand around, Zuo Ma extended his finger and said Su Yan.

"People and I naturally have to take it away. Really, I really feel that Ye Zichen is worthless. I can really like your kind woman." I left an oath in the identity of the Lord of the Treasure Tower. From now on, our Treasure Tower will end all cooperation with your nine-tailed Fox, including the vassal group of your Jiuwei Fox. From now on, your nine-tailed foxes are the deadly enemies of my treasure tower. Be careful not to let your people appear in the sphere of influence of my treasure tower. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Zuo Mo went to Ye Zichen's side and carried it back, step by step from the outside of the Dragon City. The rest of the Terran was also awkward and took a look at Su Yan and left with Zuo. Although they didn't say anything, they could see from their look that they really hated Su Yan or the nine-tailed Fox.

Only Su Liuer sighed and looked at Su Yan's silver hair with pity.

Others may think that Su Yanโ€™s words have passed, and she thinks that she is so emotional, she can really experience everything, and how can she believe that Su Yan is such a person.

"Little girl, go home."

Inexplicably, Su Yan, who is very tough in front of everyone, is screaming at the ground and crying. Her trembling shoulders made Su Liuer and Su Zhu feel heartache.

Is she really thin?

If she is really in love, then she will not reincarnate for the Yellow Emperor.

If she is really in love, then she will not be white all night.

If she is really in love, then what she said at the time would not be so mean.

In the final analysis, she is too loving, she can not accept the death of Ye Zichen.

"He thought he was who."Su Yan groaning on the ground whispered. "Don't he know if his life was given by my brother? Didn't he know that his life was changed by cocoa?" Everyone has to let him live, but he thinks that his life is so cheap, cheap to say that he can give up when he gives up? โ€

"Little girl, don't cry, in fact, Ye Zichen, he is helpless."

"What is helpless, that is irresponsible performance."Su Yan red eyes and choked. "My brother is dead, cocoa is dead, he is dead now, what should I do?" He can't help, Hehe โ€

The lonely smile Su Yan got up from the ground and his eyes flashed cold.

"I will not forgive him forever in my life, this life, the next life, the next generation, the eternal life will not forgive him!"

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