In a wood house in the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, Ye Zichen, who broke free from Shuxian Lock, made the ropes tightly tied. His face was also blue and purple, and he looked particularly miserable.

The woman in red grabbed the end of the rope and dragged Ye Zichen to the corner of the house to kick him in.

"You will stay inside."

"Do you treat the benefactor like this!"

Ye Zichen, who fell to the ground, screamed, and this woman was definitely a white-eyed wolf. She helped her so much, but she was not grateful at all, and she whispered coldly to her benefactors.

No matter how you think it is a bit mad, he has to make himself unbeaten in his eyes and momentum.

As everyone knows, if the woman in red is in the face where he will return the ring, maybe he was already half-dead.

"Oh, it seems that you are not enough to beat?"

From the two people, Ye Zichen always said frivolous words, he also buckled his hands in the car.

From small to large, no man has put his hand on her.

In particular, he just deliberately said that kind of remarks, so that the elders of the car and the followers of the Chamber of Commerce misunderstood. It is only because of this that the woman in red is not excessively liable for the death penalty of Ye Zichen. It is already her kindness to bring others to the firewood house.

Seeing that the red woman had to raise her hand again, Ye Zichen quickly took it soft.

"Women are forgiving!"

Looking at Ye Zichen like a sly look, the woman in red sullenly squatted her hands and turned away from him to the house.

"Women please stay."

Seeing that she was going out of the wood house, Ye Zichen quickly shouted.

"What do you want to do?"

As long as I saw Ye Zichen, the red woman would not be angry. She is very reluctant to turn her head, the eyebrows cluster, the delicate cheeks with frost, see her posture seems to be a little dissatisfied will start.

Feeling this gaze, Ye Zichen shook his neck and smiled twice, then pointed his chin to his apprentice.

"My apprentice is a member of the Wu family in the Flame City. In a few days, it is their clan ratio, which is very important to him. The female actor Mingjian, our men and women are not the same group of black people, I know that this way I let the woman is very difficult to do, but my apprentice has always been very well-behaved. How do you like this, let me apprentice Hui, how about I stay here? ”

"Master, the disciple does not go."

Ye Zichen’s voice just fell, and Wu Di, who was with him in the firewood room, was opening.

"Where are you doing here, is it silly, for the teacher to cultivate you into what it is now, not for the face of the group of guys who let you in the family?" Have you forgotten the obsession in your heart, don't you want to be a blockbuster in the clan? ”

Wu Di reprimanded the body, until he saw that he was speechless, Ye Zichen was looking at the red woman laughing.

"Female, what do you think?"

The two people in front of me are indeed not the colleague of the black man. If they are counted, the woman in the red dress is wrong. They can't ask any information when they stay here, and she just complains about Ye Zichen, and she doesn't want to anger her to Wu Di.

"Come on."

Shouting outside the firewood room, not long after the firewood door was a follower of a caravan.


"Open the Wu Gongzi's Shuxian lock, Linghai unblocks and sends it back to see the Flame City Wu family."


Followed by the gesture of asking you to leave Wu Di from the firewood room, Wu Di is very uneasy to see Ye Zichen sitting in the wood house has not moved position for a long time.

"Let's go, there will be no danger to the division. Fast Hui people, don't delay the big ratio within the family. ”

Looking at the mellow smile on Ye Zichen's face, Wu Di also bite his teeth and walked away from him to the house.

Until Wu Di left, the red woman shook her head and kept shaking her head: "I really don't think that such a young man is actually an apprentice of your kind."

Ye Zichen couldn't help but chuckle and said, "What happened to me? Can't you feel the arrogance of me?"

Ye Zichen also deliberately held his chest.

"I am not seeing it in the air. I am deeply impressed by the anger." You are here to enjoy, I hope that you will be alive when I come next time. ”

When he left the house, Ye Zichen shouted again.

"and many more"

"what happened again?"

The red woman was holding her back and she was holding her two large mountains on her arm. Ye Zichen’s words were so hard that the scenery was shaken off and the mouth was swallowing.

Feeling his gaze, the woman's face was instantly blue, and a heavy pressure was released from her body.

"I don't think you have to look at your eyes!"

"Don't leave me alone, how can you be so tempered, can you miss a piece of meat? Moreover, I am also a normal man. Do you have a welfare to see me? ”

Ye Zichen's natural tone is to make the anger of the red woman continually improve.

"you shut up!"

The tone was very threatening, and the ground under her feet was cracked by the release of her spiritual power.

This woman is very angry, she said that she is extremely evil, but she has a lot of money, how is it so tempered.

Some disgusted and grinned, Ye Zichen had no choice but to look helpless.

"Well, don't get angry, it can be easy to endocrine disorders, and the woman wants to face forever in the menopause. It is better to be calm." Sister, you are Leo, I feel a little strong. ”

"I am too lazy to care about you!"

The woman in red is sullen and sullen, and she bites her teeth and wants to leave the house.

"and many more"

"Don't think that I really don't want to kill you!"

After the woman in the red dress who had just stepped out of the firewood room stopped, she took a step toward the firewood house, and the air in her body mentioned the peak.

She is really going to be blown up now, she can't think of how she would encounter this rogue.

Ye Zichen didn't care about the pressure of her release. She was accompanied by a Tibetan mastiff and her face was a little shy.

"Speak up, let me laugh, let me catch it." I said, when you look at my eyes, it is like a bliss, a love at first sight. Still want to hide, can't hide it."

The playful tone really meant to drive the woman in red, but when the anger was about to reach its peak, she stopped.

"I can't take care of this kind of person. This kind of person is licking his nose and face. Just ignore her." Xue Honghong, you have to hold back, you must hold back, this person is a bit of a mouth, but he is not a bad person, you must suppress the fire in your heart, can't really be her. ”

Xue Honghong is the real name of this red woman. She almost let her anger over her head, constantly telling her that she has to be patient and to contain it.


"Hey, my sister doesn't know your name until now."

"do not know."

Now I don't need to see Ye Zichen's sullen face. As long as I hear him a little, the anger in Xue Honghong's heart is like burning firewood.

I have to get out of here quickly.

Not much hesitation, Xue Honghong turned and left from the firewood house, she already thought that no matter how Ye Zichen called her this time, she would not look back.


"Sister, don't curb the feelings in my heart, I will give you a door at night."

"I am going to kill you!"

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