Zhao Weiโ€™s words are actually not very nutritious. To say that Liang Ziโ€™s words were settled when he robbed his face, now he just wants to stay in front of the townspeople around Qingniu Town. Some face.

In this case, Ye Zichen just passed a smile, but Wu Di heard the fire.

"Don't dare to yell at this, isn't it, Master, don't stop me, see if I don't give him a dog's head."

Wu Diโ€™s anger is going to rush forward. What does he mean in the end? Ye Zichen is naturally clear. Stretching out his hand seemed to hold Wu Di's arm very hard, and Ye Zichen shouted at Zhao Wei.

"Not rushing."

At the same time, Wu Di also seemed to struggle and shouted.

"The teacher respects you to let go, and the child must give him a dog's head to explode. Don't stop me, I am tempered."

"Hurry and go!"

Ye Zichen This good guy is the end of the show, to see how realistic he looks, if he is not given an Oscar, he is a little sorry for him.

Zhao Wei is also somewhat uncertain about the number of the two divisions, but he knows that if he really does work with Wu Di, he is not necessarily his opponent.

Do not dare to hesitate, Zhao Wei quickly shouted to his group of younger brothers.


The mighty team was escaping from the townspeople in Qingniu Town, and in the middle of it, they wanted to mix and leave in this team. But before they took a few steps, he heard the call like a nightmare. .


There is no name to tell who is the name, but the knife and face knows who the person is calling, and has to stop and scream.

"Grandpa, you will spare me this time."

Knife and face really collapsed, and he couldn't think of Ye Zichen so strong, even if he was not allowed to be Zhao Wei.

Hearing the squeaky face, he almost cried, and Ye Zichen came to him with a sly smile.

"Don't be nervous, you sent me a big gift, how can I be like you, are you saying?"

The knives on the ground are really suffering. This is how it happened. When it was robbed once, it was no problem. It was hard to regroup and found the captain of the axe to avenge him. He even let Ye Zichen they robbed.

Itโ€™s not only that he has accumulated Huaweiโ€™s bubble for many years, but Zhao Weiโ€™s hair has not been left for them. He is now somewhat worried, how to face his boss before returning to the axe.

The more you think about the knife, the more sudden it feels, but now his first priority is to give this star to the front.

"Yeah, what you are talking about is really small, there is no eye, you look at the young and ignorant, just go around this small." You put a small, small back will definitely burn you incense for you. โ€

The tone of the knife and face is especially sincere. If he just took two chests and matched two lines of tears, the effect might be better.

Shaking his head with a smile, Ye Zichen grinned.

"If you burn incense and worship Buddha, you will take off your pants."

The axe gang event finally came to an end, and the knives and face once again ran away with bare butt, but this time it was under the watchful eyes of countless people, and many townspeople in Qingniu Town also used jade to reveal this. A scene.

The eyes of the townspeople in Qingniu Town when they look at Ye Zichen are also full of worship. It is said that in this area of โ€‹โ€‹the goods, Ye Zichen is the one who dares to provoke such axe.

Moreover, now in their hearts, Ye Zichen is likely to reach the existence of the Xianwang level. This kind of rarity in the Tianpin area has appeared in their vast area of โ€‹โ€‹the goods, which makes them have to be shocked.

As everyone knows, at the same time, Qingniu Town went to the ancient road of the Flame City.

The black-faced Zhao Wei couldn't see how his face was. At this time, he was sitting on a rock near the ancient road, and his group of younger brothers were still behind him.

Not long after, people robbed their knives and their buttocks and their faces appeared in their sight.

This time, people robbed the knives and knives, but they didnโ€™t collapse at the beginning. Now he seems to be used to it. Itโ€™s just shame that makes him embarrassed.

Now he is not thinking about revenge in his heart, the only thing he wants now is how to face Zhao Wei.

What he can't think of is that he has always been worried and does not know how to face Zhao Zhao, the captain of Zhao Da, stopped at him not far away.

The body of the knife on the ancient road was stiff. After a short hesitation, he patted his face, his face full of smiles and ran towards Zhao.

"The captain, how small He De, can let you wait here specially."

Sitting on the stone, Zhao glanced at him and saw his bare butt right hand pointing toward the old tree. The leaves of the old tree suddenly dispersed to the ground, and then floated into the air as if there was a line from them. Pass through, turn into a grass skirt and fall to the side of the knife.

