If it weren’t for the scruples that this was her sister, the red woman might have blown the carriage.

Before the red woman was riding in front of the ghostly horse, the seal of the Linghai also let the bundle of fairy lock, in her opinion, Ye Zichen is no threat.

However, she was worried that Ye Zichen would talk in the carriage, and then she chose to get on the bus halfway.

Didn't think about it, she just gave her a surprise when she just got a car sister?



Feeling the anger of the woman in red, Xue Babei, who wanted to get together, bit the pink touted lips, and smiled sillyly but did not move.

"Yose, don't scare our little girl."

Ye Zichen was swearing at this time, and immediately she looked at Xue Beibei, and the look seemed to be her brother-in-law.

"Don't be afraid of a small donkey, there is a brother-in-law to protect you. If your sister dares to be like you, I will not have a room with her this evening, and she is not in a hurry! ”

In an instant, the temperature inside the car broke below zero.

The woman in the red dress standing in front of the car was full of anger, and the suffocating rush of the sky seemed to tear the sky.

The majestic pressure was released from her body, and felt that Ye Zichen couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.

Tianxian is a perfect one.

Especially from the richness of her aura, I am afraid that it is only one step away from the fairy king.

This pressure was only for Ye Zichen, so Wu Di and Xue Beibei in the car did not feel any discomfort.

"If you really want to die, I can fulfill you."

The voice of the woman in red is still coming out of the nine, and just listening to this tone will make people shudder. It seems that it is really irritating, and Ye Zichen decided to decide if it is better not to stimulate her now.

"Well, then I won't say it." I know that your face is thin, but there is no outsider, is it?"

Seeing the red woman is already in the volcanic eruption trend, Ye Zichen licked his mouth and rushed to the soft road.

"I am wrong, woman is forgiving!"

So ruined its innocence, the red woman is really moving to kill. Even if Ye Zichen was already begging for mercy, her gaze was still staring at him with his neck narrowed.

Ye Zichen was really afraid of this woman doing stupid things, and had to look at Xue Beibei with a help-seeking look.

Xue Beibei is also very angry now. From the look of her sister, she knows that she is deceiving the disciples. However, after all, she was too stupid, which made her sister so angry.

Thinking about it, she cautiously licked her lips.

"Sister, don't be angry, Babe is wrong."

Poorly licking a small mouth, the big eyes are full of grievances and remorse. Seeing the appearance of Xue Beibei, the woman in red felt helplessly touched her little head and said.

"Do you still know that you are wrong?"

Although this seems to be reprimanding her, her favorite eyes are to sell her true thoughts. Sure enough, under the grievance of Xue Beibei, the woman in red immediately lost.

"Well, my sister doesn't blame you."

"Sister is the best."

She took a sip on the red woman's face, and the red woman was very daring to lick her head. Even if she looked at her eyes, she looked at Ye Zichen.

"Look at my sister's face and you will not die, but don't think that you are really safe, you better provide everything you know, or else"

In fact, the original intention of the woman in red is not to kill Ye Zichen. For her, Ye Zichen is especially important. These black people who robbed their Chamber of Commerce resources, they have never caught a living. Either they can't catch it, or they can catch direct suicide, so they can't find any valuable clues.

Ye Zichen This is the first one to let them catch, but it has not died yet. She must get from his mouth and investigate useful clues.

"Say, is it for you?"

The woman in red sat opposite Ye Zichen and asked coldly.

"what did you say?"He Zichen looked at the woman's question, "Whoever sent us, did our teachers and men send themselves?"


He took a look at the cushion next to him. This shot shocked Wu Di, who was next to him, and the whole woman in the red dress was full of momentum.

"Don't be sloppy with me here, and advise you to hurry and recruit." Otherwise, I will wait until the Flame City. I have a thousand ways to make your life better than death. ”

"What the hell are you talking about?"Ye Zichen Emei said, "A pretty girl, how is it a little mental disorder? What are you talking about, I am your great benefactor, you can’t do it with your body, are you actually interrogating me? ”

"Reload, don't see the coffin, don't cry."

Between the words, the woman in red smiled indifferently and took out a ring from her arms. This ring was the star of Ye Zichen when it was picked up with a ruby ​​ring.

"Then tell me why this ring will be in your hands?"

"Oh!"Ye Zichen answered truthfully.

"Oh?"The woman in red just heard the big joke, and put the ring on the ring finger on the left and right, and the girl smiled. "Do you know the value of this ring? There are at least hundreds of millions of medicinal herbs and symbols. , treasure, you actually said that this is yours, then you are really lucky!"

"I have a good luck!"Ye Zichen is not okay.



The palm of the hand was heavily photographed on the leather cushion next to it. This time, the leather cushion was actually a blackened handprint when she took it away.

"This ring is the auction item of my Tongtian business, but you said that it was yours." Say, what is your relationship with the group of black people, and who is behind you behind the scenes, tell me the truth! ”

Wu Di had long felt that this group of people was not ordinary, but he did not expect that their identity background was so large.

Tongtian business.

The largest auction house in the 72nd district of the northern part of the mountain, there are at least three of their auction houses in almost every region. Up to the Ling Dan implements required by Xian Wang, down to the quenching body Dan and ordinary warheads used in his forging, they can be satisfied with the Tongtian business.

I heard that this Tongtian business is not only in the 72nd district of the northern mountain of Shenshan, but also the scope of other auction houses. There are more exaggerated rumors that their businesses also have activities in the demon world.

The throat was uncontrollable, and Wu Di now had no idea what to do, but Ye Zichen smiled faintly at this moment, watching the red woman’s chest swallowed and whispered. It’s a smile of positive color.

"You seem to have made something wrong!"

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