The people who helped the axe came to look for the suffocation of the predecessors of the leaves. The matter was passed down for ten, and immediately attracted countless people to come onlookers.

Knife and face also really felt the enthusiasm of the people in Qingniu Town. Looking at the crowds more and more, the smile on his face was even more hazy. In his opinion, the more people on the side, the better. At that time, he would also rob Ye Zichen's pants and let him lose face in front of everyone.

Thinking of this, the screaming face is even more powerful.

"The people inside have given me out, and your grandfather came to you to come, don't hide in the grandson, if the man comes out to see your grandfather!"

There are regulations in Shenshan. No matter whether the houses in any large area belong to private territory, no one can advance. Those who break the law will be severely punished by the mountain. Therefore, the knife and the face of their team, despite the imposing manners, can only stand outside the door to drink.

At this time, Ye Zichen was drinking scentedly in the house. With the supply of Li Wanlong resources, Wu Di did not need to be so stretched, and the whole yard was filled with spirit grass for money.

In order to make Ye Zichen feel more comfortable, he purposely improved the yard and made a stone table in the middle of the courtyard for Ye Zichen to drink or use for confusing.

I have to say that although the sacred wine here is very delicious, the inner spirit is more beneficial to the improvement of people. I can always feel that this kind of scent has no hot world of Erguotou and old white.

"The people inside give me out."

Just then, the rumor outside the door passed to the ears of Ye Zichen in the courtyard.

Ye Zichen has a cluster of brows, and the wave is prohibited from being placed around the room. Not long ago, Wu Di had an epiphany under the words of Ye Zichen, who was retreating in the room.

Maybe this time, the clearance will reach the peak of the middle of the immortal, and Ye Zichen can't let the screaming outside him interrupt Wu Di's epiphany.

In the past few days in Qingniu Town, Ye Zichen is particularly clear, and now he is definitely a tyrant in Qingniu Town. Even Li Wanlong’s people saw him and Wu Di have a respectful respect. As for the ordinary people in the town, there is no need to mention more.

He is wondering which hoes dare to scream in front of his house and hear it.

"You are looking for you with your grandfather."

Knife face?

I feel that this name is a bit familiar!

Suddenly, Ye Zichen thought of the group of axe gangs that met in the ridiculous area of ​​the restricted area. Their heads looked like people with knives on their faces. I remember that it was like the pants that seemed to be robbed. Stay.

How could the little character Ye Zichen put it in his heart, and if he didn't come here again, Ye Zichen forgot him.

Touching the ring on his hand, he happened to have no money to buy wine recently, and he came again.

Really good guy!

Lazy and lazy, Ye Zichen got up from the stone chair and walked to the door and pushed the door open.

"Noisy noisy!"

The faint screaming screamed at the knife that was preparing to scream, even though Ye Zichen was still screaming at the time when he was robbing him, but the tone of the voice and the figure, he can assert that the current atmosphere is forced. The youth of the people was the gangster who robbed him at the time.

Returning to Zhao Wei, the knife pointed at Ye Zichen.

"Captain Zhao is him."

When I came, the face of the knife was full of glory. I could see the indifferent look of Ye Zichen. His heart was suddenly protruding, and the calf was constantly shaking.

"Do you want to use your finger?"

Ye Zichen's face was cold and he glanced at his knife. Knife and face instantly felt like falling into the ice cave. The sorrowful neck was standing behind Zhao Wei, and the mouth kept saying "it is him", but the fingers did not dare to point to Ye Zichen. .

Ye Zichen, who walked out of the courtyard, naturally fell into the eyes of Zhao Wei. When he saw him coming out of the courtyard, Zhao Wei only felt a sense of enthusiasm, especially when he saw the appearance of Ye Zichen, he was even more shocked. .

In his opinion, it’s better to be able to teach a knife and face than to be old.

It looks like it’s twenty years old.

Generally, after entering the immortal, there will be no change in appearance. Doesn’t it mean that the young man in front of him has already entered the immortal at the age of twenty, then he is now

Zhao Wei has some uncertain ideas, but I think that this place is a general product area, or a small green cattle town, it is enough to complete his strength into Xianda.

"To tell you, you have caused a big disaster. I especially hate people who quarrel me when drinking, but you not only quarreled me, but also loudly loud, how do you want to compensate here? ”

Ye Zichen's face was very unfriendly, especially his gaze was to look directly at the face of the knife.

Feeling the gaze of the eyes, the knife and the face subconsciously want to retreat, I can think of Zhao Da, the captain of the team, he also has a strong bottom.

"Grandson, don't be too self-righteous." I saw it, this is the chief captain of our axe, Zhao Zhao, the captain of Zhao. ”

"Well, what happened?"Ye Zichen is still indifferent.

This indifferent tone made the knife face only feel strong and useless, and immediately he bit his teeth and made a fierce gaze.

"What do you say, Lao Tzu is coming to take revenge."

"How do you revenge?"Ye Zichen is still the indifferent look, as if he did not put Zhao Yi in the eyes of everyone, smirked, "Do you want to talk to me here? Even if it is enough, Li Wanlong Li’s deacons combined with the big management of Qingniu Town, the orders issued only a few days ago, prohibiting any private fighting in Qingniu Town. If you want to follow me, then you should first contact the green cattle. The guards in the town competed against each other? ”

This order was actually led by Li Wanlong. He really worried that Ye Zichen would be unruly against them in Qingniu Town. This was in connection with the order issued by several managers of Qingniu Town.

On the bright side, I think about the residents of Qingniu Town, but actually limit Ye Zichen.

"Where are the people in front of it, Qingniu Town has ordered a ban on private fighting. Do you want to try the law?"

It happened that the officers and men of Qingniu Town patrolled here. In fact, this was also instructed by Li Wanlong to set Ye Zichen as the main patrol site to monitor his actions.

The anger of the officers and men made the knife face and Zhao Wei look different. Ye Zichen shrugged and shrugged at this moment.

"You should thank the Qingniu town's decree. If you don't have this decree, you may be lying on the ground now." And you, afraid that the pants are gone. ”

It is a shame for a lifetime to grab a pair of trousers.

Hearing that Ye Zichen had touched his scar, his whole face was flushed and angry.

"The law of Qingniu Town, we naturally will not touch, then you have the courage to tell us outside the city!"

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