Chapter 1043, this money is tuition

An aura flashed away from Wu Di's bedroom, and Wu Di, who was sitting on the bed with his eyes scattered, was also open.

"In the middle of the immortal."

Feel the power of the body to fill, Wu Di's eyes flashed the light of joy.

"I have to talk to the Master and let him be happy too."

Today, Ye Zichen is the day of Wu Di. He has something to be happy about. He will share it with him for the first time.

This breakthrough was no exception. He jumped to the ground and ran to the door of Ye Zichen's room.


No one is there!

When he came to the courtyard, he did not see the shadow of Ye Zichen, but he felt the soundproofing of Ye Zichen.

"Wu Di, how are you here, the seniors of Ye have been fighting with the people who helped the axe, and you dare not go in and help."

Just then there was a cry outside the courtyard, and Wu Di rushed out of the yard after hearing it.

"what did you say? My master is fighting with the people who help the axe. Where are they now? โ€

"Beside the North Gate, I am also getting news from my friends,"

When this manโ€™s words have not been finished, he will see that Wu Di has turned into a stream of light and disappeared in front of this person. Feel the pressure released by Wu Di when he bursts away

Into the middle of the fairy.

At the time when Ye Zichen had not appeared, Wu Diโ€™s strength was low. Although Qingniu Town knew his identity as a Wu family member, no one had ever seen him.

Until Ye Zichen appeared, there was a relationship between the great predecessors, and the talents of Qingniu Town gradually came to Wu Di.

Unexpectedly, in just half a month, this Wu Di turned out to be a master in the middle of the immortal.

"Ye predecessors are really gods!"

The townspeople who stayed in front of Wudiโ€™s house sighed in the heart, and immediately turned into a stream that was not weaker than Wu Di and plunged toward the North Gate.

"Brother, what are you doing!"

Seeing that Zhao Wei and his younger brothers surrounded him, there were people with knives and faces around them, and Ye Zichen was a helpless sigh.

"Harmonious society, harmonious development. I have already done what you said, and you see how many people are around me. Hurry and let me go back to the city. After a while my apprentice finds that I am not there, he will be anxious. โ€


The black-faced Zhao Xiao smiled disdainfully, stepping forward from his younger brother to Ye Zichen, and patted Ye Zichen's face.

"Don't worry about other people, or think about what you do now." But don't worry, your disciple should be Wu Di's Wu Di, wait for you to solve it, Lao Tzu will naturally go to him. โ€

"So, is it not discussed?"

"Beginning is a matter of negotiation, but you have wasted this opportunity."

Laughing and stepping out of the back, Zhao Wei waved to his younger brother.


There is an eager stream in Qingniu Town passing by the north gate of Qingniu Town. This person is the disciple of Ye Zichen, Wu Di.

To be honest, Wu Di has absolute confidence in Ye Zichen and there will be no surprises.

However, if you are not afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid of it. Now, if you are a disciple, although his strength is shallow, he must stand by his master to solve his problem.

I urgently mentioned the speed to the extreme, waiting for him to come outside the town of Qingniu.

"Stay tight!"

"stand at attention!"

"Look to the right!"

"Look forward!"

The familiar password passed to Wu Di's ear. When he rushed over, he saw a group of nose and green face swollen and licking his mouth. The man with a small axe on his chest was standing in three rows.

In front of them, there are two people in a separate column. One is a black-faced man, and the other is a slap in the face.

These two people are obviously more serious than the people behind them, especially the knife face, the whole face is swollen, and the eyes are swollen with only a seam.

And Ye Zichen stood in front of them, watching them coldly like the instructors.

At the same time, Wu Di also heard the amazement of the townspeople.

"The leaf predecessors are too fierce!"

"Yeah, did you see it at the time, and all stumbled in less than three seconds."

โ€œIt looks like Yeโ€™s predecessors didnโ€™t use Xianling.โ€

"It's really too strong, I think the leaf predecessors have at least the strength of the land!"

"Hey, the land fairy? At least fairy! โ€

"Do you say that the predecessors of Ye Ye may be Xian Wang!"

