Chapter 1029 You want to marry me?

In a short three-time period, Knife's face followed his brother to catch up. Seeing that they are full of anger, just like the expression of eating people, Ye Zichen is convinced that they are the people who chased him in Wu Di's mouth.

In the eyes of the knife, Wu Di has already been his dish, and the millions of treasures are also the ducks to the mouth.

When I think of removing the treasure, a few of them will be able to embark on Ronghua, and chasing Wu Di will be even more energetic.


At this moment, a few people in the face of the knife suddenly heard a thunder and thunder. The anger and screaming of the heart was actually letting them stay for a few seconds.

"be good."

It was Ye Zichen who made this anger, and saw that these guys really stopped, and his face showed a satisfied smile.

Knife, face, and so on, only noticed the scalp Ye Zichen in front of him, and let the old man call it a slap in the face, and the knife slammed his face and ignited a fire.

Just not waiting for him to speak, Ye Zichen has already walked towards them.

"Some of you are chasing this little brother?"

"Where is the old man, don't be idle." Our axe help is not easy to provoke in the 13th district, and advise you not to blame yourself. ”

I can't see the depth of the old flower, and the knife can only remove the forces behind him.

The axe help is indeed a small name in the thirteen districts. The gang's internal lord is a perfect constellation of heaven, and it is only one step away from the fairy king. Within the thirteen districts, there are few who are willing to offend their big forces. Therefore, as long as they mention the axe gang, there is no disadvantage.

Only he was not very lucky this time, and he met Ye Zichen who had just ascended up.

"Axe help?"

When I heard this, Ye Zichen's brow was raised in an instant, and the look fell into the face of the knife, and I couldn't help but laugh.

It’s this expression, the knife and the face are already sure that the old flower is already smashed.

"Yes, Grandpa, I am the captain of the three squadrons who help the axe. The kid around you has robbed us of the treasures of the land. It is not like that of his accomplices. I am going to get out of the way. Grandpa may be in a good mood to let you go." ."

In fact, if other people are getting in, this knife may even have to grab something on this person. Only this old flower, from head to toe can not see like a baby, maybe even if he is clean, he can only find a few pieces of the next yuan.

This is not enough for him to work hard, just let him go.

"You fart."Wu Di was yelling at his teeth. "This is obviously a treasure I found. You want to kill people and take possession of yourself."

In fact, his words were deliberately told to Ye Zichen, and the face of the knife has been chased up. He has almost no possibility of running. Only the predecessor who can save him at the moment is only looking at the look of this predecessor, fearing that he hopes.

Can you say that I really want to die here?

Wu Di’s heart is like a beast, but he can’t show it, he can only hold his fist tightly.

He has already thought about it. If Ye Zichen really leaves him, he will not blame him. He believes that the weak meat is strong. He knows from childhood that this is no stranger to others. He only blames himself for being too weak.

As for this treasure, they don't want to get a knife.

Big deal is a self-destructive treasure, and then self-destructed Linghai, he is still a hero after 18 years!

"Predecessors, axe help, or let you go."

After a long delay in seeing Ye Zichen's action, Wu Di thought that the predecessor was troubled and could not help but find him a step.

"Ha ha ha"

Ye Zichen, who had always been eccentric, smiled at this moment. He squatted on the ground and almost laughed at the tears.

This awkward scene made Wu Di and his knife face a few people, especially the face of Ye Zichen who was kneeling on the floor.

Is it scared?

This old Huazi’s psychological endurance is too bad, so can he still stay in the thirteen districts?

Everyone didn't know what Ye Zichen was all about, but Ye Zichen squatted on the ground with his stomach and rubbed his face with his fingers.

"Axe help, you are an axe help, my God, are I crossing the Hong Kong and Taiwan films?" How can I have an axe to help, but I can’t help but laugh at me, the axe helps me hahaha”

Ye Zichen really laughed like he was going crazy, watching him keep laughing, and his face was somewhat patience.

"Shut up, what's so funny, isn't you not understanding what the Lord said? Get out of the way, don't be in the eyes of this. ”

"Well, I don't laugh."

Say, Ye Zichen got up from the ground with his stomach, but his face was still the one who was laughing but hard.

"Sorry, I feel a little kind to hear your axe."

Stretched out his hand and smashed his shoulder, and Ye Zichen looked back at Wu Didao.

"The little brother is going to go, seeing that he is on the face of the axe, he will not bully him."

"it is good."

Although Wu Di did not know what the predecessor meant, at least the predecessor did not abandon himself. Holding on to the treasure in his hand, Wu Di was followed by the fart.

"Take the old man!"

I want to run, can this knife face be willing? Still so blatant will take him to the fat of his mouth to run!

If this really let them run, how can he mix in the thirteen districts after he slashes his face!

A stern drink came out of his mouth, and even with a few brothers around.

"Old flowers, I see you have lost heart. I want you to roll your own face, do you want to run with the fat in your mouth? ”

I don't know why, when I saw the knife, I could always think of the joy of the axe. The face was involuntarily and it was a smile that could not be contained.

"Brother, what are you doing? Look at the face of your axe, I have let you go. If you don't see it, you will close it and hurry. ”

"Let us let go?"

The knife licked his face and heard the big joke. In a flash, his face was overcast and he opened his way to the brothers around him.


The surrounding younger brother was surrounded by imposing manners, and Ye Zichen was full of helpless gimmicks.

"Do you have to be like this?"

"Hey, old flowers, let you do nothing, this time the Lord still does not let you go. Take out all the treasures on your body, or if you don't kill you, you will be embarrassed directly! ”

Ye Zichen heard the tiger's body shaking, feeling that there was a cool breeze blowing under his arm.

I want to take his life!

This is unbearable and unbearable, and the uncle can't bear it!

Their old Ye family's single-generational biography, despite a lot of girls, but did not leave a little incense.

There are three filial pieties, no big ones!

Ye Zichen said that he must not bear this filial piety!

Thinking of the smile on the face of Ye Zichen, the moment it converges, he squints at the knife and his face toward him and Wu Diwei and his group of younger brothers.

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