Seeing Wu Di's look dignified, just as Ye Zichen first came and found a lot of places he didn't understand, he asked.

"How to say?"

"You may be a foreigner from a foreigner. I don't know where the axe is going to help."

Before Ye Zichen spoke to the knife and said axe, he still used them to tease them. Wu Di guessed that the predecessor was not the locals in their thirteen districts.

"in fact"

From Wu Di's mouth, Ye Zichen also knows why the axe is a big helper, and he also knows the division of this party.

The northernmost land is divided into seventy-two districts.

These seventy-two districts are also divided into areas, such as Fan, Xuan, Di, and Tian Sifang. Each district occupies 18 districts.

The spiritual concentration of the Van Gogh area is the worst, and the best is the best.

Their ranking here is also more detailed than the lower boundary of Ye Zichen, which is divided into pseudo-spirit, spiritual, immortal, immortal, immortal, fairy, fairy, and fairy, which means that compared with the lower bound, They have another level in the middle of every two levels.

In this area of ​​the goods, it is generally under the human fairy. If they break through the immortals, they will pass through the restricted area and develop to a higher level.

The axe of the thirteen major districts is actually only the rudder of the axe. The main strength of the rudder here is that it is a human being. It is already able to shock the existence of the general area. The main rudder is set up in the Xuan Pin area. Repair is a hegemony.

More importantly, the axe is a tribute to the Tianpin area.

The helper of the Green Gang is a master of the Xianwang level. I heard that the Green Gang is a master of the world-class level.

"Predecessors, naturally, you will not care about the little axe. But the green gang behind him is not what we can provoke, and you want the Supreme to fly to the mountain, why the Green Gang has the supreme master, that is obviously"

Wu Di said half, but Ye Zichen also understood what he meant.

Someone on the mountain of God!

Ye Zichen didn't really care about these things. He hadn't experienced anything in the lower bounds. Even if he was a master of the sage level, he had met it. The little Supreme is naturally not in his eyes.

What he is speechless is that he has not risen to the mountain, but he has fallen to this place.

Still a small small area!

Isn't this a tiger into the flock?

For a time Ye Zichen's look was a bit weird.

"Predecessors, younger generations still advise you to leave the 13th district early, it is best not to go to the transmission of the spirits, the knife will face back will definitely report, then they will also send someone to come to you, maybe you will be waiting for you in the transmission. It is no problem to take the restricted area with your strength, and I think you seem to have just come from the restricted area, as long as they can't catch you, you are definitely safe. They are also not likely to slap their faces for the sake of their swords. ”

"What about you?"


Seeing Wu Di's look, Ye Zichen knew that he had never thought about it for himself.

Stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, smiling lightly.

"You don't worry about me, they can't help me." In this case, I have blended in anyway, and this person is also offended by me. Then I will do the best, and send the Buddha to the West. Now I don't have a place to live. It's better to take me to your rest for a few days. If the axe is coming, I will help you to send it away. If they don't come, what are they going to do? ”


"Why not?"

"Of course I am willing!"Wu Di almost shouted out, and Ye Zichen, a master who can live with him, is nothing but a blessing to him.

"Isn't that the way?"

β€œThe predecessors are here in Qingniu Town.”

After two hours, Ye Zichen and Wu Di finally walked out of the ridiculous land and saw a city.

There were several teams outside the city that seemed to be patrolling. When Ye Zichen was preparing to enter the city, he saw Wu Di handing the patrolling officers a waist card.


"Adult, this predecessor lives with me!"Seeing that the officers and men stopped Ye Zichen, Wu Di explained.

"There is no temporary residence permit and cannot enter the city. Who knows if he is talking to you outside, waiting for the convenience of finding a place after entering the city is hiding, mixing the spiritual power in the town. ”

"grown ups"

β€œQingniu Town has a spiritual coin every day, so there is no way to get out.”

The tone of the officers and men was very rude. Wu Di bit his teeth and took ten coins from his pocket and handed them over.

"Give a ten-day temporary residence permit for this predecessor!"

The temporary residence permit is issued by Shenshan, and there is a time limit inside. When the time is up, no matter how you cultivate it, it will be excluded from the city.

Only when you buy a house in a town can you live permanently here.

A spiritual coin is quite valuable for ordinary people. Wu Di can produce ten spiritual coins or subsidies issued by their families last month.

If you use these ten coins, it means that he has no money to spend this month.

The way to make money here is to go to the grass, the spiritual stone or go to the secret land.

Of course, you can also make money by selling medicinal herbs, magic weapons, and magic symbols.

It is possible that the money that makes money in this way is the peak force of the Tianpin area, and they do not bother to come to the place of the Van Gogh area.

The officers and men put the coins in their hands and smashed them. Then they nodded with satisfaction and took out a jade slip into the hands of Ye Zichen.

"Ten days, after ten days, if you don't renew your fees, you will come out from Qingniu Town."

Yu Jane started to cool, and looking at the jade slips, I can see that there is still time flowing.


There are still time limits in entering the city, which seems to be a nature with renting a house?

The wall of the city is very simple. When it comes to the interior of the city, Ye Zichen feels that the concentration of spiritual power here is more intense than that of the ridiculous land.

β€œThe concentration of spiritual power inside and outside the city looks different?”

Wu Diyi, he did not think that this predecessor would actually ask such an idiot, but still patiently explained.

"Every city has a large array of ghosts inside, so it is more powerful than the outside world. In fact, this is only a small time, if you go to the city, the spirit is more intense. As for those high-level districts, the younger generations have never been there, but they want to be sure to be richer than the Vantage area. ”

Ye Zichen nodded, although he was not proficient in the Qimen armor, the spiritual array changes, can be arranged to accommodate the people of a town to use the poly-matrix, the law must be very high.

No wonder there is a fee for entering the city. There are still differences in the city and outside the city!

Fun and interesting!

Ye Zichen couldn't help but shake his head. With an in-depth understanding of the realm, he became more and more interesting!

When he was soaring, he was still reluctant, but now that the gods are so interesting, Ye Zichen is looking forward to the surprise of the followers of the gods!

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