"Master, the tuition fees are all collected."

After walking around the members of the axe, Wu Di's hands were filled with space bags, even if there were several space rings.

Do not care whether they are willing to turn over, or take photos of Ye Zichen.

As long as there is a small axe on the chest, all of them, including Zhao Wei, will be saved.

"Let me see."

The space bag and the ring were taken over, and many of them left their souls in the interior. Zhao Wei is one of them.

The ones I just turned in were his most lifetime savings, how could he be reconciled to ye Zichen, in turn when he deliberately left a heart, in the ring put down his soul brand, for is to wait for him to return to the gang, as long as can seek to move the master, then he was in the ring to leave the brand, Find ye Zichen's position effortlessly.

It's just how these small tools can be hidden under the eyes of Ye Zichen, erasing the soul of those space treasure bags and rings.

In an instant, there are countless people who are bloody and mad, and their hearts and minds are hurt.

"You are looking for death."

The black face of Zhao Yanโ€™s mouth still has blood, but he is completely disregarded by his injuries. He had no light cloud at the beginning, and his eyes were red at this time, and the incomparably dark face turned purple in the case of bloody gas.

The bloody pupil is filled with ugly anger, which looks like you are desperately trying to be with Ye Zichen.

Y Zichen was very upset and frowned.

"Awkward apprentice, let him settle down, then the big tricks will shock me."


Stepping out of Ye Zichen's fist, Wu Di twisted his eyebrows into a group and walked over to Zhao Wei.

"Small beast, you better think clearly, Lao Tzu,"

Zhao Weiโ€™s words have not been released yet, and he feels that his left face is a slap in the face, and that the palm of his hand is so big that even he is all ringing.

This slap in the face is actually a little hard, Wu Di's hands are all red by the reaction force.

He kept picking his hands and his words were especially sharp.

"Tricks, I didn't hear my master say that you almost shocked him?" I still want to threaten me. I donโ€™t know what your identity is now. If itโ€™s not my teacherโ€™s kindness, you have been smashed and fed the dog. โ€

In fact, this is what Wu Di was supposed to be, but his identity is rather embarrassing. In order to be able to leave this little life, he deliberately pretends to look like the previous one.

Since the teacher Ye Zichen, in addition to the recent breakthroughs, his confidence is also picked up again. And always with the eyes of Ye Zichen, he didnโ€™t learn much.

Zhao Wei was angry, and he stared at Wu Di with a straight eye.


The backhand was a slap in the face, and Wu Di squinted and glared at Zhao.

"Hey, can you still have me big? Also, you are blinking, do not believe that I will give you your eyes and throw them out to break the ground and listen to the sound? โ€

Ye Zichen is all looking at Wu Di, who is sharp-minded. He still doesn't know that his apprentice has this side.

However, this is better, and he also taught him to teach afterwards.

How did the apprentice really feel satisfied?

Satisfied with a smile, Ye Zichen also explored the fairy into the space ring belonging to Zhao Wei. When he saw the wealth inside, he subconsciously took a sigh of relief.

No wonder Zhao Hao is so excited

Not to mention the other, there are millions of light coins in this ring, and the medicinal herbs, spells and treasures are countless. As for other treasure bags and rings, although it is not as scary as Zhao Weiโ€™s, it can be counted as one.

Reach millions of coins.

This money is still robbing fast!

Ye Zichen, but heard from his apprentice, if he went to the surrounding secrets to hunt for treasure, if there is no opportunity, there will be a few hundred coins in general.

If these wealth is acquired by the next secret, can it be obtained in the monkey year?

In the heart of the sigh, Ye Zichen looked at the knife and face and Zhao Wei, there were faint tears in the eyes.

Really good guy!

Wu Di took two slaps, and the anger of Zhao Xinโ€™s heart could no longer be contained.

What is his identity, the first captain of the Flame City Axe, and one person below the million. Not to mention that the axe gang saw him respectfully shouting "Zhao Ye", even the home of the family of the Flame City, he must be treated with caution.

From the day he entered the axe, only he robbed others and beat others.

But now he actually let someone else rob, and he smashed him. If Ye Zichen is just playing him, itโ€™s not as good as no one else, but now the little beast of Wuโ€™s family dares to beat him.

Also took him two slaps!

"Little beast, you are looking for death!"

In vain, the power of entering the peak of Xianfeng is surging from his body. Of course, he did not dare to kill Wu Di, but he would use his own behavior to prove that he is a master of Xianfeng, he is dignified.

However, this momentum was raised for a moment, and he felt that his momentum was not weaker than his momentum.

Wu Di.

It turned out to be Wu Di.

"There is a kind of saying that you are repeating what you just said. Believe it or not, let me report to the Styx now!"

In an instant, Zhao Wei felt a basin of cold water pouring down his head.

Although he made Ye Zichen hurt his heart, he can now at least come up with the strength of the middle of the fairy. Wu Di is actually similar to his spiritual strength, isnโ€™t that he is also

How can this be!

If he really has such amazing talent, how can Wu family send him to Qingniu Town? Doesn't Wu want to be promoted to Xuan Pin District?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu immediately fell his eyes on the face of the knife.

Feeling this gaze, the knife face knows that he is letting Zhao Yu hate it. But he is also dumb to eat berberine, and canโ€™t say it!

It is clear that half a month ago, Wu Di could not reach the strength of the spirit, who could think that it would become so strong after half a month

Is this really a legend, and the three days of the singer?

But he didn't dare to say anything now, so he had to bury him deeply in his neck and face his face.

"After the apprentice, don't scare them." If you are a law-abiding person, how can you kill innocent people? Moreover, they also sent such a big gift to the donkey, how about putting them on the face of the master? โ€

Ye Zichen, who has been watching the movie, walked out of the shoulders of Wu Di. In fact, Wu Di, he said that if he really killed Zhao Wei, he might bring unnecessary trouble to his master.

It happened that Ye Zichen also gave him the steps, and he walked down the steps and shouted.

"Look at the face of my teacher, I will spare a dog's life. Don't let me see you outside, if you see your doglegs, I will break you. โ€

The little apprentice was really too satisfied with himself. He reached out and took a shot of Wu Diโ€™s head. Ye Zichen smiled and turned to Zhao.

"I still don't hurry, my apprentice can't listen to me! If he regrets it for a while, then I can't manage it. โ€

Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Zichen and Wu Di, and they were unwilling to swear.

"This Liang Zi, I remembered Zhao Wei."

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