The night in Qingniu Town was very quiet and pleasant. Ye Zichen sat on the bed with his knees. He didn't want to breathe the heaven and earth aura here, but he was sitting in bed in a daze.

In fact, he did not feel so free and easy during the day. He only deliberately refused to think about it. But when the whole world was silent, the mottled thoughts and the tides that broke out of the embankment surged.

"The Styx."

"Demon world."


He didn't know how long he muttered to himself until the day and night alternated. When the white owl replaced the night, when the people in Qingniu Town were accompanied by the morning glow, he converges on the mind, invisible Tao in his mind, and the world of insight. rule.

The Five-way Method was realized during the reincarnation of Ye Zichen. The means was to integrate itself into the five elements, and to understand the rules of the heavens and the earth while balancing the rules of the heavens and the earth for their own use.

When Ye Zichen completely immersed himself in the sensation of heaven and earth, his whole person was turned into a lifeless dead thing.

There are also five colors of light shining around his body. These rays represent the five elements of heaven and earth.

There was no time for practice, and when Ye Zichen opened his eyes again, it was five days.

"Hey, that little guy is not there."

Ye Zichen's first time in the blink of an eye was to spread the fairy tales and want to see Wu Di's retreat. What he didn't expect was that Wu Di was actually ahead of him one step ahead of him, which made him unexpected.

"It seems that this kid is a bit talented."

According to Wu Di's eyes at the time, Ye Zichen could affirm his retreat, and if he did not break through, he would not go out.

Now that he has disappeared from the room, it naturally means that he is already a fairy.

Ye Zichen admitted that he had given Wu Di a lot of Yuan Lingshi, but he could enter the ranks of immortals at such a fast speed that his talent is still there.

It’s just that I’m really afraid to talk to him. I don’t have enough resources to practice. This makes him so low, but the foundation is good. And Ye Zichen's Yuan Lingshi gave him the possibility of thick accumulation, breaking through.


Just then, Ye Zichen's fairy tales found Wu Di's position. As he thinks, Wu Di has already entered the immortal at this time. From the perspective of the spiritual fluctuations around him, it is afraid that it will soon break through to the medium term.

This speed is actually satisfying Ye Zichen, but his frowning is

"The child's personality is afraid to be too weak."

Through the discovery of Ye Zichen, Wu Di was discovering that several young people were bullying. It is natural to see that these young people are also the strength of the immortals, but they are all unstable.

Moreover, Wu Di has a treasure in his hands, and those young people cannot be his opponents at all.

It was only at this time that Wu Di was curled up on the ground, allowing the group of young people to punch and kick and not to resist.

This is a far cry from the performance of Wu Di in the past few days.

"It seems that I have to shoot."

A faint sigh, Ye Zichen was ready to rush, but at this moment he laughed again.

"This kid is very blessed, forget it, let them make a noise." Since I came to the realm of the gods, I can't be so decadent in the past, this body must be stinky, and it should be packed up. ”

An alley in Qingyang Town.

Wu Di, who was curled up on the ground, was covered with footprints. His eyes flashed with cold eyes and looked at the young people around him.

These people are actually counted on the Wu family, because of the limited talent assigned to the town of Qingniu.

The young man named Li Kai is a talented person. However, he is the deacon of Wujia School in Qingniu Town, and controls all the resources of Wujia in Qingniu Town.

With this layer of shelter, Li Kai counts on the Qingniu Town.

With the support of his vast resources, he is now also the strength of the immortal.

Wu Di was deeply impressed after entering Qingniu Town. The main reason is that there is Li Kai's relationship. His father was the younger brother of the patriarch's wife, and the patriarch's wife always looked at his niece's son, who was not pleasing to the eye. He was not pleasing to see him at Li Kai's family. He didn't find him trouble.

This time he came out mainly to thank Ye Zichen for letting him break through. He specially took the spirit grass in the garden and changed a lot of coins. He wanted to thank Ye Zichen for a long time, but he did not expect to encounter Li. Kay this group of people.

"You have enough."

Wu Di, who had been holding back Li Kai’s punches and kicks, opened his mouth. He was so huddled that he was afraid that the wine in his hand would be broken. This pot of wine was exchanged with his half garden grass, and if it was broken, he could never buy a pot of such wine.

"Oh, are you talking to me?"

Li Kai of Jinyi Huafu showed a funny smile on his face. He looked at Wu Diwei, who was curled up on the floor, and smiled.

"Looking at you now is also the strength of the immortal, how can you not fight back? Look at your pockets, it really is the scorpion of a girl, it is impossible to have any temper in this life. ”

"You are saying it again."

You can beat him or marry him, but if you mention his mother

In an instant, Wu Di’s eyes are red, and Li Kai is screaming.

"Dare to marry me, call me!"

With a wave of hand, several Wu family youths who followed him were punching and kicking Wu Di. During this period, Wu Di has been biting his teeth and he wants to fight back, but there is still a kind of reason in his heart to tell him to bear.

Li Kai’s identity is special. If he is told, he will use his head to remove him from the family.


Wu Di kept telling in his heart that he would hold back, as long as they had enough, they would be gone!


Just then, a sip of drink from the back of Li Kai, everyone turned back and saw a girl with the same brocade, the apricot rushed over and rushed over.

Seeing this girl, Li Kai’s eyes turned around on her body, and more importantly,

This gaze is greedy.

"How did you come?"

"Step aside."The girl pushed Li Kai away and looked nervously to Wu Di. She was worried. "Wu Di, you are fine."

"Zheng Yunan? How will you be here? ”

Wu Di was a little surprised. This girl is the granddaughter of Zheng’s first guest, Zheng Chenggong. She is ranked in the top ten in the Wu family’s genius list.

Now only twenty-four years old, it is already the strength of the Xianfeng Peak, and it is only one step away from Tianxian.

To say that Wu’s seeing these people is also Zheng Chenggong’s and the girl in front of him is better for him. When Wu’s family wanted to remove him, Zheng Cheng’s speech was dissuaded, and the matter was just a matter of giving up.

"Don't ask so much, how are you doing now, are you not feeling well?"

Zheng Yunan was very concerned about asking, and immediately she was staring at Li Kai’s anger.

"Li Kai, apologize!"

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