The whole face of the knife and the face is full of enthusiasm. He is squinting with the purple face that rises because of his anger, making the knife on his face look particularly embarrassing.

The heavy nose broke out, and the foot moved to the side to make a way to point to the gate of Qingniu Town.

The onlookers of the townspeople of Qingniu Town gave a sigh of timidity. Since the Li Wanlong incident, no one dared to speak to Ye Zichen in this Qingniu town for a long time.

The officers and men are also facing each other, even though they know that this is the axe helper, but they dare to provoke Ye Zichen, the comet, it can only be said that they are asking for more happiness.


Seeing that Ye Zichen had not responded, the knife and his face thought he was afraid, and he was very angry and shouted.

"It's really looking for death."

The townspeople of Qingniu Town sneered in the heart, Ye Zichen, what strength is it, even if it is already a fairy, Li Wanlong is not allowed to play a fart.

This knife face is just just entering the fairy, even dare to yell at the leaf predecessors.

"Ye's predecessors, go out with him and pack them up."

"Yes, Ye predecessors went out to clean up the city."

The onlookers have begun to sip, and there are countless people who should be there after a person starts. For the people in Qingniu Town, they donโ€™t like the axe.

For a long time in the thirteen districts, who dares to say that the axe has not been robbed.

As for those who have come for a short time, I have heard that the axe gang is actually just the banner of the righteous man, but it is all bandits.

"To shut up!"

Knife screaming and screaming, the axe around him helped the younger brothers to look at the townspeople of Qingniu Town. However, their gaze was not to scare these townspeople, but to turn into a wave of more than one wave.

In contrast, Zhao Wei is more calm than his knife and his performance. For the snoring of the townspeople, he just smiled faintly, and then looked at Ye Zichen by the head.

"Looking at Yeโ€™s brother is quite famous in Qingniu Town. So since the townspeople have said this, isnโ€™t it better for Ye Xiong to go out with us?โ€

"Is this okay?"

Ye Zichen seems to be very distressed and scratching his head. This has just robbed his face for a few days. If he is robbing him once, telling the truth, Ye Zichen is really a bit unbearable.

Especially this time, the face of the knife is not sent by myself, but also brings a look that is richer than him.

The axe is really a good person!

"Are you afraid?"

Seeing Ye Zichen scratching his head, the knife and his face thought he was afraid, and sarcasm. Zhao Wei is also a faint smile, pointing to the onlookers of the town.

"Everyone can wait for Ye Xiong to go out with us, if Ye Xiong does not go out, afraid that it will disappoint them."

Ye Zichen's look was still distressed. He frowned and looked at the group of axemen who couldn't wait to send money for him. He hesitated.

"You let me go out and I will go out, so that is not to make me very faceless."

"What do you want!"

The raging face of the knife is stepping forward. He is really worried that Ye Zichen has been huddled in the town of Qingniu. If this is the case, he really can't do it.

Now Ye Zichen's tone is obviously a little loose, and he is also worried about long night dreams, biting his teeth and taking out the space bag from his arms and throwing it away.

"One thousand coins, as long as you leave the city, this money is yours."

Holding the purse in his hand, the fairy sneaked into the interior and found that there was a million coins in it. Ye Zichen had already moved.

The axe is really great!

Itโ€™s still so positive to send money at home, so where are the good people looking for it!

What he didn't think of was that when he sighed that the axe was helping people, Zhao Wei actually threw a purse toward him.

"I also have a million coins here."

Two thousand coins!

Ye Zichen, who is holding the money bag in his hand, has no idea what to say. Reluctantly resisting the tears that almost came out, Ye Zichen no longer hesitated, and took the purse out of his arms and walked through his face from the knife.

Itโ€™s hard to be passionate!

The other party has already done this. Ye Zichen is not making them faceless if they donโ€™t appreciate it.

Very helpless sigh

"Let's go!"

Li Fu.

In the past few days, Li Wanlong has not been so moist. There is Ye Zichen, the comet is next to Wu Di. He really worried that Wu Di would complain with him. When the comet came to the door.

