Ye Zichen said that suddenly, Wu Di still has a lot of things left in the house, so this trip that said to go is not successful, and it has been postponed for three days.

In fact, this delay is not delayed by Wu Di, but Ye Zichen

In the past three days, he almost bought the entire sacred wine of Qingniu Town. Even the stocks in the pub's wine cellar made him even swindle and buy some threats.

The alcoholic people in the whole Qingniu town have been crying for more than half a month. Qingniu Town has produced a new batch of scented wines. In this case of hunger marketing, the price is much higher, which also makes The pubs in Qingniu Town have insight into business opportunities.

So the drunks are talking about the green cattle town in the back, but those who sell wine are very grateful to Ye Zichen.

All in all, not only is it smashed or praised, Ye Zichen is no longer in the town of Qingniu, heading for the road to the Flame City.

On the gravel road, in the environment of the ancient trees and strange rocks, the two figures on the ancient road are particularly lonely.

One of the two men, wearing a black robe, was holding a jug in his hand and pouring wine into his mouth. He was also followed by a man, holding a map in his hand and focusing on his studies.

"Oh, how long is it to the Flame City?"

The man carrying the jug took a cellar and found a stone to sit on the side of the road. The young man beside him was facing his helpless embarrassment.

"I am afraid I have to go a few days."

"It will take a few days!"The man sitting on the rock smashed up and pointed at the gravel road like a fire. "There have been a few days left. How many days do you tell me now?" Are you looking at the wrong map, take it and show it to me. ”

A hand grabbed the map, but the young man was very helpless.

"Then you can blame who, I told you earlier that the road to the city of Flames is not as close as you think, let you take the transition, but you vowed to appreciate the infinite scenery of the gods."

The man sat down after a twilight.

In fact, these two are Ye Zichen and Wu Di. Before the departure, Wu Di did tell him that he had to take the space to transform into the past, but he felt that he had first entered the realm of the gods, and he did not take a good stroll. The scenery along the way, if you are hungry, you may be able to play some game.

But all this is what he wants


He said that it was a game, and he never even looked at the wild ants!

He was drinking light on this road, and he didn’t eat any meat, and his mouth was light.

Moreover, the scenery along the way is not as beautiful as he thought. Except for the odd-shaped stone, it is almost the same old tree. He has only experienced fatigue for a long time.

Really regret it!

"Or, let's fold back?"Ye Zichen had a slightly tempted opening. After Wu Di heard it, she smiled and didn't fall down. "Master, you don't think about it. Let's get back a few days if we fold back." At that time, maybe we have already arrived. You, don't complain about it, just go ahead. ”


Like a collapse, Ye Zichen sat on the ground and was mournful.

Wu Di couldn't help but laugh at the side. He had been with him for so long. He had long been accustomed to the character of the master.

Stretching out Ye Zichen’s arm to pick him up, but at this moment


A few black men who could barely see the shadow, like a galloping flash through the front of Ye Zichen and Wu Di.

One of them slammed into Ye Zichen's body and knocked him over several times.

"court death."

The black robe screamed, but let the teammates in front of him scream.

"You count your life!"

Awkwardly glanced at Ye Zichen, the black robes followed his teammates and turned into a flash of lightning on the trail.

"Oh, I am tempered."

The gray-faced face got up from the ground, and the grandson hit him, and even threatened him!

Ye Zichen, when he was trying to catch up with his eyebrows, found that he had a space ring under his feet.

β€œWhere did this come from?”

Put the ring in your hand and play it. The ring is warm and there is a delicate red gem on it. The gem is constantly shining, and the warmth on the ring is transmitted from the gem.

"What a ghost."

I am trying to extend my knowledge into it.


Great earthquakes.

In a few moments, a few horses were wrapped in saddles, and the hair was blue, and a horse with a blue flame burning on his head appeared in Ye Zichen's sight.

"Ghost ghost horse!"

Wu Di was very shocked and shouted, Ye Zichen looked at the horse and raised his eyebrows.

"What's wrong, is this horse very powerful?"

"Master, don't you know the ghosts?"

Wu Di’s horror is beyond words. His master is indeed a means of heaven, but sometimes he doubts whether he is a god or not, always asking questions that are very nutritious.

"This ghost ghost is a relatively high-end mount, only produced near the Styx. Adult ghosts and horses are even faster than Xianwang. At least, hundreds of millions of coins are required for such mounts. More important is not its value, but a symbol of identity. Those who can ride this kind of mount are quite famous people in these 72 districts! ”


Ye Zichen shrugged in distraction, and he was more concerned about the man than the hundreds of millions of mounts.

There was a woman sitting above the stable, and the woman was dressed in a red dress. Even though her robes were loose, she could not cover his hot body. The long black hair is very casually ponytailed, and the delicate face is full of facial features. As long as she sees her, it is difficult to remove the line of sight.

It was just such a handsome woman, at this time her eyebrows were clustered together, and her eyes were filled with faint anxiety. Even so, it still does not affect her beauty.

"A good exquisite beauty."

Heart of beauty in everyone.

The woman who is reflected in Ye Zichen's sight is indeed a rare beauty. His admiration is also from the heart, but it is only limited to appreciation. It does not mean that he really fell in love with this beauty.

A little glance, Ye Zichen took his eyes back. Compared to watching beauty, he cares more about what is inside the ring.


Just then, Ye Zichen remembered a sound in his ear, and immediately he felt like he was getting around.

When he looked up, he found that the woman who admired the beauty was already in front of him, and Ye Zichen was closer to feel that the woman was really beautiful.

In particular, she is accompanied by a British spirit, which makes her feminine more fortitude.

"Several of you continue to chase."

The ghostly woman immediately opened to a group of people next to him, and the team immediately nodded and swept forward. Then the woman jumped from the ghost ghost immediately, and the delicate pupil was accompanied by a faint sharpness, and both eyes stared at Ye Zichen.

"It’s a sin to be handsome."

Feeling the woman's gaze, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh. He was very helpless and patted Wu Di's shoulder.

"Apprentice, see the charm of the Master."

Wu Di is now sweating coldly under her body. This woman is obviously looking for trouble.

"Master, don't make trouble."

"I still don't tell you, you are still young, you can't understand the mood of being a teacher."

Ye Zichen didn't even hear Wu Di's warnings, but with a hint of helplessness in his eyes, he actually made a pen out of his hand.

"I want to know my contact information, if I want to sign my signature, you see how I signed here."

Say, look at Ye Zichen's hand holding the pen and lean over the woman's chest. In an instant, the face of the beautiful woman is very incomparable, biting her teeth.

"Get them to me!"

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