No matter how attractive the women in red, no matter how powerful their background is. Ye Zichen didn't care, and he opened his eyes with inexplicable smiles.

"Do you think that I am a gangster who robs you of the resources of your business?"

Ye Zichen, who has suddenly changed his momentum, exudes awe-inspiring temperament. This change has caused the women in red to squat, but they still nod their heads.


"Okay, now I want to ask you a few questions. If you can answer them, then any questions you have afterwards will be filled with all your words!"

"You said!"

The woman in red smiled a little, and Ye Zichen’s transformation was only a slight impact on her. In her opinion, Ye Zichen is the acquaintance of the group of black people, but she wants to see what he can say.

"When are you going to be robbed?"

"A week ago!"

"Have they robbed you before?"


"So have you caught anyone in between?"


"So is there a living mouth?"


"What I said about what you said is true!"


The dialogue between the two was very concise. When these questions were asked, Ye Zichen nodded with satisfaction and stopped asking for a faint smile.

"Very good, if all you said is true, then all this is easy."

"Appreciate further details!"The woman in red puts her hand in a gesture, sitting on the hide on the hide and waiting for Ye Zichen to perform.

"For my identity, I have three ways to prove myself.

First, my identity and innocence are innocent. My name is Ye Zichen. My apprentice's name is Wu Di of Wu Family in the Flame City. We went from Qingniu Town to the Flame City four days ago. We stayed in Qingniu Town until now, which is contrary to the time you were robbed. If you don't believe you can go to Qingniu Town for investigation, I believe that with your means of heaven, you will be able to check out the water.

Second, you said that they also robbed you before, but did not leave any living. So obviously their organization is a disciplined team. In order not to let you catch the handle, they will commit suicide, and it is more likely that they will be the ones behind them who control them and kill them by some means. Don't say this is impossible, I believe you should know the soul chain. Then the question is coming, why am I the person of that organization, I have not committed suicide and I have not died yet?

Third, suppose I am the person of that organization, the mission succeeded in getting the ring in your hand. I will stand there silly and wait for you to come over, will the ring let you take it back without any effort? Do you think that my person's brain is not enough? Or do you think that my conscience has found that I want to be a self-respecting person?

The above is the answer I want to prove that our mentor and the innocent are innocent, please start your performance! ”

The woman with the big brain is the woman of the red woman. The simple truth is that the individual can understand, but she can't think of it, and she has to let Ye Zichen explain it to her.

As long as her mind is still normal, she should be able to smooth out the relationship.

Sure enough, when Ye Zichen explained it clearly, the woman in red was obviously sluggish for a long time, and Ye Zichen’s previous words were echoed in her mind and analyzed.

If she is unreasonable, of course she can find a reason to refute Ye Zichen, but she is not that kind of person.

Although I don't want to admit it, the red woman has to admit that Ye Zichen is right.

As for those in Qingniu Town, she naturally sent people to investigate, but through Ye Zichen's remarks, she was certain that he was not a group with the black people.

It’s hard to find a breakthrough, but it’s actually the result.

After all, it is a bit regrettable!

Wu Di and Xue Beibei are all looking at Ye Zichen in a dark and strange manner. This master is really high. They will clear their problems in a few words. As for Xue Beibei, I feel that this disciple is completely two people before.

"Then can you explain, you said that this ring is what you picked, I still can hardly believe it."

The words of Ye Zichen have already been seen, and the red woman’s tone is not as sharp as before.

Grinning and laughing, Ye Zichen went back to the look of the past.

"So I said that I am your benefactor!"

Not waiting for the woman in the red dress, Ye Zichen is cocking his legs, and said comfortably on the carriage.

"In fact, I don't want to say something, I am worried that you fall in love with me. But when you follow this step by step, I have to say it. In fact, when I and my disciples were resting, they happened to see a few black people with different looks. My sharp instinct tells me that they are definitely not good things.

Seeing that they are going to pass by us, saying that when I was late, I would sweep one of their black men to the ground, and then I would have a bunch of dragons."

It may have been a bit too much, and in order to make his words more vivid, Ye Zichen is also equipped with action. Especially when he said his last move, his hand was free from the bondage of Shuxian Lock and was directly buckled.

An important part of the red woman.

In an instant, the whole world seems to be still.

Wu Di looked at him with a blank mouth and looked at him. Xue Beibei looked at him with his eyes wide open, and as for the woman in red, he fixed the body and fixed it directly.


Ye Zichen also realized that the performance was too high, and quickly took back his hand, scratching his head, coughing and coughing.

"All in all, I gave the man a uniform and grabbed the ring from him. After that, I met you and then I will ring."

The more Ye Zichen is, the less emboldened he is. He has already felt the woman in the red dress opposite, almost tearing his eyes away.

The sputum swallowed, and Ye Zichen waved his hands in front of him and smiled.

"Hey girl, don't be excited, I can use my personality guarantee, just really not intentional." Let's just haven't happened this time. You don't want to move the girl. What are you doing with a knife? But you are a benefactor, how come this axe is coming out, girl, you have to know that it is a harmonious society now, you can't do this. . Killing people is a crime, you are still young and you can’t do anything stupid. Hey, what are you doing, but I am a benefactor, you are going to take me with a knife and an axe. But you are a benefactor, you must not be excited, I am your benefactor! ”

"help! Killing! ”

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