Standing in front of the firewood room, Xue Honghongโ€™s chest was violently up and down. She could swear and swear, and she had never seen such a sly person when she lived so big.

Originally, she just wanted to punish Ye Zichen, and he was given a few days to give him a decision.

Now she changed her mind, she wants to shut this guy to death. In these days in the Flame City, he would not want to come out of the wood house. When she is a Hui, she will take Ye Zichen back and imprison him for a lifetime.

Fortunately, Ye Zichen was not heard, but if he wants to hear it, it is definitely a sentence.

Why are you going to get back to me? Can you say that you want to use your enthusiasm to shackle my life? Sorry, this person is debauchery and loves freedom, your love, I refuse!

"Nobody will ever take care of the people in this wood house, no matter what he said in it, don't let it go, do you hear it clearly?"

At this time, there were still a lot of people in the house in front of the firewood house. Xue Honghong looked at the firewood and gnawed his teeth.

"Listen clearly."

The group of people couldnโ€™t stop nodding, but they could look at their negligent clothes, and there was a saying in the previous debt house.

Could it be said that the son inside is not, and Missy wants to turn him into his own imprisonment.

Usually, itโ€™s good to see Missy. They canโ€™t think of her as such a person.

Xue Honghong has no idea what others think, and her only idea now is

Kill him!

"You will be locked in it, you don't want to come out in this life."

In fact, Xue Honghong's original intention is to use this to vent the anger in his heart, but in the eyes of outsiders, it seems like a couple is tempered.

The pickpocket left the firewood house. At this time, the black-green on the face of the firewood house disappeared long ago, and the rope tied to him also made him break free. Xianxian explored the red woman who had completely disappeared outside the firewood room. He grinned and smiled from the wood house.

"Hey, a few of you."

The few people who saw Ye Zichen could actually open the door were a little surprised, even if they heard Ye Zichen open the door.

"You have to give me the whole piece of meat, and I will starve to death."

In fact, after entering the immortal, you can open the valley, but Ye Zichen is a man of this world. Even if he is now strong, he still loves those few meats.

The people outside the door are very hesitant, and Missy has already banned people who cannot be inside.

"What are you doing, don't dare to look for meat, I am the future grandfather of your family. That woman said that it is necessary to shut me down. Can't you hear that it is a swear word? If you really starve me, I am sure that you absolutely have no good fruit to eat. โ€

When the words came out, the people outside the door looked a little loose. When I thought about Miss Daโ€™s words, it was a bit like flirting.

"Please wait."

Regardless of whether the facts are what they think, they are just the next person, and they dare not take this risk.

"That's right, you hurry."

About half an hour later, the next few people sent a few meat to Ye Zichen.

Closing the door of the firewood house, Ye Zichen lay down again with a sullen look. In fact, this wood house is also very good. It is especially uncomfortable to have licorice lying on his back. Although the environment is not good, it is better than secluded.

"I don't know how my apprentice is going, but there are people from the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce who are off the line. I don't want to be in danger when I want to come here. And when the woman is talking to him, she calls Wu Gongzi, and the entourage must be sent to Wujia. Will also be called Wu Di Wu Gongzi. In this way, even if the Wu family had an idea for my apprentice, they would certainly be jealous and dare not treat him. โ€

Everything is just like Ye Zichen's thoughts. The Wu family saw the people of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and accompanied Wu Di, and they were much better at Wu Di's mood when they were afraid.

In the identity of Wu Di in the clan, he was actually assigned to a house. This house also happened to rely on Zheng Yunan's courtyard. This is also the reason that Zheng Yunan and his relationship with him are quite harmonious.

In a luxurious room, there are more than a dozen men in black in the room, sitting in front of them with a woman who looks so sultry, and a man with a burly body and a hole in his eyes. .

"Yellow lord, this is your commitment to me."

"Mrs. Please anger."The man on the sofa gave a speech and comforted him. The mean woman was ashamed to see it out. "Who is patted with me and said that Wu Di can't live in the city, who is the one who came in, is it a ghost?" ?"

"Madam, if he is really like Liโ€™s deacon, they are going from the ancient road, and he will certainly not be able to escape from the heavens we set. However, in addition to the caravans of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, these days, there are no other people. And you also saw that he was sent by the people in the heavenly meeting. Do you still want us to take the shots of the people in the sky? โ€


The mean woman is cold and cold, this woman is the wife of the Wu family leader, Li Na's second lady Li Na. In the past few days, she got the news of a master of Wu Diโ€™s master from Li Wanlong, which made her very angry. Coincidentally, Li Wanlong sent her a message saying that they went from the ancient road to the Flame City.

In order to avoid night long dreams, Li Na is simply a heart, looking for an axe to help kill Wu Di masters.

What I never expected was that this little beast had a connection with the people who met in the heavens.

"Mrs. You can rest assured that our axe will help Wu Di and their mentoring is also a sea of โ€‹โ€‹enmity. This miss does not mean that we will give up. The Tongtian Tower is indeed big, but the strong dragon does not suppress the head snake. Even if they have the support of the Tongtian Tower, our axe will definitely kill their mentor and the disciples. โ€

The person who opened the mouth was the axe to help the lord Huang arrogant. At this time, his tone was very strong. Just a while ago, he heard the report of his most beloved Zhao Wei, and Li Na also came to him to take this task. He is Take advantage of the situation.

In order to smash Ye Zichen and Wu Di, he set up the Tianluo, but let the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce give up.

"Also ask my wife to give us some time, we will let Wu Di, their mentor and apprentice, disappear into this world."

"hope so."

In the haze, Li Na got up from the sofa, and Huang Aozhu wanted to go out and send it, but let it refuse.

"Yellow lord please stay."

It is her personal will to find the axe to help her. Moreover, the relationship between Wu and the axe is very tense now. If she sees others, it will be bad for her.

Indifferent from the room, Li Na's pupil is exposed to the chilly chill.

"The luck of this little beast is quite good, but now he can only support the Zheng family in the family. This time, the big ratio is a contest, but its original intention is a marriage. Hey, wait for Zheng Yunanโ€™s singer to marry, and when I arrive, I have to look at the entire ethnic group and who can guarantee you! โ€

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