Chapter 1027 I said


The thunder is rolling, and the road is dull to a heart-rending roar.

The birds screamed and the beast rushed.

The unkempt Ye Zichen stood under the thundercloud and felt the thunder cloud giving a sense of oppression, revealing a faint chuckle.

After that, he actually vacated and stood on the sky and looked straight into the thundercloud of ink.

"What is this kid doing?"

The white robes in the distance couldn't help but frown. At this time, he was separated from the thunderous robbery by a thousand miles. It is so sensible that he can feel the pressure of this thunder.

Moreover, he lived for so long and it was the first time he saw someone robbing him.

Just then, Ye Zichen, who was standing under the thunder, moved, or he spoke.

"I said, there must be wind."

A simple sentence, after being spoken from Ye Zichen's mouth, is like a rumor that has become a rule of heaven and earth. In an instant, countless squalls screamed, and under the gust of wind, the ancient trees that had been growing for thousands of years were rooted in, and countless gravels condensed into a heart-wrenching sandstorm under the gust of wind.

The sky is vast and the wind is falling.

The power of destruction in the sandstorm can not help but be moved after seeing it.

"This kid"

Just as the morning of the ancients was amazed, Ye Zichen was open again.

"I said, there must be rain."

It is still a simple sentence, but there is a heaven and earth method that can't be disobedient.

Above the sky, countless black clouds pervade, and the dark clouds of this cloud will cover the thunderclouds of the thunder.

The majestic heavy rain is like a sky, tearing open the mouth, pouring down from the air.

Ye Zichen stood in the rain, but when the rain fell to him, he actively evaded it and poured it into the ground, turning it into a river.

But itโ€™s not over yet, and Ye Zichen, looking up at the thunder, is opening again.

"I said, there must be mine."

In an instant, at the moment when his voice fell, the whole sky was distorted.

In the dark clouds that came out of the rain, there was a sorrow that was boring to the thunder.


The thunder and roar of the thunder, like a scream of amazement, awakens all living beings. Under this thunder, all things are on the ground, bowing their heads.

Even the thunder of the thunder, but also disappeared at this time.

Itโ€™s just that there are countless dull thunder, but you canโ€™t see a little thunder.

"I said, I have electricity."


A purple-red lightning flashed out from the sky, and the flashing demon was so unobtrusive.

In an instant, after the lightning flashes, the second and third roads

So many tens of thousands of lightning flashed from the sky, and the thunder in the thunder was actually dull after the lightning appeared. The thunder in the thundercloud also caused the countless lightning to swallow. . Turning into nourishment, flashing his brilliance while twisting the sky.

"Wind and thunder, the five-way law, is this the means of the ten saints?"

The horror of Guchenโ€™s heart in the white robe canโ€™t be said. He looked at the sky and looked like Ye Zichen, who turned to the rule of the heavens and the earth, and swallowed his mouth.

This kind of means can of course be done if he can, but that is all built on the strength of his dominant level. The only way to make rules of the body is to understand the rules, and to achieve this level, there are no tens of thousands of years of comprehension that can't be done at all.

Even if he is, after breaking through the dominance, he knows the fur with the world.

Yes, Ye Zichen is not a fairy king, but even from the fluctuation of his spiritual power, he is not even at the peak of the king. He was born and bred by the sensation of the heavens and the earth, and used the heavens and the earth to solve the thunder.

Just the rule of ascending the thunder of the upper bound, Ye Zichen is the rule of heaven and earth in the lower bound.

The wind and rain lightning five-way method is very cool, but it can not cause too intuitive impact on the robbery that does not belong to this world.

Moreover, he has not yet got fire!

The fire is in the third place invisible, it should be before the lightning!

"I said, there must be fire."

When Ye Zichen still wondered why Ye Zichen didn't have a fire, Ye Zichen was already open.


A hot fireball appeared on the sky, and the fireball fell like a nine-day fall, like a burning sun, standing on the sky.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth change day and night.

The dark night was actually turned into a day when the fireball fell.

Numerous powers led to the vision of the heavens and the earth. When they looked at Ye Zichen, they felt the pressure of thunder and robbery. At the same time as the heart trembled, they all had the same low voice.

"Someone is robbing God."

Countless families began to investigate the people who were robbed. When the family went, the old guys of all ethnic groups were envious when they were envious, but they could not help but sigh.

This robbery is also a bit too much.

At the same time, the Protoss Xiao family was also shocked, and numerous high-rises shook the Ye Zichenโ€™s robbery and came to Leichi.

"Who is this person!"

"I don't know."The person who fell for Lei Zichen was stunned. "This person was oppressed by the beginning of the robbery. Now it is cutting off the connection between me and the penalty."

The Xiao familyโ€™s old eyebrows, they stared at Lei Chi and wanted to see Ye Zichenโ€™s face, but there was a boulevard on his face. No matter what kind of magical power they used, they could not put the face on Ye Zichenโ€™s face. The clouds are broken.

"Forget it, this child has become a fixed number. If you have such a means, you will definitely shine in the Protoss. You will be able to go to Shenshan as soon as possible, as long as they are the people who have recently risen to the lower bounds, all of whom are recruited to our Xiao family. โ€


The Xiao family did not dare to rush to the Ascension of Shenshan. The Xiao ethnic group was staring at the Ye Zichen in the Leichi.

The hot fireballs are full of heat waves, as if to melt the entire sky.

Ye Zichen still stood in the void, even though he saw his hand held high.

"Sacred sword."

In an instant, the wind and rain and the electric fire that came out under his rumors were merged into one, and a holy sword with a large foot and a hundred feet fell from above nine days.

The holy sword fell on Ye Zichen's palm, and then he saw him dragging the holy sword to the thunder.


One word and one sentence, like a law.

The robbery cloud that should have been robbed was actually smashed after the sword.

The holy sword in his hand is also transformed into a ray of light into the sky. In a flash, a nine-day tear is a tear, and the holy colorful glow falls from the sky, shrouded Ye Zichen.

Ascend to Shinto.

After the robbery, the gods will be ascended, but the general ascending gods have too much to explain, so they suppress the time of the gods to delay the ascension.

For Ye Zichen, he was careless.

Ye Zichen, who was in Xiaguang, had no resistance, and the light disappeared between the heavens and the earth.

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