"It’s really a lot of Master."

Even if there is resentment in Li Wanlong's heart, he can hear that he is willing to come up with so many resources to make things happen. Wu Di can't help but feel the heart leaping.

A full million coins!

If he is allowed to smash these resources, it will take thousands of years to say less.

"Is it? Ok, since I am satisfied with this baby apprentice, then let's do it. You said that you are really stingy, but fortunately, I am sensible."

Ye Zichen seems to be reluctant to lick his mouth, and Li Wanlong looks at the hateful itch.


If he had mastered the resources of Wujiaqing Niuzhen, the million spirits would not be said for one year, and ten years would be enough. Some ordinary immortals, the total assets are afraid of millions of coins.

Millions of him are too stingy!

What does he think he is?

Tianxian? Xian Wang?

If he is such a high presence, run to the Van Gogh area?

"Since you are satisfied, Wu Dixian is also satisfied, so how do we get through this?"

Ending the anger of the heart, Ye Zichen nodded and followed the karate.

"and many more"

"What is your command?"

"I have already had the treasure weapon of the land. I don't know if the treasure can be replaced with a war armor or an auxiliary spirit."

"Do you think that armor and weapons are a price?"

Li Wanlong really wants to come out, the price of the same level of armor is much more expensive than the weapon, although he is in the heart of the mother, but still nodded with kindness.

"no problem."

When the voice fell, Li Wanlong grabbed Li Kai’s hand and was ready to leave. At this time

"and many more"

Li Wanlong, who is facing away from Ye Zichen, bites his teeth, but when he turns back he is still a friendly look.

"I don't know what else is your command?"

"Since it is the love of the blind, you must pay for your own money, but don't take up resources within the family, so as not to let others gossip."

If Ye Zichen didn't say that, he was really ready to use the family's resources for Wu Di. At that time, even if it is checked out inside the family, then he can also say that Wu Di is deceiving people to take advantage of him.

But now the other party has already made the point here, and Zheng Yunan, the granddaughter of the first guest, is also here, and he is really not good at using family resources.

I thought that I had to pay for my own pockets. Li Wanlong’s face was blue and green.

"No problem, I care about my voice, how can I move my family resources?" As a deacon of the family, I can't even try the law. ”

"This is the best."

Until then, Ye Zichen showed a satisfactory look, and Li Wanlong turned away from him.

"and many more"

To be honest, Li Wanlong will collapse when he hears this sentence. As long as Ye Zichen utters these words, there is absolutely no good waiting for him. But he has no confidence in the strength of Ye Zichen. There is no way he can only go back to his temper.

"I don't know what else you are commanding?"

At this time, Li Wanlong had no longer been kind, but now his heart is already burning with a fire, and his heart is quite uncomfortable.

Ye Zichen, who only shouted at him, never looked after him, but turned his head to Wu Di.

"Apprentice, taking this opportunity as a teacher also gives you a lesson. In some cases, it is not the best way to do things. Sometimes it is more intuitive. Just like, just now, these people are bullying you, then you should be like this."


A few shadows passed by, even if Li Wanlong didn't see what Ye Zichen did. When he turned around, he found that the youth and guards who followed Li Kai, including Li Kai, were all blood. Fall down on the ground.

"call back."

Gently patted Wu Di's head, and Ye Zichen's face was full of clouds and light colors.

The rest of the people will forget it. Seeing that his son is also so injured, he does not want to recover within a month of watching the injury. The clan is even more unable to participate.

"What is your intention!"

The pressure of Li Wanlong’s body was completely released, and the whole person’s momentum was full. The majestic pressure made the surrounding people feel the infinite pressure.

"What do you want?"

In the face of this kind of pressure, Ye Zichen didn't even mention the half-spiritual fluctuations, but gave him a faint look.

In an instant, Li Wanlong felt like falling into a thousand feet of ice, from the bottom of the foot to the Tianling point, this indifferent eyes made him instantly awake, and the majestic momentum also made him suddenly close.

"The predecessors don't blame, Wan Long has no intention of offending."

Li Wanlong was claimed to be a younger generation, which made Zheng Yunan next to him raise his eyebrows. This kind of younger generation ceremony, as long as the other party is higher than one class, will appear. Li Wanlong is already a human being. Can it be said that Wu Di’s master is actually a master of the earth?

Thinking of the faint joy in Zheng Yunan's eyes, she is sincerely happy for Wu Di.

"My disciple of Ye Zichen, can you bully?"Ye Zichen said in an indifferent tone, and then put his hand on Wu Di's shoulder. "Wu Di, who has straightened his waist and made a man." Don't be afraid, there is still a teacher behind you! ”

Wu Di’s heart is inexplicable, and since his mother’s death, no one has ever treated him like this. He resisted the sorrow and sorrow of the nose, and nodded his waist and straight, and the words Ye Zichen, and the words he said, were forever imprinted in his heart, unforgettable.

"As for you"

His eyes fell on Li Wanlong's body. At this time, Li Wanlong could confirm that the high-ranking person in front of him is at least a master of the immortal level, and may even be the strength of the fairy.

He didn't dare to look directly at Ye Zichen's gaze, only to bury his head deeply.

"Predecessors talk about you."

"I will give you three days to send the resources I had promised to my house." If there is a missing piece of Lingshi inside, this thing is not finished, understand? ”

"Understood, it takes three days, and the younger generation will send these to the House of Hyun Joong tomorrow morning."

What is the pain? What is it?

Now it’s the most important thing for Li Wanlong to live. This kind of master wants to pinch him. He is afraid that he is only in the middle of his fingers. Even if he really kills him, he is afraid that he has his sister’s relationship. Wu’s family will not To provoke this master.

Money is a foreign object, as long as he still has a life, and is still in the blue cattle town, these can be found back.

"I said three days in three days, you will send it tomorrow, how do you want to find the deafness of the deity?"Ye Zichen has a sword and a cross.

Li Wanlong will cry and nod.

"Three days, the seniors said three days and that three days!"

"This is almost the same."

Looking coldly at Li Wanlong, this cockroach almost scared Li Wanlong's little heart.

"The younger generation will retire first?"

"and many more"

At this moment, Ye Zichen shouted at him again. Zheng Yunan couldn't help but smile. Li Wanlong was full of sorrow on his face, but he was full of smile when he looked at Ye Zichen.

"What are the predecessors' orders?"

"It’s really embarrassing to let you bleed this way!"

"How come, I should give some money to the scorpion to practice resources. This is what it should be."

"Is this sure of your truth?"

"It's true!"

Li Wanlong nodded hard, and Ye Zichen shook his head.

"I am so uncomfortable to let you bleed."

"Nothing, this is what I should do."

Li Wanlong’s face is full of laughter. His only purpose now is to quickly leave from this comet. If he continues to stay, he is really afraid that his little heart will be scared to stop.

"The more you say this, the more I am embarrassed."Ye Zichen's eyes are full of entanglements. "This million coins are a big sum of money for everyone, but this is also your heartfelt wish. If I don't accept it, I don't want to give you face. Otherwise, Wu Di, come over. ”

Out of the hand, Wu Di shouted, with a smile in his eyes, and immediately heard Ye Zichen open the door.

"Go, thank you!"

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