"Stay tight!"

"stand at attention!"

"Look to the right!"

"Look forward!"

A bright slogan sounded from the ridiculous land outside the thirteen districts. Under this slogan, there were actually more than a dozen men with a bruised face and a screaming face with a slogan.

This group of people was a slap in the face, and Ye Zichen was carrying his hands and circled around them.

"Look at what you are like, don't cry, face, raise your head, abdomen, hips!"

Ye Zichen I don't know where to find the wicker, whoever poses if it is not standard will be smoked on who. They didn't know how many times they were pumped, and in order to avoid all the battles, the chestnuts kept Ye Zichen's satisfaction and did not dare to move.

"skin! skin! skin! โ€

Seeing that they were all standing, Ye Zichen took a picture of them in the back of their head.

A few people with their knives and knives stretched their muscles and stood naked with the military posture.

In the hot sun, they baked the unsatisfactory, the sweat of the face continued to drop down their chin on the ground, but the strange thing is that they did not run the spirit to dissipate the heat.

"You talk about a few of you, I don't want to take care of you, you still lick your nose. This is squatting, honest? โ€

Ye Zichen, who raised his eyebrows, looked at the man on the left hand side with his hand on the cellar. The group of people standing in the army did not dare to open their mouths, and closed their mouths to face the fierce heart.

"There are a few of you," said Ye Zichen, turning his gaze to the right hand again. "You guys, this little brother who swears at the face, even abandoned the boss and ran away?" Do you know what a team knows, donโ€™t give up and donโ€™t give up, donโ€™t you know? Even if you know that you can't beat me, as long as one of you hasn't ran, then you have to go up and do it! If you have the courage, will you have a miracle? โ€

"This is not a matter of courage."

The little brother of the knife face whispered. He thought that no one could hear it, but he saw Ye Zichen sticking his ear.


According to the back of the head is a slap, Ye Zichen smirked.

"As far as you are concerned, it seems that you are very spirited, and you are taking a break. Is this a good rest?" OK, knife and face, you take your little brother to run around! โ€


After the knife on the left hand side heard it, he squatted on the ground, and the red face of the sun was full of hardships.

"Yeah, itโ€™s small and I donโ€™t know Taishan. You adults do not count the villain, the prime minister can support the boat, don't play us? Against this day, we all ran for dozens of kilometers, and you also sealed our Linghai. In the middle of this, we didnโ€™t drink any water. If we donโ€™t do this, we will directly dehydrate and die. . โ€

"There are so many words for you."

A slap in the back of the head of the knife, Ye Zichen's eyebrows twisted into a line and looked at the knife on his face.

"I can't stand this bitterness?" If you were born like this during the War of Resistance, it would definitely be a deserter. โ€

Just seeing the pitiful appearance of this group of people, Ye Zichen also could not bear to sigh.

"Forget it, whoever makes me this person is soft, so let's take out all the treasures on you."

They were stunned by the knives and they looked at Ye Zichen and had not moved.

"Hey, don't you know if you rob?" If you want to live, put the baby down! You have to know that if you stay in Castle Peak, you are not afraid of not burning wood. Itโ€™s better to die than to live, do you know? These treasures are things outside of the body. As long as you have a life, the baby will still be there, but only one of you is worth it? โ€

Despite his unwillingness, Lier is indeed such a rationale.

The younger brothers with their knives and knives, including the knives and face, learned that Sosuo threw a space bag on the ground.

After taking out the baby, Knife's face put the space bags in front of Ye Zichen.

"Are you sure you have handed it over?" Don't play tricks with me, my temper is not particularly good, and I don't like others carrying me."

This is not finished yet, and the knife and face are actually pulling out a space ring from my arms.

Don't underestimate these space rings, although the internal space is not large, but it is also very valuable. To say that the space bag can be a person as long as it is here, the space ring is a person with a slight identity to wear.

Don't worry about the internal space, you can take out the ring and look at it. This is a good mix of face and face.

Take the ring out and his entire face becomes distorted.

He is really distressed!

"And that's all?"

Ye Zichen seems to be not particularly satisfied with the temptation to speak, and when he hears this suspicion, the knife face is straight down.

"Yes, that's it!" The small ones will give you all my savings for hundreds of years. If you don't believe it, then you can search for it. โ€

How strong and strong the expression of the knife and face is, if ordinary people see it, they will actually put them, but he met Ye Zichen.

"Yes, then you take off your pants!"

In the ridiculous land outside the thirteen districts, Ye Zichen looked at the space bags that had been robbed from the knives and faces, and the two space rings were full of pride.

"Follow me, when you hide something, you haven't been born yet."

Ye Zichen was very disdainful, and the second space ring in his hand was just found in the pocket inside the knives and panties.

I found this space ring, and I couldnโ€™t help but have a good face, but Ye Zichen didnโ€™t feel soft.

With their kindness, it can only be said that they are fools.

When they took advantage of it, they never thought about being kind to the robbed.

This time, I will give them a lesson.

"Wu Di."

Speaking to the young man behind him, Wu Di said that he saw a space ring and several space bags thrown at him.

He subconsciously caught, and when he saw something in his hand, he quickly shook his head and handed back the baby in his hand.

"Predecessors, this is not allowed."

"Give it to you, meet halfway!"Ye Zichen Emei pushed the bag back.

"Predecessors, if they were not seniors, the younger generations could survive from the slashing of their faces, not to mention stealing treasure from their hands. I am very grateful to be alive now. The great grace of the predecessors to save the younger generation has not yet been reported, and you have given it to the younger generation, and the younger generation has suffered from it. โ€

Wu Di has been going back to the younger generation and seeing him insist that Ye Zichen is not forced to put those space bags and rings in his arms.

So far he has not seen what is inside, it is for him, these treasures may be really difficult to enter his eyes.

He robbed his face for the little guy, but this little guy still doesn't.

"Predecessors, but the younger generation has something to remind you."At this moment, Wu Di suddenly spoke, and Ye Zichen nodded to him to indicate his opening. He listened to Wu Di. "I suggest that you leave the 13th district as soon as possible. The axe can't help!"

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