The news sent to his sister has not responded so far, so that he has been fearful in the past few days.

"Li deacon."

Outside the court, Liโ€™s descendants rushed over, and Li Wanlong, who was so anxious, saw that the next person did not even notice, and the face sank directly and shouted.

"Don't you know before you come in?"

This person did not expect that Li Wanlong would have made such a big fire. When he stood at the door and he was at a loss, Li Wanlong was coldly screaming at him.

"Say, what happened!"

"Oh, the deacons, the people who helped the axe ran to the green cattle town."The next person did not dare to delay and hurriedly spoke.

"Come on, come here. This Qingniu Town is not the private territory of the Wu family. The axe is coming. Is there any fuss?"In this small matter, I have to tell him that Li Wanlong looks even more hazy.

The next man was trembled with his legs under his gaze, and the speed of the whole person was accelerated in order to keep his own life.

"They don't just come to rest in Qingniu Town. They are looking for the comet in the north of the city. It seems that the axe help seems to have a hatred with the comet, and screamed for a while. However, we are very strict in the town of Qingniu. They have already gone outside the city not long ago, and now they should have already left the city. You are not saying that as long as there is information about the comet, you will tell you quickly, so this small is damn damn, and Li is also obliged to spare. โ€

Can not withstand the pressure of Li Wanlong's eyes, the next person directly squatting on the ground constantly hoe.

"Axe helps him find trouble? Who are the axe to help? โ€

"I heard a small captain with a knife and a face, and someone who is an axe to help the captain of the Flame City, Zhao Wei, they also brought almost 30 younger brothers."

"It turned out to be both of them!"

Li Wanlong did not care about the next person who was kneeling on the ground, but his mind was alive.

Axe help people come to Ye Zichen trouble?

This is a good thing!

As a native of Li Wanlong, who grew up in the 13th district, the understanding of the axe gang is not comparable to that of ordinary people.

He knows the face of the knife. Although the grandson has only been in the axe for a few years, he still has a wrist. He is mixed in the short period of time.

The scope of his activities has always been the secret environment near Qingniu Town. In the past few years, the townspeople of Qingniu Town who had been robbed by him have not had one thousand.

I also heard that this knife was going to grab Wu Di, and he almost killed him in the penalty area. He knows all of this, but he deliberately did not send someone to rescue.

As for Zhao, he knows more about it. From the axe to help the rudder set up in the beginning of the Flame City, this person is in the axe. Because it is the oldest person in the axe, now the axe is also the master of one person under the axe, and the strength is also in the peak of the fairy.

Despite the strength of Zhao Wei, even the strength of the axe to help the rudder master is not enough to threaten the comet. It is necessary to know that the axe is the most favored rudder rudder at the headquarters, otherwise he will not be assigned to the rudder master of the Flame City.

Zhao Wei is the face of the rudder master. As long as the comet dares to do it to him, he does not say that he is killed. As long as he is injured, the rudder master will come to find the trouble of the comet, and then he will follow It involves the headquarters of the axe.

As long as you run into the headquarters, Ye Zichen doesn't even want to have a good life.

What's more, the axe is standing behind the green gang of the Tianpin area, but it is the top force in the seventy-two districts.

When thinking of Li Wanlong, he couldn't help but smile and laugh, when he thought of the next person who was still on the ground, his face smiled.

"Yes, you have done a good job, go!"


The lower leg on the ground was a little soft, and almost sat on the ground when I got up. Itโ€™s hard to stand up and get ready to leave.

"and many more!"

Li Wanlong actually stopped him, and the next man swallowed and turned around and saw a bag of money thrown at him.

"This is your reward."

"Xie deacon."

The next man was thankful to leave the courtyard, and he was always worried about Li Wanlong. He smiled at this moment and drank the scent on the table.

"Ye Zichen Ye Zichen, you actually got an axe help, even if there is no good fruit to eat. And Wu Di, your good days are coming to an end. โ€

The jade cup on the hand smashed it, and Li Wanlongโ€™s face was filled with a hazy smile.

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