Deep into the town, Ye Zichen found that the more the center of the town, the denser the population. In the gardens near the center of the town, people are filled with people, and with the night, there are still people walking inside.

Wu Di, who was next to him, seemed to see the strange look of Ye Zichen.

"The temporary residence permit is not arranged in the city. If you want to have a rest, you need to go to the town's pubs and inns. It is very difficult for ordinary people to want to stay in the city. It is very difficult to bear the second time in the pub and the inn. No way, some money is not particularly abundant, it can only be so. ”

In the speech, the two came to a small house. The house was not particularly large, but it was quite impressive in the green cattle town.

β€œThe predecessors here are the residences of the younger generation.”

In the eyes of countless people, Ye Zichen and Wu Di entered the courtyard. Although the location of this courtyard is not very good, there may be a place for yourself to be the dream of the homeless.

There is almost no decoration in the courtyard, and the whole garden is full of spirit grass.

"Premier forgive me."

In the eyes of Wu Di, the big predecessor in front of him can live in him. He is full of spiritual grass in this house, and there is almost no place to move. Maybe it will be very unpleasant among the seniors.

"This is not very good, at least there is a separate house to live. Little brother, can't see that you are mixed in this green cow town, you can have a separate house. When I came here, I saw that many people with great spiritual bodies and people with immortals did not have a fixed residence. ”

Wu Diwen said with a smile: "The younger generation just borrowed the light of the family. There are three major families in the thirteen districts, namely Liujia, Wangjia and Wujia. The younger generation is the Wu family."

"I don't think the little brother is still a family."

"Which family, the Wu family is now inherited for many generations, and the disciples of the ethnic group are even more 10,000. Generally, the Yi people live in the Flame City of the 13th district. The younger generation is only a sideline. Fortunately, there are Wu family blood in the body, so that there can be a residence in this Qingniu town. Moreover, the situation of the younger generation is relatively embarrassing, not afraid of the jokes of the predecessors, the younger generation who realized the son of the patriarch, but was born by a prostitute. ”

When talking about his own life, Wu Di's look has become bitter, and because of his embarrassing identity, he has been blinded by many ethnic groups since childhood.

Fortunately, after the adult ceremony, it was divided into Qingniu Town, which was separated from the former sectarians. After arriving here, it was deep and simple, in order to avoid the color of those who were also assigned to Qingniu Town.

In fact, his life experience has always been his scar, and he has never mentioned it to others. Yes, Ye Zichen, he always feels that this predecessor is different from the high-ranking people he has encountered in the past. He is willing to tell his seniors about his sadness.

"If the younger generation is a serious sideline, they will not dare to start with me. Although the axe help is big, the Wu family has been in the thirteen districts for a long time, and the foundation is also there. He was because of my situation, knowing that my father ignored me and dared to take the treasure. ”

"When the mother died, she told me not to blame my father. But how can I not complain, if not his ignorance, the mother will not die. ”

Wu Di’s eyes were red, and the fists clenched and kept shaking.

He could never forget the scene of the death of his mother at that time, and he could not forget that he had been outside the Wu family for ten days, just to send the ancestral hall of his mother Hui.

But what his father said is, prostitute, not worthy of Wujia Temple!

Who can imagine that the heavy rain at that time, a young man with thin body, with grievances in his eyes, holding his mother who had passed away, came to the graveyard outside Qingniu Town, and dug a cemetery by hand to bury his mother.

All this, how can he not complain?

Feeling the youth's emotions in front of him, Ye Zichen reached out and patted him on the shoulder. Wu Di, who was fully clasped, was now biting his teeth.

"There is a river in the junction between the demon world and the gods. Under the river is the underworld. The souls of all the dead are recorded in the underworld. He has always imagined that one day he could become a supreme power, and he went to the river to find his mother's soul to resurrect him. The ridiculous thing is that I am almost thirty years old, but I have never broken through. ”

"The strong are coming from the weak one step by step, don't be discouraged, as long as you have the belief of becoming a peerless power, you will be able to."Reaching out and slaping Wu Di's shoulders, and immediately, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. "You mentioned the underworld, then I want to ask if any souls will fall into the underworld?"

"The younger generation is also rumored to say that the existence of the Styx does not exist, and there is no prejudice in the underworld. However, when the younger generation was in the pub, I heard that the predecessors of the two immortals mentioned the Styx, which was recorded. ”

"such!"Ye Zichen nodded and then looked at the youth in front of him. "Then you know that you can go to the demon world."

β€œPredecessors don’t really want to go to the Styx?”

Wu Di stunned, and soon realized that he was somewhat guilty and opened his mouth.

"It would be very difficult to go to the demon world. We are extremely north here, but the demon world is in the extreme south. The premise of wanting to go to the demon world is that the predecessors are now going to the Shenshan Mountain in the far south. When the time goes by, the younger generation will not know. ”

"Then you know that there is no sea."

Before coming here, Ye Zichen never thought that he would be lucky to go directly to the demon world, and even if he really can go to the demon world, with his meager strength, it is difficult to find the trace of Xia Keke.

Going to the demon world is not particularly urgent for him, but he thought of the guy who prayed for the Lord God.

When he was sent back to the realm of the gods, he once mentioned the innocent sea. If he could find him, maybe the problem of the small cocoa would be solved.

"There is no sea?" Of course, the younger generation knows that the seventy-two districts are divided into four districts, that is, the sea without the sea! ”


"Yes."Wu Di was very determined and nodded. "The mountain on our head is a sea, and the sea is an innocent sea. And there is no sea in the sea here, it is flowing from the top of the mountain. ”

These are common sense issues, Wu Di is not clear why this predecessor can actually ask such a question.

When I heard the heart of Ye Zichen, I was extinguished. I don’t think, I hope that the innocent sea that the Lord God said is definitely above the mountain of God, but he is now under the mountain of God.

When he came here, he noticed the mountains and he tried to fly up.

However, he found that no matter how he raised the height of his vacancy, the mountain seemed to be raising the height, and after he stopped, the mountain would stop.

It always gives people a sense of being at your fingertips, but it is out of reach.

I was so anxious that I couldn't eat hot tofu, and Ye Zichen, who was slightly lost, was also a convulsive smile. She smiled and took a space bag and threw it toward Wu Di.

"Don't say that you are embarrassed, and you don't want to be strong, then don't give up any possibility of becoming stronger." The Yuanling Stone here is enough for you to break through the current 摎撏 and let you into the fairy, take it. ”

Wu Di's eyes were a little red, biting his teeth and grabbing the space bag in his hand. Immediately he squatted directly on the ground and slammed three heads towards Ye Zichen.

"Predecessors are great, the younger generations are unforgettable!"

"I don't know your name yet."

"Younger generation, Wu Di!"

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