When someone in the onlookers said this, those who worshiped Ye Zichen shook their heads calmly.

The king of immortals.

That is the existence of the supremacy in the Tianpin area, although Ye Zichen's thunder means make them feel very shocked, but they can't think of the king.

"Hey, isn't this the disciple of the predecessor, Wu Di?"

Someone in the crowd found Wu Diโ€™s presence, and all the people around him instantly surrounded them, asking them.

"What strength is the leaf predecessor!"

"Dixian? Tianxian? Still Xian Wang? You are his disciple should know! โ€

"You said it, why don't you talk?"

Looking at the swarming crowd, Wu Di had no choice but to break out of the mid-central spirit to push them away and ran towards Ye Zichen.

"In the middle of the immortal."

"Who do you know what strength Wu Di is when the predecessors did not appear."

"Looks like a spirit!"

The people around me are stunned and can't speak. From half a month to the middle of the immortal, is this Ye Zichen really a fairy king?

For a time, the surrounding townspeople were full of worship and awe when they looked at Ye Zichen's eyes.

Ye Zichen doesn't know that he is already a god in the townspeople of Qingniu Town. At this time he is also educating the group of people who are helping the axe.


According to their back of the head is a person, all the heads that let him shoot the back of the head are not afraid to breathe.

"Black face, black face, why do you say this?" How many times have I told you to let me go, you will not listen if you don't listen! This is good, is it comfortable? โ€

The black face Zhao Yuman is a smile, but now he hates his face in his heart, of course, there is also a speechless Ye Zichen.

Why are you in the small place of Qingniu Town?

Still posing a very weak look, isn't this tempting him to sin?

Of course, these Zhao Wei are absolutely afraid to say, he can only keep nodding and swaying with his grandson.

"There is still you, the knife and the face" packed up Zhao Wei, Ye Zichen went to the knife face and very helplessly patted his shoulder. "Not long remember, I have packed you once, how can you have no face?" skin? Iโ€™m a prostitute boy, come on my money? โ€


Just then, Ye Zichen heard Wu Diโ€™s voice, and when she saw Wu Di, Ye Zichenโ€™s face suddenly smiled.

"How did you run this?"

"The apprentice has just left the customs. I heard that if you fight with the axe, you will be rushing over."Wu Di grinned and pointed at the human body with a swollen nose and face. "It is them."

"But it is not them. You said that this day is a matter of course, and they are given training every day." The apprentice, you said that it is too kind to be a teacher, obviously not my younger brother, but I still try my best to teach them. โ€

Ye Zichen hooked Wu Di's shoulder and didn't look like a master. Wu Di understands the temperament of Ye Zichen. He is such a casual person, but he can't break the rules.

Take Ye Zichen's hand away and step back toward the back to teach the teacher and the students.

"The teacher said it."

"You kid"

Ye Zichen knows that Wu Di is telling him that they are a mentoring relationship, and there are so many onlookers around them, don't be too casual.

Very helpless shrugged, Ye Zichen turned his eyes to the face of the knife and Zhao Wei.

"So, let's just come, let's come and take the treasures from them."

Wu Di had long thought that this would be the result, and he did not hesitate to touch the face and Zhao Yan.

"Ye brother!"

Zhao Weiโ€™s look is heavy, and his baby canโ€™t be handed over. He is very fond of money. He carries all his money with him almost every day. If he pays, then heโ€™s been playing for hundreds of years. .


Unexpectedly, Wu Di, who went to collect the money, actually slaps a slap in the face of his head.

"I will let you pay when you let me pay. If there are so many nonsense, are you thinking about it?" Tell you, this money is not white, is this tuition know? If you can grab someone else, others can't grab you, right? Also, Ye Xiong, can I be a brother and brother? โ€

With Ye Zichen for a long time, Wu Di has more or less contaminated with some of Ye Zichen's character.

Hearing the rhetoric of Wu Di, Ye Zichen was also satisfied with the nod.

"My apprentice is right, this money is tuition!"

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