Chapter 1047, even if you are fascinated by me

With the red woman's order, the group left two teams and there were sixteen people who would have Ye Zichen and Wu Di on the trail.

Ye Zichen, who wanted to sign up, hung in the air and looked at the group of powerful and sturdy brawny men.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Itโ€™s just the first time Iโ€™ve met, even if you look at my Yushu Linfeng, the instrument is extraordinary, itโ€™s already a secret, but itโ€™s not so good to let me snatch it back. If you don't like this, let me prepare for it. When I am going to go to the house to pick up my family, how? โ€

Ye Zichen just didn't see the red-faced woman's already frosty face, and the words were very contemptuous.

But the woman in the red dress has not yet opened her mouth. She is surrounded by a little girl with a ball head and a little bit like her, but she is screaming at his nose and pointing at his nose.

"Don't let my sister know how to be a disciple." You'd better take back what you just said, or cut your tongue and see if you can say such frivolous words. โ€

The little girl looked at her fear that she was still young and her face was not childish. Although she was sulking with her hands, she looked very annoyed, but with the little Lolita's face, it made this swearing a little less majestic.

Smiley's reaching out and patted the little girl's head, Ye Zichen grinned.

"The girl is a few years old."

"Take your dirty hands, you know what identity this lady is, and dare to touch my head with your hand."The little girl snorted and slammed Ye Zichen's hand, and the bright eyes were filled with anger.

"Then you know where I am?"Let the little girl drop her hand, and Ye Zichenโ€™s eyes show a smile.

"Cut, I am who you are!"

The girl turned her eyes, but the little girl saw Ye Zichen's hand actually photographed her little head.

"Tell you, I am your brother-in-law. You dare to say that your brother-in-lawโ€™s hand is dirty, afraid that you will be jealous of your sister."

"You are talking nonsense!"

This little girl is obviously not angry and wants to follow his theory. At this moment, the red woman who had been coldly watching Ye Zichen was yelling at the little girl.

"Beckham, sitting back in the carriage."

"But my sister"

"Don't listen to my sister's words, then my sister will let you go back."

"Oh, you know."

Very reluctant to return to the carriage, before the carriage into the carriage, the little girl stunned Ye Zichen, and then got into the carriage and put the curtain down.

"Children are too young and can't see your feelings for me." Beauty, what do you think I said just now, if you think you can, then it is better to leave a contact, wait for me to be on the door? I am not afraid of your jokes. In fact, I was also a little nervous in the first time. โ€

Wu Di, who stood behind Ye Zichen, jumped wildly. In his opinion, this red woman is definitely a son of a large family in the higher region.

But he is a master of this teacherโ€™s respect.

Do the teachers do not know that they are now surrounded by people, is the situation not optimistic?

On several occasions, Wu Di wanted to remind him of his master, but whether he was coughing or lame, his master would ignore him.

Of course, there is also suspicion in his heart. It is obvious that at the beginning of the day, the woman let the men grab them. Why havenโ€™t they come to arrest them now?

"you are very funny."

What nobody thought of was that the woman in red was laughing when she heard Ye Zichenโ€™s words. She took a few steps towards Ye Zichen and reached out to take the ruby-set ring in his hand.

Ye Zichen did not have any resistance, let her take the ring away.

"I know that you are fascinated by me, but I can be so proud of it, but I will be proud."


In an instant, the smile on the woman's face was instantly gathered, and a cold wind whizzed past.

"What the hell are you doing, don't take him down."

Until then, the two teams surrounded by Ye Zichen were rushed up. Wu Di almost released the breath of the middle of the immortal at the moment of their movement, but his heart was soon half cold.

People immortal!

The weakest of these two pairs of people is the cultivation of the immortal level. Among them, there are even masters of the fairy level.

Of course, this is not Wu Di's ability to gain insight into their strength, but the pressure of their exudation, so that he can not afford to resist a little bit of resistance. This feeling he guessed, it must be a master of the fairy level.

"be honest."

However, in the blink of an eye, Wu Di was the one who sealed the Linghai and tied a chain.

This chain is obviously a kind of spirit. When they took it out, it was just a rope of less than ten centimeters. When it fell to Wu Di, it was tied tightly.

"This rope is a bit like the bunch of fairy ropes of Heavenly Court."

Ye Zichen looked at the rope and couldn't help but whisper. Maybe the rope is actually a bundle of fairy ropes. It is just a very ordinary treasure in the realm of the gods. It falls into the lower bounds but becomes a bad baby.

Just as he wondered if the baby was tied up with a fairy rope, his body was bound with such a rope, and there was a spiritual force that pressed the past toward his Linghai.

With his strength, the women of this group of red women are naturally unable to seal their spirits. In order to cooperate with them, he had to take the initiative to seal Linghai.

The active seal does not actually look strange to outsiders because he did not destroy the spiritual power of the seal. The only difference from being sealed is that when the Linghai is unsealed, it is what he said.

To do the play, I have to do a full set. After the initiative to seal the Linghai, Ye Zichen immediately puts a look of horror.

"What are you doing, not just trying to catch me, I will not seal my Linghai, but also tie me a rope. Can you say that this is your special good? โ€

The last second was terrified, and Ye Zichen returned to the contemptuous appearance in the next second, shyly said.

"Actually, I am tied up. These are not of particular interest. But if you like it, then I will be from you. โ€

"Put him on!"

Even the woman in red, who has always been pretending to be careless, is shouting out at this moment.

She is also a woman after all, letting people keep saying such contempt, how can she really dismiss it.

"Miss, let's have no extra horses this time."

The woman in the red dress replied cautiously, when the woman thought that they had rushed in this trip, and the trenches in her hand were very limited.

But this person is very important to her.

"Let them get on the bus!"

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