In fact, Ye Zichen said that he actually had his own ideas. He first entered the realm of the gods. If he wants to go to the demon world, to the mountain of God, and to the river, it is too boring.

Although Wu Diโ€™s family is not a family with a particularly strong background, it can be regarded as a small position in at least the 72 districts.

If you use Wu Di's hand to master Wu's resources, or gain trust or other things, maybe the result is much more convenient than he is boring.

Moreover, he did want to install the young man with a story in his heart, and now is the first step he has prepared.


When hearing the news, Li Wanlongโ€™s eyelids suddenly jumped.

In fact, he sent the family to Qingniu Town, and there was also the behind-the-scenes pusher of his sister Li Ke. One of his missions here is to help them to expand their wealth, and the second is to eradicate the hybrids produced by Wu Diโ€™s prostitute.

Although Wu Di does not have too many threats to his sister's son status, it is still a hidden danger.

To say that Wu Di started secretly, they did not dare to do it. Wu Di said that he is also the son of the current patriarch. If Wu Jiazhen is going to check, he will definitely find out that they have moved their hands.

At that time, their Li family may have to bear the anger of the entire Wu family.

Therefore, in order to be the most insured, they kept squeezing Wu Diโ€™s cultivation resources and suppressing their strength. Li Kaiโ€™s cynicism was also benefited by Li Wanlong, in order to make him go wrong.

As long as Wu Di dared to take action on Li Kai, then their Li family naturally had reason to let Wu Jia name Wu Di from the genealogy.

However, they never thought that Wu Di could be so tolerant, and more importantly, he now has a master who is at least a perfect level.

For a time, Li Wanlongโ€™s heart was flowing, but his face was full of smiles of kindness.

"I don't think you are the master of Wu Dixian, who has never had a particularly eye-catching performance in the family for so many years. It can even make you look at it. Maybe there is something that I can't find in Wu. . It is also his blessing that Yin Xian can follow your master. โ€

In this passage, there is a real heart. When highlighting Ye Zichen's cultivation and the eye of the Pearl, he also slammed the tiger flag of Wu.

Ye Zichen couldn't hear the meaning of the middle, but he smiled without any feeling.

"You don't have to say good things, and the deity hasn't felt much after listening to it." Since the deity appeared here, it was the case that my apprentice was bullied. Wu Di, the disciple, is the deity of the deity. Originally, the deity was prepared to take him to the higher areas, but he did not want to leave. The deity had to stay with him for a few days. Who thinks, let the deity see such a scene, Wan Long brother, how do you say this? โ€

Such a strong attitude made Li Wanlong unable to hold back his eyebrows. The other party actually heard that he said that Wuโ€™s family was so unrequited, and his heart was still stunned by the other side, but his face was still kind and friendly. Look, but his smile is looking at Wu Di.

"Xiao Di, I am here to help you with your cousin." After I was sent to Qingniu Town, I was busy with family development and didn't pay much attention to the relationship between your brothers. This is a negligence. In this way, I will go back to Li Kaiโ€™s kid, and I will be strict with the clan. I will send you some spiritual resources, so that you can cultivate it further and have a good performance in the clan ratio. How to ? โ€

Let Ye Zichen be an apprentice, and Wu Di is actually awkward.

If he can really be a disciple of this predecessor, of course he is 10,000 willing. Itโ€™s just that he feels that his qualifications are average, and he is afraid that he will be irritated by the predecessors.

But now Ye Zichen said that he is his disciple, apparently supporting him.

As for Li Wanlong's sugar-coated shells, it is immune to Wu Di. Although he does not know too much insider, Li Jia has always wanted to remove him from the Wu family. He is well aware of it.

Now Li Wanlong claims to be his aunt, but also to give him spiritual resources, all based on Ye Zichen.

Wu Dixiao smiled. In his heart, there were 10,000 reluctances to forgive them, but he did not want Ye Zichen to be involved in this vortex. He had to endure the disgust in his heart and succumb to Li Wanlong.

"That's what you said."

"This is right."

Li Wanlong smiled with satisfaction, and the result was not unexpected. In his view, Wu Diโ€™s situation, as long as he showed a slight goodwill, Wu Di would be flattered.

It just means losing some resources, not to mention the amount of resources he has to give in his words.

How much is really there at the end of the day, it is not what he said.

"Wait" was at this moment Ye Zichen suddenly spoke.

"what happened?"Li Wanlong actually didn't like to deal with people like Ye Zichen, but the situation at the moment made him see that he had to treat him with courtesy.

"What resources do you promise, I don't know how much?"

Ye Zichen, the originator of the word game, is the originator. He wants to play with him. Li Wanlong is too tender.

Li Wanlong, who is proud of his heart, sinks into his eyes. It seems that he is deceiving Wu Di very well, but the master behind him is a bit difficult.

"That is the Lord"

"It is you who send you the resources of the scorpion, and it is not the deity of the deity. What do you mean by the deity?"

"The old tycoon."At the same time as Ye Zichen in the heart, Li Wanlong is also an open channel. "There are three hundred pieces of Lingshi, and one bottle of Sanpin Xiandan."

He said that Li Wanlong also looked at Ye Zichen's expression and saw that he did not have any change in his look. He opened his mouth again.

"A hundred more hundred years of spirit grass."

"Adding twenty words to the three-character fairy."

"A sword of treasures."

"You don't want to be too much."

Li Wanlong almost said that he was biting his teeth. Even if these resources were taken out, it was especially painful. You can see Ye Zichen's face as if it was still not particularly satisfactory.

In fact, Ye Zichen is not satisfied, but he has no concept of the value of these resources.

Instead, Zheng Yunan sneaked to Ye Zichen and said in a whisper: "Predecessors, almost on the line." These treasures can be worth at least a million dollars. โ€

"Million, how much?"

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and there was no cover. After Li Wanlong heard it, he almost swears, and there are not many million coins. As for his current status, the million spirits are at least his one-year savings.

Looks like he looks like he still has to give up less?

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