"Let's wear it, let's make this group of people get a clean, and you can't get clothes for you."

"Adult" knife in his face seemed to flash a grateful tear. He rubbed his forehead and put the grass skirt on his body, and sat down on the ground and choked. "The adults are very good at the knife. This time it is a knife." The adults will be pitted, and when they return to the gang, the knife will definitely try to make up for the loss of the adults."

Originally, I was still complaining about the knife, but I felt his true feelings revealed. Zhao Wei sighed and sighed.

"Forget it, this is not my personal will, and it will not come here. To blame, you can only blame yourself for not being good at learning. โ€

"How can you blame the adults, blame the strange name of the leaves."Knife and face are very martyrdom with the enemy. "It is obviously a big master, but it has the kind of bad taste to pretend to be a grandson, let the adults into the set, to blame the strange name of the leaf is too bad!"

"Yes, that surnamed Ye is indeed a bit too much."

Zhao Weiโ€™s eyes also sinked in an instant, and the hammer of the fist smashed the rock around the ancient road. The strange rock was suddenly divided into numerous pieces.

Knife and face, etc. are all horrified, and Zhao Wei is also a sigh of sorrow.

"This is definitely not the case at this time."

"Yes, you can't just forget it."Knife licked his face and shouted.

"You think so too?"Zhao Wei looked at his knife and glanced at his face. His eyes flashed through the sly light. "From the beginning of the axe to help, the only one who helped the axe to rob others, why have they let others snatch them." Going back this time, you go directly to the rudder with me, and I need him to look good. โ€

"It is necessary for him to look good!"The knife face once again shouted slogans.

"It is necessary for him to look good!"

The younger brothers around are also shouting slogans, and this cry is to smash the sky. Standing at the forefront of the team, Zhao Wei was very satisfied with a nod, and immediately shook his hand.

"Go, go back to the rudder!"

Until then, it was a long sigh of relief, and itโ€™s true that life is like acting. If it wasnโ€™t for his acting skills, maybe a little life would be accounted for here.

Zhao Wei thinks that Ye Zichen is arguing that the axe is planted, but the knife can slap his face and feel that the axe helps to get Ye Zichen. The comet is planted!

As for the revenge of Ye Zichen, donโ€™t swear.

Knife face is understandable, it is impossible to find Ye Zichen revenge, but it seems that when his younger brother seems to have a future than the axe!

Especially now, Ye Zichen is surrounded by Wu Di. If he abandons the dark cast, then he will be a veteran figure in the future!

I think that the knife and face are more and more aware of this matter, and seeing Ye Zichen seems to have no hostility to him.

It seems that I have to find a way to find a chance and go to the past!

After the members of the axe gang left, the townspeople of Qingniu Town returned to the city with great interest, but they were especially excited when they went back.

That was the axe help, but the fart that Ye Zichen played was not dare to put one. Those who used to let the axe robbed, even though they didn't get it started, they could see that it was dark.

In a short time, Ye Zichen and Wu Di were left behind the gates.


When the rest of the people left, Wu Di was a little embarrassed and scratched his head. The junk words that had been said to the axe had not been said to him for at least a decade. Now people are leaving, thinking of being his words. He is really a little embarrassed.

"I just"

"You were pretty good."Ye Zichen was very satisfied and nodded to him. He encouraged. "Sometimes it is very important to put a mouthful of guns. You don't know how to lose people. You can't beat them. You have to put them. Go out. In the future, if you let go of your words, don't worry, there is a master behind you to support you. There is also the same kind of cooperation with you, my teacher and apprentice, I have to use it, do you know? โ€

"You know!"

Wu Di arched Ye Zichen and saw Ye Zichen throwing a few space treasure bags and rings toward him.

"These are all handed over to you."

Keeping the space bag and ring, Wu Dizheng wants to say something but finds Ye Zichen's eyebrows clustered together.

"Master respect?"

The clustered Ye Zichen converges, and the people who help the axe are really endless. Immediately, he closed his eyes and looked at Wu Di.

"Apprentice, we are not in the town of Qingniu, let's go to the Flame City!"

Itโ€™s not always the case for them to come to the door, not to be indecent, Ye Zichen said

I don't need you to come this time, Lao Tzu takes the initiative to find you!

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