After being thanked by Wu Di, Li Wanlong finally left as he wished.

Ye Zichen asked Wu Di to thank him for being deliberate, so that Li Wanlongโ€™s grandson would be more uncomfortable.

Looking at the Li family who fled the desert, Ye Zichen was a faint glimpse.

"See, such people can't get used to it. The more you give up, the more they lick their noses, and sometimes you have a strong point to make them fear you. โ€

This is obviously what Wu Di said, Wu Di nodded and nodded.

"The younger generation remembered."

Before Li Wanlong was there, Wu Di knew that Ye Zichen was trying to let him take advantage of the situation, which was commensurate with the mentoring. At present, Li Wanlong and his sons have left, and the name of the mentor and the apprentice will naturally not be counted.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but wonder when he heard that Wu Di claimed to be a younger generation.

This Wu Di is all good, that is, the character is too weak, or too understandable. This kind of personality cannot be said to be bad, but

"No problem, no effort."

A faint nod of Ye Zichen disappeared from here. Although he did intend to accept Wu Di as a disciple, since this one could not understand his intention, then he did not need to rush to collect him.

"younger generation?"Until Ye Zichen, Li Kai, Zheng Yunan was surprised to see Wu Didao. "Isn't the predecessors of Ye are not your masters, why not be commensurate with the mentoring?"

Wu Di didn't want to have such a master, but everything was just what he thought.

"Ye's predecessors are actually not my masters, but in order to take the lead for me, I will use the mentoring to let me take advantage of the situation."

Upon hearing this explanation, Zheng Yunan stunned for a while and immediately took a look at Wu Diโ€™s shoulder.

"Are you stupid? Is this relationship between mentoring and apprentices? Since Yeโ€™s predecessors said that you are his apprentice, it means that he really intends to accept you as a disciple! Moreover, if it is really a matter of borrowing, the predecessors of the leaf can say that you can borrow the momentum, even if it is a little good for you, then Li Wanlong will not offend you. โ€

Zheng Yunanโ€™s explanation made Wu Diโ€™s eyes shine, but it was thought that when Ye Zichen left, he was indifferent, and his hope of rising was destroyed.

"How is it possible, how is the predecessor of Ye, and there is definitely a lot of genius who wants to be a teacher." My qualifications are dull, how can the leaf predecessors see me? Moreover, if the predecessors of the leaf really want to accept me as a disciple, then I just claimed to be a younger generation, and I have not seen any fluctuations in him. โ€


Listening to Wu Diโ€™s self-satisfaction, Zheng Yunan raised his hand and took a photo of him.

"Are you stupid, you told me that you are stupid? You also know that Yeโ€™s predecessors are high, do you still know that Tianjiao, who wants to worship Yeโ€™s predecessors, is everywhere? In this case, do you still think that you are a younger generation, the leaf predecessors will show much sorrow, and then crying and shouting to accept you as a disciple? Wu Di, in my impression, you are not so brainless? โ€

"So what do you say?"

Wu Di also had no idea after listening. He naturally wanted to worship Ye Zichen as a teacher, but he worried that he was too aggressive.

"I want you to say that when you go back, you will tell the predecessors that you want to worship him as a teacher. I am sure that the predecessors will definitely accept you as a disciple."

"you sure?"

"determine."Zheng Yunan raised his delicate face and flashed a touch of red glow on his face. "If the leaf predecessors refused you, I will let you know, so you always believe it!"

"Yu Nan, it is impossible between us."

Zheng Yunanโ€™s words are already very explicit, but Wu Diโ€™s answer is that her body is a stiff. For a long time, she looked at Wu Didao with a look of disappointment.

"Hey, don't think too much, well, I just made an impossible analogy. You thought that I could marry you, the Prince Charming in my mind, but the hero of the world, at least the existence of Ye predecessors. You are still well prepared to prepare for the clan. When you don't have a hundred people to go outside, it is not only to make you lose face, but also to lose the face of the predecessors. โ€

Waving to Wu Di waved, and immediately heard Zheng Yunan open the way.

"You go back to the teacher, believe me, Ye predecessors will definitely accept you as a disciple. I have to inform other clans about the news, so I won't stay too much. โ€

"Good, tired."

Even at this time, Wu Di also maintained the right distance between the two, and the farewell of Zheng Yunan.

Zheng Yunanโ€™s nose was so bitter and sour, and even though she saw her reluctantly turning back, she did not say any more words and gradually disappeared into Wu Diโ€™s sight.

For a long time, Wu Di, who still kept the farewell ceremony, looked up and echoed Zheng Yunanโ€™s sentence in his mind. His eyes were full of bitterness.

"You are the proud woman of heaven, the most loved granddaughter of Da Keqing. I am the son of a prostitute. I am struggling with the ice in the family. You and me are not a person of the world at all. Now I have a hard time meeting the turning point in my life. If I really can be with you one day, then I"

Suddenly, Wu Di, who was fascinated by the mind, shook his head hard and pumped his two ears and smiled bitterly.

"Wu Di, Wu Di, what are you thinking about in the end!"

When Wu Di returned to the house, it was approaching the evening. Although Zheng Yunan analyzed his thoroughness and kept on cheering for him, he thought that he would take a step that would be enough to reverse his life. Wu Diโ€™s heart was still in trepidation.

After a full afternoon in the market town, it seems that the whole Qingniu town has spread that he is a disciple of a powerful person, and he found that the town is very friendly to him.

This change made him even more fearful, all of which was brought to him by Yeโ€™s predecessors.

Can such a big predecessor really see him?

Unexpectedly swaying into the evening, when he walked to the pub where he bought the wine before, he still gripped his fist hard, took all his savings, went into the pub and bought a pot when Ye Zichen admired The scent of the scent.

Pushing the door, what he didn't think was that Ye Zichen was standing in the house at this time.

"came back?"

Ye Zichen's tone is very common, but this plain tone is to make Wu Di's heartbeat faster. He swallowed hard and walked over to Ye Zichen, handing over the scent in his hand.


"I bought a pot again?"

Seeing the smile of Ye Zichen in this fairy, he used to be not addicted to alcohol, but in the past ten years of his heart pressing, he became a little addicted to life.

He leaned his neck and drank the scent of the jug, and he closed his eyes with unfinished eyes. When he opened his eyes, he found that Wu Di had already been in front of him.

"What are you doing? If you are grateful, you don't have to say it. I have already said it before, and it's just a little effort. โ€

Wu Di, who was "not" on the ground, shook his head hard, and then decided to bite his lips and put his head on the ground. "Let the predecessors accept the younger generation!"

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