Flame City.

The main city of the 13th district of Fanpin District, the size of its city, can be worth more than ten Qingniu towns. Almost all of the most popular areas of the country are distinguished by their dignitaries, and those who respect their identity live in this city.

The origin of this city name, after the rumored war of the gods, the Protoss re-planned the map. When the flames are burning with raging fire, it is difficult to get close to the master of the supreme level.

The ultra-north gods set the innocent sea water from the mountain of God and extinguished the flame.

In order to pay homage to the war of the gods, but also to let the people of the gods do not easily forget the heavyness of the year, it was given to the city in the name of flames, and it was the main target of the mountain, so it became a representative of the region. One of the city pools.

The long history is also the foundation of countless families based on this city.

Even the prosperity of this city is almost worthy of the main city of Xuan Pin District, but it is limited by the class of the region. This city is still the city of Van Gogh.

It is worth mentioning that the three major families and several forces in this city.

The south of the city, Liujia, has existed since the birth of the city, and is now one of the oldest families in the city. In the family, there are no masters outside the fairy, and no one knows, but the old family does not dare to assert that there is no such thing. Therefore, the entire area of โ€‹โ€‹the general goods, including the Xuan Pin area, is rarely taken to provoke the majesty of the Liu family.

The king of the city, the patriarch of the city is now the main city of the flame city, repaired as a master of the heavenly level, mastering the considerable resources of the flame city,

As for the last family, it is Wujia in the north of the city. This family is also the family of Wu Di. It is said that this family is the first family before a hundred years. It is not exaggerated, but it was just a decade ago when the Wu family ancestors died.

In the past ten years, there has never been a fairy in the family. The strongest of the tribes belong to several ethnic groups in the tribe. The power may be deterrent to the outside world. Not enough weight.

The axe help of the west of the city is also a slap in the face. Now the situation of the Wu family is very embarrassing. If they are not in the fairy, they are afraid that their Wu family will be removed from the three major families.

However, in fact, these families are not considered to be the hegemony. To say that the real transcendental is beyond the group of the Flame City, the number of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce in the center of the Flame City.

At this time, it belongs to a manor outside the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce.

The red women's caravan has arrived inside the manor at this time, and the caravans of the caravan are also going to do what they should do.

At this time, there was a man in the middle of the year, and the man whose height was not particularly high went to Xue Babeiโ€™s carriage.

Don't look at his appearance, he is the only master of the team's great perfection.

The task of his trip was not to escort the auction items, but to protect the safety of the two ladies.

"Missy, Miss Three, Flame City is here."

The middle-aged man stood outside the door and screamed, but fortunately, no one had ever walked out of the car.

Suddenly, he thought that there were two suspected black-clothed accomplices in the carriage. He couldnโ€™t take care of the cumbersome etiquette and slammed the curtains away.

In an instant, he stopped!

Inside the carriage, the woman in red is riding on the door of Ye Zichen on the back of the car. From the back, she can't see what they are doing. The only thing she can see is that their posture is enough.

Xue Beibei is obviously a frightened face. The sorrow is stuck in the corner of the carriage. The hand is still holding Wu Di, who is bound by the bundle of locks, in front of him, as if the scene in front of him is very unsightly, but she is Secretly revealing the small head in a gap and quietly looking.

"Hey, stop me."

Ye Zichen, who was under his body, kept screaming strangely, and the elders outside the door were instantly stunned.


The majestic anger was like a thunder and thunder, and Xue Beibei in the corner pushed Wu Di to the side and ran to the elder.

This thundering anger was also a shock to the red woman riding on Ye Zichen.

When he turned around, he saw the great master of the fairy outside the door. His face was faintly visible, and his palm was visible on Xue Beibei's eyes.

"What happened to the elders?"

The woman in red obviously didn't think much. She just saw the elder's face heavy, so she only asked.

What she couldn't think of was that the elder of the car was so angry and angry that "Miss San is not yet an adult, but you let her see such a filthy thing." Missy, you know shame! โ€

This drink, the caravans who have been scattered, all shouted back and secretly looked at the situation here.

"What is the meaning of this big elder, what am I going to do if I let the little girl see it?"

To say that the scene just now is a little bit violent, but when her little girl is in the house, she can see more of the guards in the house than the violence she creates.

"Who said no, we are the blending of love, how do you say anything, how can it be filthy?"

At this moment, Ye Zichen in the car was also an open rebuttal.

"Miss Miss is going to be an adult even though she is young. Some things she will experience sooner or later. Our sister and brother-in-law are only taking a class for her in advance, so that she can have a bit of a heart in the future. All this is our love for Babe! โ€

Ye Zichen said that the head is the road, and he did not get up when he said this, the curtain will cover him tightly.

The elders standing outside the car door are obviously mad, but their eyes are seeing the womenโ€™s clothes in the red dress.

"Be good at it!"

Awkwardly glared at the woman in red, the elder of the car was clutching Xue Babeiโ€™s hand and left the carriage.

If I still want to reflect it at this time, then the woman in red is really mentally handicapped. She hugged her eyebrows and hurriedly blocked Ye Zichen's mouth with her hand, while she was still sitting on his straddle, biting her head and biting her lips.

"The elders, not what he said, you listen to me."

Her words were that she had not let the elders have any stops. The group of onlookers saw that the old man left and rushed to do his own work, but they looked at the red woman from time to time. Also look at the carriage inside the look weird.

"This time can be interesting. The big lady of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce is actually in the car of others. The mouth of your people is not strict. This matter can not be rumored. If it becomes the headline of the Flame City, then My reputation can be ruined. My face is very thin, but I don't want people to gossip. โ€

Ye Zichen, lying in the carriage, grinned and he was retaliating!

I was the benefactor of this woman. At that time, it was only a bit too much of the performance, and I grabbed some important parts of her.

How can this be? If you grab it, you can't have less meat.

If she really felt bad, Ye Zichen felt that she could let her catch it. He didn't think it was a stingy person.

But this woman is very good, and if she doesn't say anything, she will give her a fat meal. I don't even think that she is her benefactor!

He also insisted that good men do not fight with women, and they did not fight back.

But is he a loser?

Obviously not!

You hit me, it doesn't matter!

I will find it from other sources!

When he said that paragraph, the voice was not covered in the slightest. He believed that the passage of the womanโ€™s entourage was absolutely heard.

If there is no accident, there are absolutely countless versions of the idea of โ€‹โ€‹following this woman.

None of these versions is a serious version.

Miss Tongtian Chamber of Commerce met with a strange man at first sight. The two men were in the carriage, and lived the live spring palace map to the Chamber of Commerce, Miss San live broadcast.

Ye Zichen said that he doesn't matter.

He is thick and doesn't care!

That is the unreasonable mother-in-law, how to make people poke the bones in the future, I really feel excited when I think about it! While Ye Zichen was proud of his plans, he felt a cold man rushing toward him.


"Women are forgiving!"

In the carriage full of stories, a new story begins!

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